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SSTN - Number 210
July 6, 2001

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1) Prayer with kids club
2) Color change experiment?
3) Survival Kit
4) Sunday school attendance
5) Old fashion day
6) Keepsake idea
7) Sunday School Attendance
8) Army of God?
9) Bible stories and transportation ministry?
10) SS before church
11) Why Celebrate Halloween
12) Sunday service

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1) Prayer with kids club

Greetings in the sweet name of Jesus Christ.I really want to thank
everyone for the great ideas and help that you have given me.I have a
christian kids club and i put up a world atlas on the wall and every time
we cometogether i pick out a child and as we stand in one accord this
child prays for a country and then we put a wall pin on that country.I
hope you find it useful.God bless all!! in Christ, Stella

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2) Color change experiment?

When I was in Sunday School, long ago, a teacher did a demonstration of
bringing a bowl of water, putting in her hands which turned the water red,
(she had something on them) and then when she added soap, the water turned
clear again. It had something to do with chemical reactions but I have no
clue as to the chemicals involved. The lesson demonstrated Jesus washing
away our sin. Does anyone know how to do this? It is really a timeless
object lesson. Wendy O, Minnesota

--from SSTN: You might try red food coloring, then wash with a water and
bleach solution. Also, you can use red disappearing ink. (Found in novelty

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3) Survival Kit

This year I turned 50 and here is a cute "survival kit" I was given!
Everything was put in a ice cream pail that was decorated. I just loved
Half Century Survival Kit:
Halos - because you are always expected to set a good example for students
and teachers with your angelic behavior! (halos were lifesavors)
Hugs - to remind you that we care.
Extra Gum - to give you that "extra" energy when you are working late at
night and early in the morning.
Animal Crackers - just remember, it's a zoo outh there!
Hot Chocolate- for when you're preparing lessons until the cows come home,
there's nothing like a hot mug.
Lemonade and lemon drops-always remember, when life gives you lemons, make
A smiley face stress ball-to use when your smile is gone and...for
something to squeeze besides "their necks".
Curly shoelaces- because when you are running around, you won't have to
stop to tie your shoes.
A golden coin - to keep as a reminder not to give your last dollar or last
pint of blood to the church. If needed, because of stress...open the coin
and eat the chocolate! God blesses! Patty

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VBS Resources

In the Curriculum section at ChristianCrafters.Com , as well as the
Christian Education and Craft sections of the Bookstore, are many great
resources to choose from for VBS-2001. Also, don't forget to use the free
patterns in the site to accompany your VBS programs!

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4) Sunday school attendance

<< I would like to know how other Sunday school ministries deal
>> with an attendance issue.

Recently, I heard pastor Chuck Swindoll of Insight for Living speak on the
importance of taking attendance for the sake of protecting the church and
the children. Evidently, there have been lawsuits against some churches
by parents who didn't even attend the church. It was the parent's word
against the church unless the church had some record to prove whether or
not their child was present when the so-called incident happened. He also
recommended having an incident report. More info can be found on his
websight, www.insight.org. Our church, has downloaded some of his
materials for use in our church. At our church, all the kids have
nametags, and we make them up for visitors also. A helper simply checks
off the names of those present. (You can also just collect the nametags
and check them off at the end of class.) Hope this helps!
L.Plummer, Michigan

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5) Old fashion day

Concerning your Old Fashion Day, we had one at our church a few years
back. This is what we did. We had as many people they would dress up in
old fashion clothes, our pastor even had an old parson's suit. We had old
cars and trucks. Someone had two mules and a large wagon and gave the
children rides in the wagon. Then we served pizza and pop,juice,or
coffee. Someone brought in a few old fashion items for people to see. It
was a big success.

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6) Keepsake idea

Just an idea. Get copies of a picture of the church and make something
like a tree ornament or laminate and put a magnet on the back of it.

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7) Sunday School Attendance

<<  I would like to know how other Sunday school ministries deal
>> with an attendance issue.

Just for church records, we kept attendance in Sunday School, but here are
some of the ideas we had to encourage attendance and also participation
from the parents...(4-5 year olds)

1. We had an "attendance chain". I cut bright colored strips of
construction paper and at the beginning of each class while waiting for
our praise time and songs to begin, the children wrote their name on the
paper and "decorated" it. Then we made them into a paper chain with a
goal to stretch from one end of the class to the other by the end of
Sunday school. (we made it!!) Then it could be used for VBS decorations
in the summer or as we chose, each child took home a section of the chain
on the last day to remind them of their friends and that together we make
up the family of God.

