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SSTN - Number 215
August 3, 2001

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1) Creation Idea
2) Sunday service hour
3) Mop Puppets
4) Books of the Bible song
5) Kids Prayer
6) Books of The Bible memory song
7) Back to school kick off?
8) Methodist Flame
9) Cross and flame
10) Class Time
11) David & his relationship with God (good & bad)
12) Kids Prayer

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1) Creation Idea

I remembered that I had seen a craft idea for creation really simple and
you can tell the story of the creation when it all comes together. Here is
the web site. http://families-first.com/kids/ross6.htm You can find
other ideas there to.

Another idea I had was bring in the things that God made in the creation.
For the 1st day and 2nd day turn off the lights and have them close their
eyes so they can see how dark it. Have them do this for a while so their
eyes get adjusted to the dark and then turn on the lights so they can see
how bright the light was. Then lead them outside(if it's during the day)
and have them open their eyes. Remember to tell them not to look directly
into the sun. For the 2nd day show them the different part to the sky.
For the 3rd day, have some dirt and water, so they can see the separation
of land and water. Maybe have a hill and run some water so it will gather
at the bottom of a container. Also bring in different kinds of plants
maybe even some fruit trees so they can sample some fruits for themselves.
For the 4th day, show a big calendar and remind them of the seasons.
Maybe big pictures that they are able to guess what season it is. And a
big Moon. For the stars you can probably cut some foil stars out and
shine a flashlight on them in the dark.
For the 5th day, bring in birds (parakeets travel well) and fish (there
are gold fish that are really cheap here in Miami they sell them for $.99
a dozen.
For the 6th day, bring in lizards, maybe a pony or possible a sheep or
For the 7th Day take a nap. That one is easy.
You will be surprised how much the children will enjoy this. It also
depends on the time that you have. But if you want to do the visual one
don't fret about getting the animals. Call around and you will be
surprised how many people would be willing lend you the animals for this
occassion. They might need a letter of donation for the time. Just ask
the church to supply you with them. God Bless, hope you have a great VBS.
Let us know the outcome.
Alicia, Miami, FL

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2) Sunday service hour

Our curriculum (Word Aflame Publications) is written so it can be extended
from 1-2 hours. We have 3 activities before the lesson and three after.
These are pick and choose, so you can do one or all. We find we usually
run out of time before we run out of stuff to do. I also like to keep a
box (this varies depending on the theme for the quarter. Sometimes it is a
suitcase, toolbox, etc.) of review games. Our curric. suggests some
games, others we make up or get from books. Another thing - in addition
to the weekly Bible verse we have a special memory passage for each
quarter. There are a lot of suggestions for teaching this passage, and we
find that when "Big church" runs overtime this is a good time to work on
the special passage. One quarter we learned the names of the Sons of
Jacob. I wrote a song to the tune of BINGO and we learned a different
verse every other Sunday. We also wrote the name of each son on popsicle
sticks. The kids would draw a stick, say the name and then put them in
order, etc.

Kari - if you are using KPH - how in the world are you doing it in an hour
of less??? We always have more to do than we can get done!
Teresa Bohannon-La Marque, TX

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Once assembled, these puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole to
frog, or a caterpillar to butterfly. Easy to make and children will learn
about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free puppet skit to go with
the puppets at: www.ChristianCrafters.Com In our Curriculum section.
(Only $6.50 AND that includes U.S. shipping!)

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3) Mop Puppets

Make your own by gluing a posterboard face to the mop/broom (I velcro them
on), OR just add eyes, nose, mouth, glasses, etc. to the mop/brom. I
usually make the mouth using a "fuzzy" pony tail holder. Attach it to the
broom with thin wire (on each side of the holder). Tie a piece of
string/fishing line (about 16" - 18" long) to the bottom of the holder and
attach a weight to the bottom of the string (a metal washer). Pull on the
washer to make the puppet talk.

One Way Street (wwww.onewaystreet.com) has a book on Mop and Broom
Puppets. Teresa Bohannon AKA Puppetmaker - La Marque, TX

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4) Books of the Bible song

>I am looking for a piece of music I once heard to teach children
>memorization of the books of the Bible - the chorus ran:
> "These are the holy books, tell me the names and I'll take a second look,
> this is God's holy word........"

I don't know if there is a cd, but we use a music video called "Bible
Break" by the Brentwood Kids. Our kids love it! The words are on
screen, once slow, once at tempo, then at tempo without words. The songs
(one for OT and one for NT Books) are sung by kids which makes it more fun
to learn! Hope this helps! SMM, NC

--from SSTN: "Bible Break" is available in the Music section of the
Bookstore at: ChristianCrafters.Com

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5) Kids Prayer

>Any ideas on how to teach 5, 6 and 7 year olds on how to pray?

