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SSTN - Number 219
August 17, 2001

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1) Game Ideas for VBS
2) Sunday School name
3) Other ways to serve
4) Armor of God
5) Bird life of wington flannel graph stories?
6) Bible Science projects?
7) Game Ideas for SonCreek Junction
8) College / Church Connection?
9) Rally Day activities
10) Body worship
11) 12 months - 3 years
12) 12 months - 3 years

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1) Game Ideas for VBS

> Our Vacation Bible School this year is SonCreek Junction and the theme is
> everything western/old fashioned/gold mining town, etc.

Dear Cathy, We just completed SonCreek and it was fantastic! One activity
that we did was steer roping. The kids sat upon a bale of hay that had a
saddle on it and tossed rope rings onto another hay bale that had wooden
stakes in it. The kids all received "rodeo numbers" to place on their
back and they were Cowboys/Cowgirls for Christ. Another was a horse
race. We used hobby horses and raced to the finish line. We also did the
relays that were shown in the Director's Guide they were loads of fun and
the kids had a great time! We changed them a little for our "Round Up Day"
(VBS kickoff) and then used them again during the week. Have a blessed
time! Teri Harper

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2) Sunday School name

In the church my family attends, Sunday School (for children) and Adult
Forum (bible study and discussion topics) are held during the hour between
the two services that are held each Sunday. This time has come to be
known in our church as "The Education Hour". I hopes this helps.
Karen Remington-Gillette, NJ

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3) Other ways to serve

> (Each month at our church, our C.E. Director gives similar "thank
> you" items to all the teachers.

So glad you enjoy the little appreciation gifts, Miss Sary, but I think
the folks should know that I am not the one who puts them together - we
have a volunteer Vera) who does it - that is one of her gifts of time and
talents to the church, and she loves making them, but never wants the
credit! This would be a good job for someone who doesn't want to teach,
but would like to share in children's ministry. :)

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4) Armor of God

>>I am looking for games, stories, or anything else related to
>> the Armor of God. I teach ages 6,7,8,9. <<

I hope this will help:-
We divided the children in groups (depending of the numbers)
and then we read the whole scripture on the Armor of God in Ephesians
6:10ff. After reading, each group selected a
leader and they are given newspapers or any re-cycle papers.
Then they will choose a volunteer from respective group to
be "dressed" up by putting the armor of God...the belt of truth...the
children will used the newspaper to make a "belt" and put it on the
"volunteer", breastplate...so on as according to the scripture. After
dressing-up the "volunteer" each leader from the group will explain the
armor of God. The best "decorated volunteer" will be given
some token.

I really enjoy seeing the children participating in team work and at the
same time they are learning the Word of God!

God bless - Esther Tan-Kirby from Grace Community Centre, Sungai Petani,

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5) Bird life of wington flannel graph stories?

Hi, A number years sago, I saw the stories of bird life of wington by J
Calvin Reid taught using flannel graph characters. Can you tell me where I
can purchase such a kit?
Thanks, Jim

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6) Bible Science projects?

My 3rd and 4th graders are fascinated by science experiments. I used the
different liquids in various colors to teach the story of Adam and Eve and
sin and it was a HUGE hit! Every time I use it, the kids ask me to write
the directions so they can do it for Mom and Dad! IDoes anyone know of any
other "experiments" such as this one to teach other familiar bible
stories? Since these activities are such a hit, I'd like to work more of
them into my curriculum. I'm looking for old testament stories for now.
Colleen from Easton, PA

--from SSTN: Hi Colleen: in the Crafts section of the Bookstore at:
ChristianCrafters.Com you can purchase the book, Science & Cooking. ysic,

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7) Game Ideas for SonCreek Junction

--3-legged race
--sack race
--over and under contest-this is done with two lines of people standing
behind one another, all face forwards. Each line has a water balloon, the
first person passes it to the person behind him either over his head or
under, through the legs. The next person passes it on the opposite way.
The last person has to run up to the front of the line and smash the
balloon on the ground. If a balloon bursts before then, that line has to
start over. It is fun, quick and not messy.

--treasure hunt #1 - a small wading pool filled with play sand. you can
put "gold" (small pebbels spray painted gold) in the sand and let the kids
sift for the treasure with small cheap pie pans that have pin-holes
punched in the bottom for the dirt to seive through.