2. On the days when kids were not there, we always put a copy of the
lesson into their families mail box so they would know what we did that

3. We also make a sticker chart for the first section and second sections
for the kids to fill up each time they came in (and for the weeks that we
had no class if they went to church with their families they got to put in
an extra sticker the next time they came)

4. If a child was not there more than two weeks in a row, I sent a note
saying "we miss you in Sunday School" home to them and some actually
started to come more frequently after that. I think it helps the families
to know that someone noticed they weren't there. We also kept families
aware of "special" themes that were happening so they would be sure not to
miss them.

5. Ask for "parent helpers"....sort of like 'career day' at school. Kids
love to "show off" their moms and dads, parents get to spend a little
extra quality time with their kids, and best of all, you get another set
of hands!! God's Blessings

--from SSTN: AWESOME ideas! Thanks for sharing them!! Sarah ;o))

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8) Army of God?

We are planning on having our fall kick-off for children's ministry based
on the theme of being in the army of God. Does anyone have any activities
or crafts that would go with this theme? Thank you for your help. Kathy

--from SSTN: for starters, I'd use the Bible reference for the Armor of
God...before we can fight, we need to be properly dressed. (Ephesians
6:10-18) Also, check the Archives List in ChristianCrafters.Com for past
discussions on the Armor of God.

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9) Bible stories and transportation ministry?

I am looking for bible stories the following three stories. I have 5, if I
can find 3 I may be able to write 2. Well here is my list of 5 Acts
28:1-10, Acts 23:11- (plot to kill Paul)
Daniel 3;19-25. I Kings 17:8-15, John 4:46-54. We would have them in old
Sunday school quarterlies, I just don't have time to look them up. I am
going to hit my closet for a book that popped to mind. Please if you
can help me out. Also, I have been kicking around an idea to start an
organization to help churches my matching the funds they contribute to
help them provide transportation for children to church. Mind now, I am
not even working in the summer. That is I help clean a house. I was
thinking is it legal to ask for contributions for something like this?
How would a person go about starting something like this?

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10) SS before church

Belva, Our regular service runs about 1 hour. The communion service runs
about 1.25 to 1.5 hours. All the nursery children are brought in right
before communion so that they may go up with their families and receive a
blessing from our pastor. (He kneels down and says something special to
them like "Katie, do you God loves you?" or whatever is appropriate for
the age, then says a special blessing--different for each child.) It is a
special moment and usually draws tears from my eyes. He is a wonderful
pastor. Anyway...to help with the attention span of those to old to be in
the nursery during the service we have children's Bibles that read like a
long chapter book, Gospel coloring books and puzzle/word game/trivia books
etc. So, often the children just can't comprehend what the pastor is
saying, but believe it or not, they remember stuff from the little task
books they can take to their seats! We keep this stuff on a table in the
narthex and they can grab what they like before entering. They return
them at the end of the service. By the way, we always have a children's
sermon (done by the pastor, so they get reinforcement of the gospel SS
lesson) Cindy

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11) Why Celebrate Halloween

>I'm not sure I understand why your Church or Sunday School
>class/curriculum would include anything that has to do with Halloween.
>Halloween is all about death and supernatural. Makes no sense to me. Can
>you help me understand?

Another personal thought regarding your question...My Sunday School class
32 - 2 1/2 to 6 year olds are from diverse cultures with a couple of
International adoptees. Most of them already know "something" about
Halloween from home, siblings, community, or school/day care. So, I
believe it is my responsibility to incorporate the religious aspects
behind the standard ghosts & goblins. For one, many cultures honor their
ancestors in various ways. Halloween is a good way to discuss
spirits...the Holy spirit for one (How is God everywhere? How is Jesus in
your heart?) and how our ancestors' spirits are with us when we think of
them. Even at this young age, many have lost a family member or pet. We
discuss how other faiths honor their dead, such as those that are Jewish
put stones on the grave just like Christians honor their graves with
symbols or words, i.e. a cross or tombstone. If presented very factually
and with a clear positive message that Halloween is all about
"All Hallow's Eve", the children soon realize that they know more about
Halloween than those around them and that "pretending" to dress-up as an
ancestor or hero is not only a fun event, but a special time to share
memories of loves ones. There are many passages in the Bible that can be
used for the curriculum. A show and tell to share a memory can lead to
many different discussions. There are also songs that are appropriate for
various age groups. It has been my experience that including the parents
is VERY important. A couple of weeks before the lesson, do a quick
letter/survey/chit-chat to get parental input. Explain what the goal is
and ask for their suggestions. Then, incorporate as many ideas as possible
into your plan. With God, ep

PS- I was interested in the web site referred to for a new
perspective...and insight into the writer's stance.

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12) Sunday service

<< Our Sunday service can easily run to an hour Any suggestions? Belva

Good morning Belva: We also use the Whole People of God. For those
children that wish to stay in church the ushers have special bulletins for
them. (They are little activities sheets.) Most of the children go to
their class after the children's sermon. So they are in church for about
20 minutes. God bless, Joni

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