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SSTN # 21 - February 19, 2003

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--> Custom Stencil Design

1) Burned Out
2) Explaining Dinosaurs
3) Great Resources
4) Explaining Dinosaurs

--> Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

5) Burned Out
6) Teaching about dinosaurs   
7) Burned Out
8) Explaining Dinosaurs

--> W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

9) Making Mud
10) Crown of Thorns   
11) Zonk   
12) Dead sea scrolls?

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Custom Stencil Design - by Sarah Keith

Allow me to design a custom stencil to decorate your home, church, or
business. To learn more, go to the following web address:


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1) Burned Out

Dear Burned Out,   Been there, done that!!!!  You need to set boundaries.
Tell your pastor or whoever is in charge a one month notice.  A lot of
people get burned out because they don’t know how to say no, or can’t wait
for GOD to fill a position, so they fill it themselves.I attended a
children’s pastor’s conference recently and spoke to a woman who was
working 50 hours a week for the children’s department as a paid worker,
and was only getting paid for about 16 hrs. a week.  WHY???? Because she
didn’t speak up and so no one noticed.  These type of situations are not
going to change unless someone sets boundaries for a healthy church.  If
this is God’s work, HE will find someone to fill the spot. That DOES NOT
mean you stay until that person comes.  I would say that 26 years worth of
work is enough for at least a one year or more rest… I mean… EVEN GOD

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2) Explaining Dinosaurs

The bible story of creation doesn't mention many animals specifically,
only in general in regards to their habitat...Genesis 1:20-25 "...moving
creature...fowl...great whales...cattle...creeping thing...beast of the
earth..."  there were dinosaurs that fit into these categories.  Dogs
aren't mentioned specifically, but they are here!
While certain animals are used to personify characteristics in the bible,
personally believe that there must have been some knowledge of these
animals that the people of the day possessed, otherwise, what good would
the reference be?
Leviathan references; though some may argue that the leviathan is a whale,
this creature has qualities no whale of our time has ~ scales & breath of
Job 41; Psalms 74:14 & 104:26; Isaiah 27:1
There are also many references throughout scripture to dragons, but since
great deal of them personify Satan, I won't get into that here:)
As Sarah mentioned, there are a great deal of excellent resources out
that deal with this subject.  Hope my thoughts have given you some ideas
In Christ's love, Kristine

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3) Great Resources


Great resources for a children's teacher. I'm looking forward to ordering
products in the near future. GOD BLESS. MRS. COLLER

--from SSTN: Mrs. Coller, thank you for saying so!
Your webservant, Sarah Keith <><

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4) Explaining Dinosaurs

Hi Tom, This is really an easy one for you to incorporate into you lesson.
My husband teaches creation evidence in the public schools that invite
him. They were created on the 5th and 6th day just like the other
creatures were. They were on Noah's ark also. If you have any questions
that you would like me to run by my husband please email me at
aunti_an@yahoo.com please note this list and dinosaurs in the reference
area. Wes excavates with Dr.Carl Baugh, Dr. Joe Taylor and other
palentologists. Dr. Baugh is one of two men that were granted a 50 year
lease of Mt. Ararat by the former king of Turkey. They believe they have
found the ark but are now trying to figure out the landing situation and
ofcourse having to deal with the new king of Turkey. We are believing Wes
will be able to go on that excavation site at sometime. I am sure this is
more  than you wanted to know,  but I did want you to know that this
wasn't coming out of thin air. Here is Dr. Baugh's website.
http://www.creationevidence.org/ . Wes also has excavated dinosaurs
locally.  I hope the site helps.

I went back and reread what you have written. There is absolutely,
positively NONE.....not one ounce of proven truth in the evolutionary
theory. Darwin, could not even explain the complexity of the eye and
admitted that in his writings. He said that it would be absurd to think
that the eye could have evolved. Go figure.... Sadly to say though it is
treated as truth instead of a theory in our public schools. In Texas if
you teach evolution, then you are open to bring in the creation side also
as it is state law.(sorry about being so long winded.)

