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SSTN  # 21 - March 6, 2002

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1) Fund Raising Ideas 
2) Sunday School time?
3) Gospel Faire   
-> FaithShapes!
4) Using Disney characters in ministry
5) Disruptive and talkative
6) Jonah ideas?
7) Need 3-5 yr old craft for The Lords Prayer?   
8) Church Auction
9) Lent Programs
10) Fund Raising Ideas
11) Prayer craft
12) Trust games for adolescents

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1) Fund Raising Ideas  

>>this year those of us who are working with the children have
>>decided to try and raise money for the children's activities. 

We've done of course,the dreaded car wash, we've also made sub-sandwiches
which worked pretty well.  We had each youth bring an ingredient so what
ever we recieved was actual profit. We kept the menu VERY simple. We had
turkey & swiss or ham & american subs with lettuce, tomato & onion. No
mayo or anykind of dressing. We also had slices of homemade pies (donated)
& snack size potato chips. Keep it simple, try not to give too many
choices, i.e. all lay's chips & all one kind of pie. We had made the subs
in an assembly line fashion during church so everyone could pick up their
lunch on the way out of service. We sold them for $5.  When you have a lot
of kids & good adult supervision, it goes pretty easy. We made 106 subs in
35 mins.  We also had cokes & diet cokes for sale if they wanted.  Another
big $$ maker is our Annual Valentine's Dinner. I make homemade spaghetti,
salad, bread & dessert & the kids seat & serve j! ust like in a
restaraunt. Our fellowship dinners are usually on paper plates & plastic
cups, so we go all out & use the real stuff! We have candles & this year
we had a gospel group entertaining during dessert. One of the youth played
her cello while they were coming in & through the salad. The congregation
oohs & aahs all over the place & if you make the kids bring ingredients,
you should be able to keep costs down.  We sold tickets for $8 or
$15/couple.  Don't forget to use REAL glasses! =)
Hope this helps. Good luck!

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2) Sunday School time?

Just wondering what time everyones class is at? Is it during Church
services or befor Church. Ours used to be befor Church but we found people
were just droppping off their children and then not staying for church. So
we switched out Sunday School time to be during Church. But now, even with
three of us taking turns teaching (it is a very small class) I miss out on
Church too often. I need to be fed in order to feed. Does this make sense?
Just wondering what others do? Jenny

--from SSTN: we have three services: 8:15, 9:30 and 11 AM. Sunday school
is during the 9:30 service. All the teachers teach every other month so we
can go to adult Sunday School. During the summer we schedule two services:
9 am and 10:30 am.
ysic, sarah <><

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3) Gospel Faire   

Dear Sarah,
I enjoy this newsletter very much.  I want to reply to Judy Moulden.  she
is looking for the 1999 VBS tape. I have the CD and would gladly burn her
a copy.  If she would like to Email me, I will get her address and send it
to her.
Cheryl Croushore

--from SSTN: Please remember to observe applicable copyrights. 

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Stuff your Easter baskets with FaithShapes! ®   "The Card Game of
Christian Symbols" A fun game for kids and adults, readers or nonreaders.
The 64 cards are beautifully illustrated with historical explanations and
Scripture verses. Use them for family game night, during Sunday School, or
for personal enrichment. Shape your faith with FaithShapes ®.

In the Curriculum section: 

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4) Using Disney characters in ministry

Disney characters -- especially Lion King and Little Mermaid are sooo
controversial from a Christian standpoint I would be careful.  There are
so many other ways to teach that we really don;t have to use Disney.

La Marque, TX

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W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers

There's something much worse than cooties...it's called sin!  Now kids can
make Gospel Catchers rather than Cootie Catchers! A fun and innovative way
for kids to learn to share their faith with their friends!  Includes 4
Gospel Catcher patterns to make: the Colors of Christ (Gospel Colors), the
Ten Commandments, the Beatitudes, and the Promises of God. Follow this
link to learn more:


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5)  Disruptive and talkative

  I too could have written that letter!  I agree 100% with Karen!  Keep
their little hands busy!  There are a lot of books by Kathy Ross.  They
are geared to the younger kid-but I have modified most of them for older
kids.  A useful craft site is http://activitiesforkids.com .  There are a
lot of great easy and inexpensive crafts on this site too.  Another useful
site I have found www.Sermons4Kids.com.  They have some AWESOME ideas that
keep my kids attention.  It takes very ordinary things/objects and relates
it to a number of topics.  Hope this helps!
Yours In Christ
Sharon Hardy
St. Isidore's Catholic Church
Macomb, MI

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Remember those cartoon flip cards that you roll between your hands to make
them animate? With Praise-Amations, children will be excited to see their
praise cartoon mini-movies come to life as they roll them between their
hands. 27 Reproducible patterns to make and do with your entire class!

In the Curriculum section: 

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6) Jonah ideas?

Hello, I need some information on teaching my students about Jonah. They
are 8 years old to 12 years old, and very smart. So it needs to be
creative. If you have any idea's please send them to me. I only have 2
students. My church is very small, but we know the love of God May God
richly bless you. Peggy Gates

--from SSTN: Try the Archives List for past issues of SSTN ideas:

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7) Need 3-5 yr old craft for The Lords Prayer?   

Please can someone help me with a craft suitable for 3-5 years olds.  Our
lesson will be on 'The Lord's Prayer'.  Any ideas would be most welcome!
Many thanks & God bless!

