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SSTN - Number 224
September 4, 2001

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1) Jungle Theme
2) Ten Commandments Song?
3) College/Church Connection
4) Paint with Water Books?
5) Rally Day
6) 5/6th Bible Curriculum
7) Getting to know you?
8) Ministry Training
9) Children's Church Answers On Need
10) Ten Commandments Song/Cookbook?
11) College/Church Connection
12) Scriptures or books on bullying

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1) Jungle Theme

A couple of years ago Group Publishing had a Treasure Hunt Bible
Adventure VBS curriculum. It was jungle-themed. Maybe they are still
selling the craft and recreation leader's books, which had some cute
jungle ideas. Kit MacLeod, North Palm Beach, FL

--from SSTN: in the Bookstore-Crafts section I have a craft book entitled:
Safari Crafts for kids, preschool to sixth grade. --sarah <><

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2) Ten Commandments Song?

> I too have been searching for a Ten Commandments Song that

Can you tell me something about the tune? Is it a common one
from another song? Any idea how I'd find it?

Darlene Bishop

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3) College/Church Connection

Hi! My church has a ministry called "PHED" which I think stands for Post
High School Education & Discipleship. They have a variety of activities &
include anyone in that "inbetween" age regardless of post high school
choices. They provide addresses in our church directory. They also have
fellowships during common school breaks. The leaders of this ministry
also provide times for the church body to give to this ministry. At
Christmas & a couple of other times during the year (not exactly sure
when) we either donate $20.00 Walmart Gift Cards or different specified
things to make care packages so that our older kids remember that they are
in our thoughts & prayers. This also presents an opportunity to remind us
to pray for the kids that we may not always see anymore. Generally, I
think this group can fall through the cracks, may God bless you indeed as
you move forward in this new ministry.
Karen @ Indiana

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4) Paint with Water Books?

I am looking for something for my Director of Children's Ministries. Our
children LOVE paint-with-water books. They are cute Bible pictures with
colored paint dots at the top of the page. The children use a paintbrush
with water and paint to their hearts content. Do you know where I could
get some? We occasionally find them in the Bible book stores but it is
hunt 'n peck. Thanks for your help.
Linda Durham

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5) Rally Day

We also have Rally Day at our church coming up in
September. The kids all register for Sunday School, see
their new classroom, meet their teacher(s), etc. We do this
during the first half of the hour; then we have an
all-church fellowship with a pie and ice cream social! A
few weeks before we ask for donations of pies (many older
folks love to bake 1 or 2, and others of us stop at Perkins
or Bakers Square) everyone brings their pies to church that
day and the Education Board recruits volunteers to cut them
and scoop ice cream. We've been doing it for years and
wouldn't do it any other way, the kids and congregation
love it!

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6) 5/6th Bible Curriculum

>>I am looking for a Bible Study curriculum geared towards 5 and 6th grade
>>students that know the Lord. Al Ortiz>>

Al we have begun to use Precepts by Kay Arthur. Our ladies' Bible Study is
using Kay's material for their weekly study and she has now produced some
children's materials. This does help the kids get into the Word much more
in-depth than regular curriculum.

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7) Getting to know you?

If anyone has any suggestions on ways for kids to "get to know each other"
in the first week or two of Sunday school, such as songs we can sing or
activities we can do, I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your help!

--from SSTN: in the Bible Games section of the site you'll find a great
selection of free ice breaker activities. YSIC, sarah --

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8) Ministry Training

I have ideas for training Sunday School workers, if you're in the Southern
California area...CMTA (Christian Ministry Training
Association---cmtaconvention.org) has a series of workshops designed for
Sunday School Teachers and for youth. It is not very expensive. This
year it's in Fullerton at the Evangelical Free Church on November 2 and 3.
They have good quality nondenominational workshops in a variety of areas
including nursery through teaching adults. I went last year and was very
impress, I plan on going again this year. Paula

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9) Childrens Church Answers On Need

I have been a long time subscriber and supporter of this ministry. I also
work as an Childrens church teacher / Outreach minister and Servant for
God.... BUTTTT....

