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SSTN - Number 212
July 11, 2001

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1) Everyone should have this book!
2) HELP! Senior citizens' banquet
3) Sunday School Program Name
4) Sunday School Attendance
5) Story of creation?
6) Sunday School Name
7) Color change experiment
8) Sunday School Attendance
9) Halloween...something to pray about
10) Baby Food Jars
11) Army of God ideas
12) Color Change Experiment

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1) Everyone should have this book!

Sarah, Just received my copy of "Treat 'Em Right". I ordered through this
site. It has so many cute ideas for "favors" or appreciation ideas that
can be tucked in volunteers mailboxes or just left on their desks...can be
used for kids too! I would recommend that everyone have a copy to have on
hand. Thank you! Patty

--from SSTN: Thank you, Patty, for the plug! If anyone else wants to get
the book, click on the Bookstore from the homepage of:
ChristianCrafters.Com You'll find it in the Christian Education section!
YSIC, sarah.

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2) HELP! Senior citizens' banquet

A few weeks ago, I solicited help and suggestions for a fall senior
citizens' banquet that I will be taking on for the first time. I am still
looking for everyone's expertise in this department. I would really like
to do something different and fun. We meet at a local restaurant in a
banquet room and each member of our congregation sponsors and/or escorts a
senior citizen. We'd like to do something to show how much we really
value each older person at this banquet. I'd also like to give each senior
a unique gift. Everyone always has such great ideas on different things.
I depend on this great site for so many ideas. It's such a blessing to me.
I'm still waiting. Please help!!
Rochelle in Ohio

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3) Sunday School Program Name

I'm probably one of your younger subscribers, since I'm only 15, but I
thought some of my ideas might be of use to some fellow Sunday School

My church was just started in October, and the committee really thought
the song "The Great Adventure" (I think it's by Michael W. Smith) was
fitting in starting a brand new church. They viewed it as a great
adventure for all of us. So, our Children's Ministry is called "Adventure
Land". Nora, Ohio 3-K Sunday School

--from SSTN:
Dear Nora: I'm SO GLAD to have your input! Keep em' coming! YSIC, sarah

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4) Sunday School Attendance

Since my parents are divorced, I know how hard it is to get to church the
weekends I spend with my dad. I teach a preschool class, and I don't make
a big deal if kids are late. It's not a rigidly structured class, so it's
very easy for kids to just jump into whatever activity we're doing. We do
simple crafts and play with blocks for the majority of the time. The
flexible schedule makes it very easy for late arrivers! :o)
Nora, Ohio 3-K Sunday School

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VBS Resources

In the Curriculum section at ChristianCrafters.Com , as well as the
Christian Education and Craft sections of the Bookstore, are many great
resources to choose from for VBS-2001. Also, don't forget to use the free
patterns in the site to accompany your VBS programs!

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5) Story of creation?

Hello everyone! i need help! i am to present the story of creation on the
first night of vacation bible school which is next week! we all take turns
giving the story each night to each class. we did this last year and it
worked really well, everyone presented the story in a dramatic way. i
would really like to present the creation story in some dramatic way-they seem
to remember them better-even the young children! i would appreciate any
suggestions quickly! thanks! Kathy in ohio

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6) Sunday School Name

At our Church we have God's Gang for the 4 - 7 year olds.
They think it's rather cool. Or what about Kingdom Kids?

Keep up the excellent work. It is most appreciated and we look forward to
receiving any new suggestions to show that following Christ and attending
church most certainly isn't boring :-)

--from SSTN:
At our church for our midweek programs we also use:
'Kingdom Kids' for our K-4th graders. And for....
our 5th and 6th graders we use 'Club 56 Connection'
and our newest one for middle/high schoolers is:
KGB, which stands for Knowing God Better.
Your webservant, Sarah Keith <><

