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SSTN - Number 223
August 30, 2001

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1) Musical instrument
2) College/Church Connection
3) Bible coloring pages?
4) Help with 'problem' kids!
5) Rally Day Fair
7) J-e-s-u-s / Bingo song
8) College/Church Connection
9) Parable of the talents craft?
10) T-shirt Slogan?
11) Story of Boat/Redemption?
12) National Prayer Day

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1) Musical instrument

In the past I asked a local chain grocery to allow me to purchase small
styrofoam meat trays (available in differents sizes, shapes, and colors).
The meat manager would not let me pay for them when he heard we were
making instruments to praise the Lord - and donated them to the church. (I had
purchased them before for another project and paid about 3 cents each.)

Press small "notches" (about 1/4" deep) on opposite sides of the styrofoam
trays. Taking rubber bands of different sizes (and colors), stretch them
over the tray and secure them by placing them into the notches. The
concave area of the tray, with the 3 or 4 rubber bands stretched over it, makes a
nice strumming base. There were some pretty sweet tunes offered up and the
children love to play them.
Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea B. - Trafalgar, IN

--from SSTN: send pics with the kids using them! ;o))

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2) College/Church Connection

One church I know of makes their kids feel special by having
a "graduation" shower and providing college supplies, gift
certificates, etc. to those going on to college or into the
military and just general grad gifts for those staying near
home. They always provide an address for people to write the
kids with the understanding that a college (or military)
person's life is VERY hectic and they probably won't receive
a reply. People understand this if you tell them up front.
The whole church enjoys these send offs and the kids feel
special because of the extra attention... not to mention
getting some great, much needed items!
Darlene Bishop

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Great for gifts!! 

Copy and paste the following URL to your internet browser:


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3) Bible coloring pages?

I am interested in coloring bible pages for Sunday School class. 
Is there any on the internet? God Bless-Lori

--from SSTN: check out: www.dltk-kids.com
also, find reproducible coloring books in the Christian Education section
of the Bookstore at: ChristianCrafters.com
(Free shipping on two or more items!) sarah <><

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4) Help with 'problem' kids!

HELP! Our small, broadly-graded elementary Sunday School class usually
averages 5 children. For a week or two we've also had a few new visitors
from our recent VBS. Today a volunteer brought two new visitors up to the
class and announced to the young teacher that their mother had informed
her that one was autistic and the other was hyperactive. The boys, who
appear to be twins, were about 9. I knew nothing about this until after
worship when the distraught teacher told me what had transpired. 
Thankfully, her husband had accompanied her to class and had taken the
uncontrollable hyperactive boy outdoors and let him run wild. The other
boy walked silently in circles in the classroom the entire time. Needless
to say, chaos reigned, and both teacher and kids were pretty much in
shock. Over the past few years we've experienced more than our share of
ADD and ADHD kids, some medicated, some not. We're just regular Moms,
Dads, elderly retired teachers and a few youth helpers who have no
experience or expertise to deal with these children with special needs. 
We do the best we can but these kids exhaust the volunteers and are
generally disruptive to the class, and we see anger building in the
children who want to cooperate, have fun and maybe learn something. As
chair of Children's Ministries it falls to me to address this issue and
find the best response for the Church and for the families. I'm sure the
exhausted parents are needful of an hour's peace in worship, but I'm not
sure how the Church should deal with this. I'm sure others must have
travelled this road...I humbly ask for any and all advice and prayers! 
Thanks for sharing this burden, Lynne Minsky, Hawthorne, CA

--from SSTN: Dear Lynne: I hear your frustration and your plea for help! I
know you'll receive answers. In the meantime, check the Archives List at
ChristianCrafters.Com. In the search box type the keywords: 'discipline',
and/or 'disruptive'. Also see, Archive #156. sarah <><