Blessings, An

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Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

Ten Egg-shaped cards that tell the Easter Story - When the cards
are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg Scramble and
learn the Easter Story! Reproducible so your whole class can make a set!

In the Curriculum section: 

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5) Burned Out

Dear "HELP ME!!! Burned Out " 
First of all, you will be rewarded for all your sacrifice.  Secondly, and
most importantly, who made you responsible for all the little children of
the world?  Sorry if I seem harsh, but I have heard many people say they
cannot leave there ministry because no one else is there to fill it.  The
fact is that is a lack of faith on their part (or even a martyr's plea).
If Jesus could turn water in to wine, stop the waves and the wind with a
word, conquer death and deliver a wretch like me from condemnation and
hell, he can certainly rise up servant.  Have you prayed to the "master
of the field to raise up workers because the harvest is ready"?  I
applaud you limiting your service to the Children's Corner (where you
were called by God).  I applaud your willing to help the church in a
pinch.  What would happen if you gave your pastor two weeks notice for
all jobs except Children's Corner?  Either he would find a replacement or
not.  If he finds a replacement, praise God.  If he doesn't, the babies
come into the church with their parents, cause enough of a disturbance,
that the pastor finds a replacement. 

Keep praying for compassion, but don't allow yourself to be a doormat.
If you have children, God has already prepared you to be a grandmother.

You do need to be taught and (sorry) shame on your pastor for not
insisting that you have time for fellowship and congregational worship.
I am so worked up, I should be typing in all caps, but I don't want to
offend.  I teach every Sunday and I love it.  I don't think your age
should have anything to do with your ministry (look how old Moses was).
If you absolutely feel guilty about letting the world down by stepping
down, perhaps you could contact the mother's of the children you teach.
Tell them you are starting a new policy in which there must be two
workers at all times with the children, and you require each mother to
take a turn once per month.  (Please tell me your church does have a two
person rule).  Once you have the mothers taking turns, use some of the
encouragement ideas to help build their confidence (which is usually why
they don't want to help teach) and attend some workshops together (it
makes them better mom's).  Give them more responsibility and slowly
withdraw yourself from the schedule putting two mom's together and you
become the director of the class.

Hope I have encouraged you and not been too harsh.  Dawn (you can email
me directly at starrd616@juno.com if you want)

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6) Teaching about dinosaurs   

I mentioned a website for good information on teaching about dinosaurs,
cavemen, evolution, etc....  The ministry is called "Resons to Believe".
The web address is www.reasons.org.  You can go to the "kid's resources"
and find some excellent help.  For those of you with questions like, "how
did people live to be 900?" or "how do we explain cavemen?"  this is a
great site.  It has cutting edge scientific discoveries and research and
explains how those discoveries and research affirm our faith and the
accuracy of the bible.  Dr. Hugh Ross's book "The Genesis Question" really
helped me with my Christian faith, and the books written for kids and
teens are great.

Shirley, 5-9 year olds
N. Georgia

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7) Burned Out

Just wanted to reach out to this lady, who sounds very much a "Gap filler"
like myself.  There are many people like us who actually see the need and
have a desire to respond to it, its a gift we should be thankful for as
some people do not see the need or do not have the confidence to try and
meet it.

Bearing this in mind you may want to not only pray for assistance but also
put some of your faith in action (God does not want you to burn out, and
he puts you in a church setting so that you too can be fed by His presence
and His Word) Start asking for volunteers, actively encouraging people to
get involved, you'll be surprised how many people would like to help but
don't think they have the skills/expertise.

In our church which is about 100 people we have 32 children under 13 and
we run a rota system for the kids groups, nearly all the parents are
involved and this means that we only tend to "miss" our personal time once
every six weeks or so.  It is good to have somebody plan and co-ordinate
the lessons so perhaps this could become more your role.