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7) Color change experiment

This (or something similar) is in my book "Object lessons with Pizzazz."
But - it no longer works! What we did was mix 2 crushed Ex-Lax tablets
with rubbing alcohol and smear it on your hands and let it dry. Then dip
your fingers in household ammonia. The chemical reaction turned red (I
used it for Eve's temptation -- put fruit on the tree, and for Pilate when
he washed his hands). The problem is -- Ex-Lax recently changed their
formula, and the new pills do not work. I am trying to find other items
with that particular ingredient, but so far have had no luck. Teresa-La
Marque, TX

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Custom Stencil Design

Get a designer look for a fraction of the cost! Use them in your home,
church, or business! Have a design created to go with your decor!
If you mention SSTN when purchasing, you'll receive $10.00 off.
Copy and paste the following url to your browser:


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8) Sunday school attendance

We have some kind of attendance markers, prizes etc, each quarter in each
class. This corresponds with the theme for the quarter. Also have a Memory
verse marker/contest. This quarter the kids earn gold nuggets for
attendance. Regardless of when they come in they get a nugget and put it
in their gold bag and put it in the safe in the National Bank (we are
doing a Western theme for the entire Ss for summer). Once a month the
General store oopens and they spend their gold. For memory we have a game
(like a board game on the wall. It covers and enrapture wall. Each square
is a piece of construction paper. We have a large (2' x2' wooden
spinner). The kids spin the spinner and move their game piece
accordingly. Each square has something printed on it. Some have prizes,
some say lose a turn, etc.

We feel the important thing is being there-whether they come in late or
not. We always do a neat precession activity, to encourage children to try
to get to church early (it's amazing how they influence their parents).
Teresa-La Marque, TX

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9) Halloween...........something to pray about

Hear the words of the Prophet Isaiah in Isaiah 5:20-21:
"Woe unto them who call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for
light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for
bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes and prudent in
their own sight!"

We are under attack by the forces of evil. If parents, churches, and
teachers are not going to be the gatekeeper of what enters into our
children and youth, then who is?

Read Carefully and reflect on 2 Timothy 4:3-4:
"For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine.
Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great
number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will
turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.

Lord, I pray that You would give us ears to hear and eyes to see, that we
would be sensitive to the prompting of your Holy
Spirit that dwells within us.
In Jesus Name, Amen

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ALL-PURPOSE curriculum

'Kid's Time Kit: God's People Celebrate!' is for limited budgets, and for
any number of kids or teachers! (Grades 1-6). It includes a YEAR's worth
of crafts, games, lesson plans, songs, and so much more!! Check it out
under Curriculum at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com

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10) Baby Food Jars

Start saving those baby food jars! I've enjoyed reading ideas on this
site and have noticed that many projects call for glass baby food jars. I
wanted to alert you to an article in the July 3-9 "This Week" from "The

"Since 1943, Gerber Product Co. has used glass bottles to
store their pureed baby foods, said Julie Cary, director
of marketing for Gerber Product Co. But now, she said,
for the sake of convenience they are storing their most popular
food items and all juices in plastic containers. And in a few years
Gerber will do away with all glassware."

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11) Army of God ideas

1. I haven't checked out SSTN's patterns on this, but I know that you can
order full patterns for even the wooden sword and shield from
doorposts. They have a great, VERY inexpensive pattern for all of the armor, fabric
makes up most of it and it's easy-sew.

2. Find someone in your area that is active-duty military. My husband is,
and in our K-1 junior church class, he has brought in his uniforms and
boots (cleaned, of course!) for the kids to try on. He spoke on the way
that this is the uniform for the United States Air Force, but we also have
a "uniform" for being in the Army of God. The kids had a ball at the end
of class, trying on those shirts (pants were kinda a lot to do in a short
time) and boots. Next time, we take pictures! Blessings, Becky

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12) Color Change Experiment

I did something similar to that with my class of 4-9 year olds. I got the
idea from my ss book. It's been a while but I think I remember how we did
it. I got a glass of water and poured in red koolaid saying that it was
our sins, then I poured in bleach and it turned the water white. It really
awed them!! Hope that helps! Kari-1st UPC-Trinidad, CO

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