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5) Rally Day Fair

In response to inquiry about Rally Day, we have a Rally Day Fair which
includes games, prizes and food. We stick lollipops in styrofoam and kids
throw bracelets to win one. Also, ping pong balls are tossed a few feet to
attempt to get them in glass containers. There is face painting, a roaming
clown who hands out Christian stickers, Bible Bingo (just substitute
Biblical names in bingo squares), popcorn for all, and we have a fishing
pond for small ones. For fish pond, just use a swimming pool, get stick
with magnet tied to the end for the rod, and make construction paper
fishes with attached magnets. There are inexpensive prizes through
catalogs or at the dollar stores. Nancy

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This is a good one to do with your class. I used it to demonstrate how if
we sin we become further away from God. You take a clear glass bowl fill
it with water... Then sprinkle pepper in it... without the kids seeing you
(or before the experiment) add a small amount of dish detergent on your
finger. put the tip of your finger in the water the pepper will move to
the edge of the bowl.

The kids in my class enjoyed it... it always helps to have an illustration.
R. Brisk - Italy

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7) J-e-s-u-s / Bingo song

>>J-E-S-U-S ( to the tune of the kids favorite B-I-N-G-O, help me
>>out folks, I don't remember the words). <<

When I taught jr. church, we sang these words:

I have a friend who loves me so
And Jesus is his name - oh!
J - E - S - U - S

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Children's Ministry Magazine--150 Ideas!

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150 teacher-tested, winning ideas from Children's Ministry Magazine. 
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8) College/Church Connection

This is for sandy. You were seeking ideals on keeping college students
and the church in touch. I am a postal employee and one of my regular
customers and her church Kept in touch by sending care packages to the
college students. They did this 4 times thru the school year. These care
packages included snacks, candies, cards, letters from the congregation,
church bulletins, and drawings from the Sunday school children. She said
the response from the students was very favorable. You can get free
priority boxes from the post office the cost for 1 pound is $3.50 and 2
pound is $3.95. Have the congregation bring a bag of candy or snacks and
their letters addressed to our college congregation. This will keep the
cost down and also keep these students in the hearts, minds and prayers
of the congregation. Rita

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9) Parable of the talents craft?

We will be studying the parable of the talents in conjunction with our
stewardship campaign with our 2nd-5th graders. Does anyone have a good
craft idea to go along with this theme? Thanks, Cynthia

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10) T-shirt Slogan?

I teach a middler class and am looking into planning a day out with the
class. While on our outing, I would like for those who see us to know we
are a Sunday School Group. Any suggestions for slogans that can be placed
on our tee shirts?

--from SSTN: what about 'God Squad'? ;o)

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Great for lessons on Praise and Worship! Children color and assemble the
flip cards to watch their mini-movie. Includes 27 reproducible flip
cards. In the Curriculum section at:


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11) Story of Boat/Redemption?

Years ago I heard a story about a little boy who built a boat. Somehow the
boat got lost. The little boy saw the boat in a store window and bought it
back. Do you know anything about this story or where I might find out?
Thank you, Kathy Parks

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12) National Prayer Day

Recently my church celebrated a national prayer day for kids and I wanted
to share with you some of the things we did. When the children arrived I
got them to put handprints on a banner. Later on in the morning I asked
the kids what they think they could change in the world with prayer and we
wrote those on the banner with markers. We will keep this as a reminder
each week. They came up with some great things like, people who are sick,
on drugs, wars, saving people for Jesus, helping our church grow etc. We
also made a plaster hand print of each child and when it was dry we
decorated it and wrote on it our prayer creed: Prayer - Anywhere, anytime,
anything. We also made the prayer rock with the poem from the site. 
(Thanks Sarah for a great site!!!) It was a very exciting morning seeing
the kids so energised in the power of prayer!

Laurie - North West Community Church, Australia
P.S. Hi to Maree - great to see another Aussie!

--from SSTN: Laurie: you are welcome! I appreciate your prayers and
encouragement! your sister in HIM, sarah. <><

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