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SSTN - Number 217
August 10, 2001

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1) Teen mania
2) 12 months - 3 years?
3) Children's Church Question?
4) Teacher Appreciation luncheon/banquet
5) Body worship?
6) Apostles Freed from Prison-Acts 5:17-42?
7) Tally Ho The Fox
8) Teacher Appreciation gift
9) Rally Day activities?
10) Walking with Jesus'?
11) David crafts
12) Back to School Ideas

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1) Teen mania

Sarah, First of all, I want to thank you for your wonderful newsletter! I
try to tell everyone I know about it. I have a bit of info for your
readers. I don't know what age groups everyone works with, but my husband
& I work with 6th gr & up. We found out about Aquire The Fire & Teen
Mania Ministries last year. It's a teen convention that has "in your
face" ministering. It's WONDERFUL! The teens come back so alive & "fired
up" about God. I suggest everyone check them out, even if you don't work
with the teens! Teen Mania Ministries :: Youth Conferences, Missions,
Internship and more.
All for Him,
Heidi, Longview, TX

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2) 12 months - 3 years?

Hello, My name is Shirl Rose, I live here in beautiful Hawaii. My family
and I are members of "The New Life Body of Christ Christian Church". Where
we serve as sunday school superintendents. However my question to you
today is not about sunday school, it's about nursery. Do you have anything
for ages twelve months to thirty-six months (3yrs).

Any help you can give me I know will really be appreciated. Thank you and
may God continue to bless you in your service to Him.
your sister in Christ, Shirl Rose

--from SSTN: Hi Shirl: this is a very young age, and most the items in the
site are for pre-k 4 and up to older youth. However, that age group is NOT
too young to begin learning about Jesus. It is quite possible to teach
simple songs with hand / finger movements, as well as learn short Bible
memory verses, and to color Bible story sheets, and do puzzles. No one is
EVER too young, or too old to learn about God. ;o)) I know personally that
when I was one year old, the church we attended at the time used a
catechism. Every Sunday they went over the first three questions. In no
time at all, my mom tells me that all those one year olds were answering
them properly. The first 50 questions to the catechism are in the
children's sermon section at: ChristianCrafters.Com. Also, the Wee-Sing
song tapes are in the Bookstore music section too. YSIC, sarah <><

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3) Children's Church Question?

I attend a small Baptist Mission. We have Children's Church on Sunday
Mornings. We only have three children on a regular basis. Two of these
children are 10 years old, and one is 14. I feel that these children are
old enough that they need to sit in on the regular Sunday morning
We are a very small mission, with 16 members, and I feel that if we take
these three children and a teacher out of the morning worship, that takes
away a big portion of the congregation. My problem is that one of the 10
year olds mother is adamant about wanting to continue with Children's
Church. She said her son loves it (what child wouldn't??, as opposed to
listening to the Pastor??). While I feel that Children's Church is
I feel that it should be for children (maybe up to 5-6 year olds??) Do
y'all have any suggestions as to how to approach this?? or am I totally
base here?
hugs-Carolyn from Texas

--from SSTN: Carolyn: I think you are correct. Maybe I'm wrong, but is it
possible that this mother doesn't want to deal with a figeting child
during worship service? I would suggest to her that you will support HER
effort to head up Children's Church. Otherwise, I would look for ways to
make the regular service more kid friendly. (Bulletins just for the kids,
a children's sermon during the service, 1 or 2 youthful songs, etc.) Get
those kids involved. They are DEFINITELY old enough to be actively
participating, as well as making an important contribution to the worship
service. YSIC, sarah <><

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4) Teacher Appreciation luncheon/banquet

Edie: Teacher Appreciation luncheons or banquets mean so much to the
teacher! We just had our Teacher appreciation luncheon in May. Each
year, we chose a theme - this year it was a gardening theme. For food, we
had many types of salads, fruit, bread, veggie trays etc. Dessert were
"dirt cups" made with crushed oreo cookies (for dirt), chocolate pudding
with cool whip blended, and a gummy worm. Then I shared the parable of
the sower...how it relates to our ministries with children and how we are
"tending" the garden as we build relationships with these children.
Gifts can be as simple as a small plant in a terra cotta pot - at each
place setting, or a small terra cotta pot with a votive candle wrapped up
with celephane and a tag that says "Thank you for sharing your light with
our children", "You are the Light of the World" etc. Another neat thing
is to put a message in your church bulletin that lets the Church family
know that it is Teacher appreciation day - "thank a teacher." Our
teachers have received cards of small gifts from parents of kids in their
class - means so much. And lastly, if a bulletin board is available to
you in, decorate it in a garden theme: Take pictures of your teachers,
make construction paper flowers and glue a picture of each teacher in a
flower. Write their name and class they teach on the flower. Add a
picket fence, a bird, a sun whatever! Heading would be: "Teachers help
our Children Grow!" Hope this helps. God bless you in your new position.

