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SSTN - Number 213
July 13, 2001

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1) Sunday service hour
2) Color change experiment
3) Pastor's Gift?
4) Books of the Bible song?
5) Methodist cross/ flame design?
6) Kids Prayer?
7) Mop Puppets?
8) Sunday School Name
9) Sunday School Name
10) Senior citizens' banquet
11) Story of creation
12) Nursery Sunday School Class

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1) Sunday service hour

<< Our Sunday service can easily run to an hour Any suggestions? Belva

Our total church service can last pretty long, also.
They have a half hour of prayer, then dong service,
and then the preaching. My ss book only provides for
an hour so I had a bit of a problem. So, what we do
with my class(4-9 year olds) is to have half an hour
of ss while everyone is in prayer, we do attendance,
mem.verse, testimonies, etc. during this time. Then we
go and sing with the adults. When the singing is over,
then the person leading dismisses the classes and we
go do the rest of our lesson, the story, snack,games,
etc. It works out great that way. The two older
classes stay throught prayer and singing.
Hope this helps.
Kari-1st UPC-Trinidad, CO

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2) Color change experiment

I've done a sermon making colored water (representing our sins) turn
crystal clear. The ingredients I used were 1 package of Strawberry or
Orange flavored Kool-aid. I would continue to mix in more and more
Kool-aid to show the addiction of sin. The ingredient that was used to
clear up the sin situation was a cleaning material from Amway called Re-do
or Re-Nu. I have heard that Amway doesn't produce this product any longer.
However, you can verify this by checking with your local Amway
distributor. I recommend practicing before doing the actual demonstration.
Bless Your Spirit. Rev. Matthew Yarbrough, Jr.

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3) Pastor's Gift?

Hi, I thought I had seen a neat gift idea on your site for Pastors. It was
a basket of goodies like bread because Jesus is the Bread of Life , water
to symbolize the word, etc. Where can I find that? Yulonda Smith

--from SSTN: check the Archives List at ChristianCrafters.Com and type in
"Pastor Appreciation" or "Pastor's Gift". YSIC, sarah <><

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4) Books of the Bible song?

I am looking for a piece of music I once heard to teach children
memorization of the books of the Bible - the chorus ran

"These are the holy books, tell me the names and I'll take a second look,
this is God's holy word........"

Does anyone know what CD I might be able to find this one?
Thanks, Gail

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5) Methodist cross/flame design?

Good afternoon, My hobby is sewing. I own a Viking +1 sewing/embroidery
machine. About 2 years ago I found a site that had the Methodist cross
and flame digitized for the Viking machine and downloaded the design.
Then......my computer crashed and I lost everything. Now I can't find the
site and the design. Can you help? Thanks so much, Judy Anderson

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6) Kids Prayer?

Any ideas on how to teach 5, 6 and 7 year olds on how to pray? We've done
the Lord's Prayer, but I need something more down to earth. I seem to
remember something to do with your five fingers. The little ones when
praying tend to repeat the some requests and thanks.
Liezl Fotiadis, Orange Grove Church, Gauteng, South Africa.

--from SSTN: check the Archives List for 'five finger prayer'.
YSIC, sarah <><

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7) Mop Puppets?

I saw an article about making puppets from mops. Do you or
anyone one the network have any ideas as to where I might find this
article. May God continue to bless your ministry.
Love in Christ- Vivian Douglas

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Multi-Aged Curriculum

Sunday School Specials (Vol. 1-4), has quick and easy Bible lessons for
combined ages! A lifesaver for small churches that combine multiple aged
groups! Great for large churches that host family nights, and small groups
with kids to entertain. You can get all four books in the 'Christian
Education' section of the Bookstore at: ChristianCrafters.Com

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8) Sunday School Name

We started two new programs in the last several years at our church. Our
Sunday School program is now called "Stepping Into Faith" (our church is
FAith Church) our afterschool program for kids is called "Son" Catchers.
God's peace, Joy

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9) Sunday School Name

Our class of 7th, 8th, & 9th graders call ourselves The Son-seekers.

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Kidzoo-Shuffle Game

A game of strategy and skill for kids, ages 5 and up. Players attempt to
slide their disks onto the animal scoring zones while attempting to blast
their opponent's disks off the mat, or into the alligator pit! To learn
more, copy and paste the following URL to your browser:


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10) Senior citizens' banquet

>A few weeks ago, I solicited help and suggestions for a fall senior
>citizens' banquet that I will be taking on for the first time. I am
>looking for everyone's expertise in this department. I would really like
>to do something different and fun. Rochelle in Ohio