--treasure hunt#2 - this is a favorite for my kids, esp for birthday
parties. We make a treasure map (this can be as elaborate or simple as
you wish to make it) and then we tear it into pieces. The kids locate
pieces during the week - this could be for VBS with memory verses
completed or whatever - at the end of the week they have to find their
treasure. It could be a certificate of completion for the course with a
tootsie pop or whatever ya'll have planned. The treasure could also be
that God's salvation is eternal and all we need do is "look" for this
"treasure" by "finding" Christ. There are all kind of ways this idea can
be used. We also "hide" small plastic eggs outisde that children find.
Each egg has a clue to find the next one and they are usually written for
the age level - a place where numbers reside (on the mailbox)...

--make a ball and cup game - a piece of string with something small
attached to one end and a can at the other. The can should be decorated
and electrician's tape should be around the top so there are no sharp
edges. The kidsz dlick their wrist to try and "catch" the ball in the can.
This is an old kids game and probably has another name.

--Ninepins -early colonial game, very easy. Can use recycled liter or
2-liter sized bottles and a bowling "ball of newspaper.
Hope this helps-DonaW

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8) College/Church Connection?

During a lull in the action at VBS tonight, another parishioner and I were
talking about our kids, one getting ready for boot camp and another for
college (mine!) in a few weeks. One thing led to another and we found
ourselves brainstorming ways for the church to make all kids feel like the
congregation was aware of their activities, they were supported and loved,
and still had a connection to their church at home. (I feel like I'm
being vague, but I bet you all know what I'm talking about.) My friend
had already thought of contacting all college kids whose families still
attend our church, and inviting them to a coffeehouse over Thanksgiving
brunch. We also talked about putting news in the bulletin - who was going
where - and maybe addresses for other church members to write to. (Of
course, this opens up the possibility of older folks feeling hurts because
kids aren't always good at writing back ...). So, I turn to you all, MY
EXPERTS! Are any churches currently doing things like this? Any input or
ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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9) Rally Day activities

>>We have what's called "Rally Day" at our church next month where the
>>move up to the next grade for Sunday School and meet their new teacher.

I am planning a rally day for our small church also and would love more
ideas. I have no experience with this, but i'm treating it like a party.
I will have some treats, a craft, and games, including bean bag toss, and
one where you tape a strip of paper around your head then try to write
your name correctly on it. (make sure to use water based markers in case
you miss and write on your face!) There will probably be story telling
and music. any other ideas are appreciated! mary-Wa state

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10) Body worship

I am not exactly sure what body worship is, but Salt and Light Ministry
has some wonderfully choreographed songs using either sign interpretation
or dowel rods. One of the latest videos may include something like you
are looking for. We have recently started using the dowel rods at our
church and it is awesome. The website is saltandlightmin.org.
Kathy, Texas

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Multi-Aged Curriculum

Sunday School Specials (Vol. 1-4), has quick and easy Bible lessons for
combined ages! It's a lifesaver for small churches that combine multiple
aged groups! You can get all four books in the 'Christian Education'
section of the Bookstore at: ChristianCrafters.Com (Free shipping when
you order two or more books!)

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11) 12 months - 3 years

The February 2001 issue of Children's Ministry magazine had a big write up
on one church's nursery program. They start teaching the babies as soon
as they come to the nursery. Also, you might try Karyn Henley resources
(I think it is KarynHenley.com, but it may be .org or .net). She has
great stuff for little ones.
Kathy, Texas

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12) 12 months - 3 years

>>Do you have anything for ages twelve months to thirty-six months (3yrs).

We have had GREAT success using Palma Smiley's Black Light stories
beginning at 9 - 12 months. The kids love them and by turning the light
out with only the bright colored story card visible, it really calms down
the class as well. Also, with this age, establishing a routine is very
important. We have a routine that includes songtime - at times with
rhythm instruments, fingerplays, a Bible story using the black light
pictures and a snack time that is always done on a blanket to help them
while they are learning boundaries. We teach the same Bible story each
week for a month up through age 2. We require "please" and "thank you",
in sign language if they don't speak yet and any effort to talk is taken
as a response to encourage them. Puppets are another a good way to teach
the children who are very young.
Palma Smiley website is: www.earlychildhood-curr.com/
Marcia Hill Nursery/Preschool Program Director
Hill Country Bible Church
Austin, TX

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