Be assured my friend that he does have a wonderful and glorious plan for
you, which you are already fulfilling.  He never wastes any experience
that we go through in preparing us and moving us towards our destiny.

In these last days the children are our most important mission field but
if you are to continue your wonderful work you must ensure that you build
in time for yourself to receive from Him His blessings and promises for
your life.  Lean on Him he will not let you down.

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8) Explaining Dinosaurs

My daughter and I attended a homeschooling workshop some years ago with
Christian paleontologist, John MacKay from Australia.  He explained that
we STILL have dinosaurs on the earth today, just in a very much smaller
form.  From Genesis he reminded us that God created things VERY GOOD in
the beginning, but that man sinned, and everything has been steadily
getting worse.  He used the reptiles and amphibians alive today as an
example.  If left in the climate of Eden, with no disease, and no
predators (as the world was when God created it and before sin entered
through Adam and Eve), they would grow to ENORMOUS sizes.  The fruit and
food on earth would be much larger, too, in the climate which is neither
too hot, nor too cold, too dry nor too humid.  You see, humans didn't NEED
clothing when God created the world.  That means a lovely, temperate
climate with no snow, hail, or rain, or violent winds, even.

When the writers of Scripture made their records, they gave reference to
"leviathan" and also of the HUGE grapes that grew in the Promised land.
We have to remember that we live many many centuries since Adam, and
everything that God created VERY GOOD is going very bad because of sin,
including the plant and animal kingdoms.

Also, John McKay showed us the fossilized "poop" of so-called
"carnivorous" dinosaurs.  The contents were clearly vegetation, supporting
the Biblical view that prior to sin in the world, NO animals were created
to kill one another for food.  Indeed, those tearing teeth were designed
for PLANTS (as shown in the fossilized Dino poo).

There's no reason to become defensive about teaching dinosaurs to
Christian kids.  It's just the evolutionary spin that can easily be shown
to be theoretical rather than observable fact, if you really look at the

If you want to check out the site you can find John McKay (now pronounce
it "mack-EYE" or he'll have you corrected =^)  ) at this website:
though the link appears to be disfunctional at the moment...

or you could read here:

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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9) Making Mud - from SSTN # 10

I thought this was a great idea for a craft to do with the story from John
9: 1-11. My kids are older, 8 - 11 year olds, so I adapted it & we made
'mud' by melting chocolate. We then added 'grit/stones' - rice crispies
and marshmellows. We put the mixture into cake cases and they had some to
take home & some to share with the rest of the congregation after the
service. It was a great idea! At the end of the service we go back into
church and some of the children get up & tell the congregation what they
have been doing - they were able to tell the story really clearly, so
something must have gone in!
Thanks for all the ideas

Meg - Birmingham, UK

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10) Crown of Thorns   

Most teachers focus on the resurrection at Easter for obvious reasons.
But if you are interested in an activity more suited for older kids to
help drive home the impact of the crucifixion, you can make a simple and
thought-provoking Crown of Thorns by hot-gluing together in a ring about 7
prickly Sweet Gum tree balls.  I have one spray-painted gold among my
Crismon ornaments.  If you can locate a Sweet Gum tree, the balls are on
the ground right now and still in pretty good shape.
Sally in Wichita

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11) Zonk   

We have an experienced teacher who also uses this concept, only with
marbles in a sock.  There are 10 marbles with only one or 2 zonks.  They
answer and reach into the sock to see what they've won.  This was a lot
easier to handle (and portable too!) for me than the big ZONK board
another teacher had made.

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12) Dead sea scrolls?

I am doing a Bible class on Wednesday nights for the month of February
I would like to do it on the dead sea scrolls, I have three 13-14 yr old
boys and two 12 yr old girls. Please send crafts or ideas on how to make
the topic exciting to
Shirley J. Van Reuter
Livonia Michigan
Thank you very much.

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