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SSTN - Number 218
August 14, 2001

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1) Contemporary Christian Music?
2) Teacher Appreciation Song?
3) Burning bush craft idea?
4) 'Coverall' Name for SS
5) Games for SonCreek Junction VBS
6) Spiritual Baby Shower
7) Spiritual Baby Shower
8) Name for Sunday School
9) Books of the Bible songs
10) Cloud of Witnesses?
11) Scriptures or books on bullying
12) Women's Fellowship Meeting

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1) Contemporary Christian Music?

I am looking for a CD that has some contemporary christian music or very
upbeat kid friendly music that has hand motions or dance steps to go along
with it? All the things I've found at the christian book store are to
juvenille. We have a praise band at our church so the children are more
familiar with more lively music. Any suggestions are appreciated.
In Christ, Shelley Sutton

--from SSTN: hi Shelley: I've recently added some new CD's to the Music
section of the Bookstore at: ChristianCrafters.Com. I have personally
used, Group's Singable songs, for kids K-6th grade and I think it is VERY
good! YSIC, sarah -

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2) Teacher Appreciation Song?

In previous newsletters, there was a discussion on a song from Steve Green
(I think) that can be used for Teacher Appreciation day. I went thru the
archive lists, but can not find it. Can you assist?
Regards, Liezl-Orange Grove Family Church, Gauteng, South Africa

--from SSTN: I think you're referring to the song, "Thank You" by Ray
Boltz. If so, it's in the Music section of the Bookstore at:

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3) Burning bush craft idea?

Does anyone have a burning bush craft idea for a Moses story?
I checked the archives and got a couple ideas. Does anyone have
any other ideas for preschoolers?
Thanks so much. Mary

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4) Sunday School 'coverall' Name

What about "KEYS TO LIFE" Classes. Use key-shaped signs with the age
groups printed on them, and post them on your doors. The word KEYS
'loosely' fits all age groups too. ;o))

K=kindergarten (PreK-Kindergarten)
E=elementary (1st-6th)
Y=youth (7-8)
S=senior (senior high - senior adult classes.)

In His loving grip,
Sarah Keith
5/6th grade SS, K-4th Kingdom Kids

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5) Games for SonCreek Junction VBS

When searching the web for games for our VBS this year, I found a
wonderful website that I am sure will give your everything you need! It
is: http:edinburgh-scout.org.uk/games. This site helped me for all of my
games. I still use it for our youth functions. I hope you have a
successful VBS! ~~ Rochelle in Ohio

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6) Spiritual Baby Shower

Dear Debbie, I attended a baby shower for one of my sister's in Christ.
here'sone of the games i remember.....The hostess' passed out sticks of
sugarless chewing gum and a small square of wax paper and gave us two
minutes to chew and make a bubblegum baby on a small sheet of wax paper...
the best babies had pictures taken and the absolute best and creative got
a prize.

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7) Spiritual Baby Shower

Recently I attended a baby shower where we played a game that I hadn't
played before. You can tie it back to spiritual/christian theme. The
hosts decorated a silk potted tree (a painted branch would work also) then
hung small items still packaged like pacifiers, rattlers, bibs, spoons
etc. that would make great gifts for the mom and baby to be. Then we were
told to go up and take a mental note of everything on the tree and NOT to
take our paper and pencil. (We assumed that we were going to write down
as many items as we could remember on the paper) When we all took our
seats and given instrutctions we actually were told to write down as many
things as we could remember about A CERTAIN LADY WHO WAS STANDING BEHIND
THE TREE AROUND THE CAKE AND TREATS (the lady had already left the room
and gone outside out of our sight when it came time to write the things
down) It made me aware that I didn't know too much about her. You could
tie that back to how we treat visitors in our church, lost people, people
who are not just like us etc. We can pay closer attention to the people
around us etc. Just an idea for you. Good luck and have fun! God bless
the new parents and baby!

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8) Name for Sunday School

>I am looking for a clever name that would cover K thru adult to replace
>the name Sunday School . . .

We call our Sunday School program 'Growing for God.' The youngest class
is the seedlings, then sprouts, saplings etc. right through to miracle
growers, gardeners, sowers and harvesters. For us it illustrates that all
ages continue to grow in learning and faith. Blessings

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9) Books of the Bible songs

We have posted a children's song for the new testament books and another
song for the old testament books (the OT is to the tune of "One Little,
Two Little, Three Little Indians"). The songs are wav files and run 1 to
2 MB each. You can use them to learn the songs or have the kids sing
along with them.

They are at:


for more songs, click on the "songs" index. . . . .
Visit www.eBibleTeacher.com
resources for Sunday School teachers & Preachers

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10) Cloud of Witnesses?

I'm looking for a good craft idea for the "Cloud of Witnesses" that could
be adapted into a Christmas ornament. I searched the SSTN archives and
didn't find anything.
Sally in Wichita

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Looking for lessons on Praise and Worship? "Let all creation praise the
LORD!" Children color and assemble the flip cards to watch their
mini-movie. Includes 27 reproducible flip card patterns. In the
Curriculum section at: ChristianCrafters.Com (Cost: $8.25)

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11) Scriptures or books on bullying

<< I am writing to ask if you have any scriptures or books on bullying, as
> many of my Sunday School children between the ages of 9 - 13 years are
> experiencing this. I await your reply. Sister Maureen >>

Why not use David and Goliath? Why I don't advocate violence as a means
of settling disputes with bullies you could look at the sling as an agent
for change. Maybe God is our sling and you can fling kind words at the
bully (i.e."kill 'em with kindness" - geez, I can't seem to get away from
violence here, can I?)
Alessa Keener

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12) Women's Fellowship Meeting

>>I am program coordinator for our monthly Women's Fellowship Meetings.
>Approx. 40 ladies attend each month and it's my job to get them to come
>back with interesting themes and programs. HELP!!!! <<

Have you hosted a tea yet? We went to one where each lady brought their
own teacup and there was a prize for the most interesting and the
prettiest. We had a skit, some testimonies, a couple singers, and a
speaker. There were different teapots on each table that were kept filled
with hot water and there were several different kinds of tea and hot cocoa
on the table.

You could also do a Victorian theme...have the ladies wear different hats
and give prizes for the most interesting, etc. For food, you could do
scones,etc and sponge cake with charms under it with ribbons attached.
Each charm could have a different meaning. Holiday themes are always good.
Also, you could do one showcasing Godly women. you could use Proverbs 31.
You could talk about Esther, Ruth, Mary, etc.

Hope these help!
Kari-1st UPC
Trinidad, CO
Ages 3-9

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