--from SSTN: check out # 11 below! ;o))

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Jesus Lights Me Up! TM

A great project for your VBS programs! Get 5 reproducible patterns to
cover and decorate single light switch cover plates. Patterns include: a
lion, a lamb, a ladybug, a butterfly, and a whale. Each pattern comes with
accompanying Scripture and object lessons. FREE shipping during March!

In the Curriculum section: 

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8) Church Auction

<< Anyway, does
>anyone out there have an idea of something nice, yet fairly easy and
>inexpensive that I might could take to the auction??? >>

I just wanted to add a suggestion for the church auction.  I decided to
donate 6 months worth of "Casserole of the Month" to our church auction.
The same couple has bought it for the second year in a row and will
probably fight tooth and nail to get it again this year!  I made
vegetarian lasagna the second month and they have asked for that for the
last 9 times.  It worked out beautifully because they live right around
the corner from me.  I make it in a nice corning bake pan and they return
it to me the next week.  I have asked them if they would prefer to just
have me offer this to them and they could make a donation to the church
but they prefer the fun of bidding on it.  I am hoping they get it again
this year because it is an ideal situation for me to do something great
for the church and for them to as well and enjoy home cooking.  Many of
our church members do things like donate a weekend at their cottage on the
lake, Pie of the Month, crocheted items and the like, etc.  Look around
you, see what you like to do and give in this way, it is really
fulfilling. Good luck!

--from SSTN: I want to bid on the casserole and the cottage on the lake!
ysic, sarah ;O))

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9) Lent Programs

>Please share ideas for what you are doing in recognition of Lent in your
>Sunday school programs.  I'd appreciate any suggestions for all age
>levels. Thanks

We have the (grade 3 - grade 6) kids do the Stations of the Cross each
Sunday during Lent (before classes); and on one Friday evening the kids
perform a "Living Stations of the Cross"  using the same costumes
we use for the Christmas play.  They love this!
In my class (5th grade) we do Resurrection Eggs with the companion
"Benjamin's Box" book (thanks to the SSTN subscriber who suggested giving
out empty eggs; I'll do that this year), and crosses made of palms.  Last
year we did a project that involved earning cotton balls for doing secret
good deeds.  The cotton balls were glued to a cloud shape; the idea was to
form a nice soft & fluffy cloud for Jesus to rise on at Easter.  I added
handmade Jesus on Easter Sunday.  It came out great!  (This project was
inspired by an Advent project based on a wonderful book, "The Last Straw",
which we do every year.)
This year I am doing a lesson which parallels spring cleaning and getting
the "junk" out of our hearts during Lent to make room for the Risen Lord
Easter.  I'm still trying to work out a craft project to go along with the
lesson; any suggestions?
For many years my mother-in-law, a former catechist, has hosted a
traditional Seder (Passover) meal for teens during Lent, to remind them of
the history of Jesus and the deep symbolism connected to this meal and
Easter.  It's a lot of work to do this; she usually gets help.  Everyone
enjoys the symbolic meal; and afterward there is a potluck dinner served.
Learning fun and fellowship!

<(((><  Heidi/New York

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10)  Fund Raising Ideas

>I've been enjoying your newsletter for some time now, and have found it
>quite useful... Does anyone have any ideas we might try? 

Kathy, I too am from a very small church with limited resources.  We have
done many different fund raisers.  Bake sales are good, but alot of money
has to be donated up front for the baking items.  Car Washes are an
excellent fund raiser if you are in a good location.  There are many
stores in our area that supply everything you need, including the soap and rags,
so there is no upfront money.  We have also held yard sales.  This too will
bring in a lot of money if you can get everyone in your church to go
through their stuff and donate.  Through trial and error we found that pricing the
knick knack items is the way to go.  But, because there is typically alot
more clothing donated than anything else, we always advertised "clothing
for donation."  People will go above and beyond any price you could have put
on the clothing yourself.  And also, if there is a family in need who cannot
afford new clothing, they can shop for clothing and offer what they can
without feeling belittled or like they have to take charity.  It is a
win-win situation for everyone.  Good luck.  Crystie from Arkansas.

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11) Prayer craft

>Hi, I teach a small class of children ages 2-8. I want to do an easy
>lesson with a craft on the importance of prayer.

Hello Audrey.  This craft that I done with the younger children in VBS a
couple of years ago may be helpful.  Take a clear lid from a Cool Whip
bowl or from any other bowl.  Find a print of praying hands.  Place the print
under the lid and using 3-D Paint (found at Wal-Mart in the craft section)
outline the print on the lid.  Around the hands, make small sections with
the 3-D paint as well.  Punch a small hole in the top center of the lid
where string can later be added for hanging.  I done all this ahead of
time since it takes a while for the paint to completely dry.  Have the children
use sun catcher stain and fill in the areas.  It sounds simple but they
turn out great and they children loved doing it.  No two will be exactly
alike. Hope this helps.
Crystie from Bismarck, AR.

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12) Trust games for adolescents

We  have  done a few things . 1. Is a game called rocks in the Harbor.
you pair the children up. the remaining  children scatter themselves  on
the floor all over. One set of partners are  to be on opposites of the
room. While one is  partner is blindfolded the other is  to guide  his/her
partner threw the rocks ( scattered children )  using spoken  directions
only. this   teaches;  trust . listening skills , and how to encourage
each other.   2. we have used paper mache as a blind fold and done trust
walks.   use petroleum  jelly or baby oil covered with tissue paper , 
for eyes  and areas with facial hair .  It makes a  great blind fold and
when you scrunch your face and  remove the paper mahe it makes a  mask
they can tke home and cherish for a long time.  thin strips of cloth works
better then paper.

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