Hi Rochelle: Many year ago we also had a banquet at a local restaurant. I
went to a local thrift shop and was able to "use" articles of clothing.
We had a style show using members from our church including the seniors as
models for the clothing. The style show was based on "what Mother's wore
throughout different eras. We began in the 1800's to present. some of the
costumes were funny (one gal was dressed up in a long nightgown carrying a
toilet plunger) and others were original. The thrift shop owner was
very generous in allowing us to use accessories as well as clothing. I
had the models meet me several days ahead of time and we selected what we felt
would be appropriate. The ladies thoroughly enjoyed it plus enabled
participation from some of the senior members. I still look back to that
day and remember the fun we all had as some of the attendees are now in
nursing homes or have passed on. As a memento to give out, a coupon book
made up of "help" such as washing their car, taking them shopping, yard
work, etc. Our seniors always need help and would be appreciative of
something of this nature rather than a specific gift. Make sure you take
pictures of each model, send them a thank you note and include their
Gloria Taylor

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Great activity for lessons on Praise and Worship! Children color and
assemble the flip cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27
reproducible flip cards. In the Curriculum section at:

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11) Story of creation

The last time I taught creation I used 7 paper bags. I numbered each one
with a marker. In the bags I put items that corresponded with that day of
creation. I found a small change purse with "water" inside, used small
plastic items or candy, flashlight for light, etc. For the 7th day either
a small doll pillow or a piece of blanket. The kids loved it, and when
finished it makes a great review game.

You can bring the items (plants, fruit, etc.) but the bags seemed to add
an element of suspense that was fun.
Teresa Bohannon-La Marque, TX

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12) Nursery Sunday School Class

>I am the teacher for a nursery class and the ages range from 2 - 4 or
>before they enter kindergarten. My question is how do I keep the
>attention of a 2 year old and teach the 4 year old at the same time.
>God Bless, Martha

Martha, The bigger the challenge, the greater the glory for God KNOWS you
can accomplish this special task. The secret is in the buddy system!
There are many different ways to selects buddies. the following is how I
did it last year:

The 1st day, line everyone up by birthday months for each age...3
lines...pair the January 4 year old with the January 2 year old ect.
Have the older ones write their names on a piece of paper (index card
type) and the name of their "buddy". (Mark each card with a color for
that age group.) Explain that Jesus is everyones buddy & you write your
name and Jesus on a large poster or chalkboard. At the end of class,
collect the cards. The following week, have the little ones select
their buddy from a special box/bag/hat. Have them introduce each other
and give an example how Jesus was their buddy during the past week.
They can then draw/color on the back of the card a picture of Jesus as
their buddy.

The only trick is to make sure that when each child comes into the room
their name gets put into the selection bin...I use an index card box
with dividers marked 2,3,4,ect. The children look for their names & put
it into the "buddy box". When an odd number is present, the last name
left gets to be the special buddy & assist the teacher with the craft.

now, that you have a buddy, what next? Well, our gathering starts at
8:45am and goes until noon. We divide the time into: gathering, atrium,
sharing, snack & play. From 8:45-9:15, the parents drops their children
off. The parent signs the child in & the teacher & parent exchange any
important information: where are they seated in church, who/when are
they coming back, any needs/concerns i.e. potty training, illness,
family situation. The children amuse themselves at 2 workstations -
blocks or crayons. At 9:15, the lights blink & the buddies are
selected. All line up & off we go to the Atrium.

The Atrium is our special place for youth worship. We sit on mats. We
sing a song or 2 or 3. We have a bible story with objects, i.e. puppets
or felt story board. We have a craft project that goes with the story.
We clean-up & resettle onto our mats and read the story's passage from
the children's bible. We discuss it either by show of hands or going
around the circle. We then say a prayer and line up to go back into the
Gathering Room. Depending on the story/craft & size of group, we plan
to be back in the other room by 10:15. (1 hour)

Sharing time allows some children to leave if their parents don't stay
after service for bible study, choir practice or other church programs.
Until 10:45am, the children keep themselves busy with "little people
toys". Teachers interact with the parents about the lesson and make
sure the right craft goes home with the right child.

Snack is then served. Our is co-op. Each child has 1 Sunday per year.
Each Sunday has 2 child sponsors. They served a liquid and/or
munchie...we encourage healthy foods & have non-alergic extras. The 2
children set-up & lead Grace. Each child cleans up after themselves.
This usually takes 1/2 hour.

Once snack is cleared, the children are allowed to have free play until
their parent comes. With advanced parental warning, we often go outside
if the weather is pleasant. This part is the favorite for the boys!!!
Free play includes 1-2 assisted games, i.e. musical chairs or duck, duck
goose. Finally, as the children start to leave, the teachers again go
over the lesson and make sure the right craft goes home with the child &
parent. We also give the parents a hand-out about the current
lesson/project and note any upcoming special news, i.e. collecting
towels for the animal shelter to teach the children about charity -
which will be the next lesson, the words to new songs/prayers,
questionaires for future needs of the family.

By noon, the teachers go to the next service & thank God for their
survival AND praise God for the inspiration today's Sunday school class
has given. Hope this essay provides you some relief! God Bless, ep

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