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5) Body worship?

hi...i'm presently working to put on a body worship for a convalescent
home this coming august. im working with a group of teens and need to
practice, but i was wondering if anyone knew where to find body worship
moves to selected music? ive tried looking on the internet and other
sources and have not been successful. any help would be greatly
appreciated! thanks!
luv in HIM, christine <><, ca
"God bless us, everyone."

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6) Apostles Freed from Prison-Acts 5:17-42?

I am looking for information about when the Apostles are Freed from
Prison. I am helping a teacher with the Fall circulum boxes. Does any have
games, crafts, puzzles, and/or coloring pages for this bible story?
Thanks -Thelma/Ohio

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7) Tally Ho The Fox

I saw a posting on your site
(http://www.christiancrafters.com/archive180.html) where someone was
looking for the book "Tally Ho The Fox" by Herb Hodges.

I've got a copy in front of me but it is in limited print and not likely
be found at the local book store. The ISBN is 1-891986-040X. Its best to
catch Mr. Hodges at:
3562 Marconi Cove
Memphis, TN 38118

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8) Teacher Appreciation gift

I would like to share an idea that I have regarding a teacher appreciation
gift idea. I will be giving these gifts to all the teachers and helpers
this year. Take a babyfood jar. On the outside stick a label on that says
"Your morning manna for 31 days". I got gelatine capsules from a
manufacturer. On coloured paper I printed 31 inspirational quotes. Cut
them into thin strips, rolled them up and stuck each quote into a
capsules. So there were 31 caupsules each with a quote in. For the top,
I just cut a piece of material in a circle with zig-zag scissors and
secured it with a elastic band with a nice satin ribbon around it.
Thank you for a great site.
Liezl Fotiadis, Orange Grove Family Church, Gauteng, SA.

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9) Rally Day activities?

We have what's called "Rally Day" at our church next month where the kids
move up to the next grade for Sunday School and meet their new teacher.
The kids all gather in the gym with their current teacher, then they move
to their new teacher. Does anyone have ideas on how we could make this
transition day more exciting and fun? Also, does anyone have fun
get-to-know-you activities the teachers could do with their new students?
Thanks for your help! Christy -- Bloomington, IL.

--from SSTN: check out the Bible Games section at: ChristianCrafters.Com,
then click on Icebreaker games. YSIC, Sarah Keith <><

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10) Walking with Jesus'?

A few months ago i saw something in the news letter regarding having
children walk across a long sheet of butcher paper and "walking with
Jesus'? ... I thought i saved it to disk.. but i can't find it.. HELP!!
We are hosting a training for other churches in sunday school and I'm
looking forward to sharing some of the ideas i've recieved from the
newsletters. SSTN has been a true God send and a Real blessing to my
class. I do use the given curriculum.. but your sight has better and
sometimes easier and cheaper crafts to go along with my messages. I thank
God for you every day i open my newsletter.
God Bless you - Torri Liano
LVBC > Las Vegas Bible Church

--from SSTN: thank you, Torri for your kind words. Just a reminder to
everyone that all the SSTN articles are in the Archives List at
ChristianCrafters.Com. By using a few keywords in the search box in the
Archives, you can usually find whatever you're looking for. It's a
GOLDMINE! ;o)) YSIC, sarah <><

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11) David Crafts

Children can paint five rocks different colors and use the
rocks to remind them that God is with them when they are afraid. For
example, the yellow rock can remind them to "Slow down" and pray and ask
God to help you. Green can mean "Go for it" Don't be afraid because God
with you. Or instead of using real rocks, you can just use paper cut into
rock shapes. There is a picture of these on the homepage of Danielle's
Place. www.daniellesplace.com The children can also make a shephard's
bag using paper grocery bags. Just cut out a bag shape and punch holes
around the edge. Have the children weave string through the holes to sew
the bag together.
Carolyn Warvel-Danielle's Place of Crafts and Activities

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12) Back to School Ideas

Our Missionary Department is in the middle of the same thing. We
normally have a carnival for the kids and distribute school supplies at
the end. Church members are encouraged to bring school supplies to
church and place them in a large container in the fellowship hall.

You may wish to seek help from a corporate sponsor like a bank, drug
store, grocery store, etc. Most larger companies have a Community
Relations Department that are eager to help in some form of community

Thirdly, you may desire to be a link to another service organization like
a radio station or television station advertising a "Back to School
Kickoff." As a link you would provide all inquirers with the station's
address and telephone number in order to get the child on their
distribution list. Hope this helps,

Ahreita Griffin-Charlotte, NC

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