I disagree strongly with anyone that would force a young child, ANY AGE,
to sit through a traditional church service, THATS WHY CHILDRENS CHURCH
WAS CREATED, I strongly feel the Lord knew that to minister to adults you
need adult church, to minister to kids you need, CHILDRENS CHURCH, come on
I see you smiling now, you know how hard it was for ourselves to be forced
to sit in a chair or be handed a pen and paper to color or draw, BE SEEN
BUT NOT HEARD... This old philosphy is dead and yes I was one of these
children who was forced to DREAD to listen to adult church not having a
clue what was being spoke of and also being spanked, slapped on the thigh,
pinched, and poked because I was fidgeting, THIS IS INSANE MOMS AND
DADS... I give a strong alternative and have sacrificed myself to having a
11am to 12:20pm sunday childrens church, a 6pm to 8:30pm evening childrens
church, and a wednesday night 7pm to 9:00pm childrens church so I can use
the knowledge of my youth, IM 29 years old, male, 3 kids of my
own,knowledge of CHRIST in there own jargon and meaning... I can relate to
many situations children face and can lead eachone and have led each one
to a stronger foundation in Christ...I am only one man though but I got a
very GOOD GOD behind me...Love you and God Bless,
James J. Contreras-La Presa Community Church

--from SSTN: Dear James, your passion for ministry is wonderful! I know
God is doing a good work through you. I'm thinking you are referring to my
comments in a previous newsletter regarding one sister's situation with
Children's church. If so, let me assure you that I NEVER intended to imply
that children's church isn't a wonderful and viable ministry. I was simply
trying to help her by offering other options.

As to your dreadful experience in growing up in 'adult church', I am very
sorry that happened to you. Please know that this isn't everyone's
experience. And that there are other ways to reach children with the
gospel they can relate to. I only wanted to make the point that Children's
church is not the ONLY way...but it is a wonderful ministry for those,
like you, that make it available. God bless you for your passion in
serving the One Living and Good God! ysic, sarah <><

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32 basic Christian symbol pattern sheets.
Make a variety of craft projects. (for ages 3-103)
Click on Chrismon-Kids from the home page,
or find free projects in the Christian Crafts section at:


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10) Ten Commandments Song/Cookbook?

I teach children ages 5-8 in sunday school. I am interested in finding a
cassette with music to the words of the ten commandments from the KJV to
help them learn it. I am also interested in finding a good cookbook with
recipes to go along with bible stories. Any help would be most
appreciated as I am not sure where to look or knowing the names will be
appreciated.Thank you,Carmen.

--from SSTN: in the Bookstore, Sermons & Devotionals section, you'll find
three books regarding food, cooking, and the Bible at:

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11) College/Church Connection

I have been a part of churches who sent care packages to the college
students. I also have 2 college daughters. They love to get the mail and
the goodies. If they open them at the mail box, they get lots of other
students eager to see what they have and eager to share the goodies. My
daughter was always willing to share hers with those around. Home baked
goodies are always the favorite because they can't get them at school. I
had one friend who got goodie packages as a college student recommend not
sending any soaps or perfumes because they can ruin the food items with
their odors. Also they usually already have plenty of large sized
shampoos, etc.. With the high cost of postage and the weight of the
soaps, choosing items that the students will most enjoy is important. One
church gave the students a questionaire before they left asking what their
favorite cookies, gum, etc were and tried to use some of those items in
the boxes. Ask about any food allergies. Nut and peanut allergies can be
a problem for some. Microwave popcorn and noodles are also an option.
We have sent boxes in the middle of the fall, finals week, and Valentine's
Day. Be sure if you do finals week you don't miss students that get out
earlier than others.

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12) Scriptures or books on bullying

Hi - if your looking for an excellent book on bullying to read to your
class (sunday school or school) or at home I recommend with thumbs up
the following book:

"The Bully"
written by John Koning & illustrated by Sarah White

P.S. I tested the book out on my ten year old son. He read it to me and
then we had a great discussion about why the bully acted the way he did
and how kindness and friendship can change another persons life - he
definitely got the message and I left him busily doing the fun
activities in the back of the book.
Luanne Payne, Sunday School Superintendent, Hampton United Church,
Hampton, Ontario, Canada

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