Create a box containing small items representing things we can thank God
for - I've used a stethoscope (thank God for doctors/nurses), a Christmas
tree ornament in the shape of a musical note, a picture of a snowflake
(things in nature), a toy police car (thank you for policemen), a pocket
Bible (thank God for his Word), another tree ornament that's a church.
I'm sure this could be adapted to your area in South Africa.

Have each child choose one item from the box, then when they bow their
heads and hold their chosen item in their hand, each one takes turns
thanking God in prayer for the item they've chosen. (adapted from The
magazine,"Evangelizing Today's Child.")
Cathy Bodell, Frankfort, MI

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6) Books of The Bible memory song

You can find a tape I am using with my sunday school at this time its
called Wee Sing Bible Songs I found it at a local Christian book store it
is really great . My sunday school kids ranging from age 2-16 have really
enjoyed the two songs to learn the books of the bible.My email address is
proof@infoave.net or sharonr@mcclancy.com if you need more info on this I
will be glad to see if there is an address on the song book that comes
along with the tape.

--from SSTN: Wee Sing is available in the Bookstore at:
YSIC, Sarah Keith <><

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7) Back to school kick off?

I also am looking for ideas for a back to school kick off for our school
age youth at church. We have 20 or less you we would like to involve the
whole church. Something we thought about was having each participate to
donate a school supply to turn in to the schools for some children who are
less fortunate and may be in need of this. But I would really like to hear
from someone who maybe has done this before and give me some ideas on

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Great for lessons on Praise and Worship! Children color and assemble the
flip cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27 reproducible flip
cards. In the Curriculum section at: ChristianCrafters.Com
(Only $8.25 AND that includes U.S. shipping!)

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8) Methodist Flame

Judy, I don't know the web site or how to put a pattern on the computer,
but I made some magnets out of plastic canvas for my mother in laws church
last year, and I think I still have one or two with the designs on them. I
would be happy to mail one to you and maybe you can develop the pattern on
your machine, they came out really nice. Email me your address and I will
send you one if you like. Kathy gimpykatk@aol.com

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9) Cross and flame

Judy Anderson wants the Methodist cross and flame. You can get it from
Go to free designs and then to Christian. It is in about the third row
down. Judy Miller

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10) Class Time

I am a Sunday school teacher 4&5 yrs. The first 15min. we praise God then
brake into smaller groups for lessons. The first 15min. play hot potato
use stuff animal or Larry Boy or Bob. At roll call ask them if they still
have Jesus in their heart .Teach them travel signs (red)means STOP and
listen to god's rule's (yellow) Slow anger(green)GO
with god and he will go with you. Then the shapes star jesus was born
bright shiny star over Bethlehem Oval etrenity, rectangrle bottom shape of
ark boilt triangle is for three sides father, son and the holy spirit.
circle shape of the stone that rolled away where Jesus was buried,square
is the sign of perfection. We then sing a short song the same song about
3 to 5 times so they can learn it, then the last 20 to 30 min. read bible
story and do activity. Ehen class is over ask them what they learned give
them a small treat. Allways aske if they remember what they learned the
last Sundy. Thank you, Oh1Mercy@aol.com

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11) David & his relationship with God (good & bad)

Our VBS this year will be a study of David, from Goliath to his death.
We plan to let the children slay Goliath (he will be the boxes stacked
on top of each other from an earlier newsletter). For psalms we would
like to have the children make musical instruments to play while we sing
a song. I'd like to try the color change experiment in SSTN number 213,
but don't know how to get the color to change clear again if Amway does
not carry the product mentioned. I would like ideas for instruments, I
did find a number in the archives, but mostly trumpets, any ideas for
string instruments? And how to color water and change it clear again.
Our final day would be David mighty in battle again when he turns back
to God, we don't want to have the children fight each other so any ideas
for a war? We also need an idea for one additional day, instruction with
a craft. I always recommend your site to all the teachers as I have
received so many great ideas and inspiration when it just doesn't seem
like you make a difference I will see something to try with the kids and
they will love it!! When you can reach them it always make you want to
keep teaching and trying new ways. Thanks for all the help in the past
and future. God Bless, Terri- Abrams WI

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12) Kids Prayer

>Any ideas on how to teach 5, 6 and 7 year olds on how to pray?

You can find the Five Finger prayer at ChristianCrafters.Com in the
Archives List (Archive #170). Also try Archive #44 on intercessory prayer
using both hands to teach kids to pray.
In Him, Sarah.

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