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SSTN - Number 228
September 21, 2001

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1) Church/College Connection
2) Getting to know you...info
3) Books about sex for children
4) Ten Commandments Song
5) Children's Church Answers On Need
6) Paint with Water Books
7) Pumpkin lesson
8) Pastor Appreciation?
9) Teens in Sunday School?
10) Website Resource
11) Used Curriculum?
12) Contemporary Christian Music

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1) Church/College Connection

Thank you all so much for responding to my problem with such wonderful and
loving suggestions. We can't wait to get started! I knew I was asking
the right people for help. God bless you all, and I'll let you know how
things go. Sandy

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2) Getting to know you...info

>>If anyone has any suggestions on ways for kids to "get to know each
other">>in the first week or two of Sunday school, such as songs we can
sing or <<<<

At the school where our child goes we used to do a thing during
orientation where everyone would get with the person next to them
preferably someone they don't know and they have to find out something
about them that know one else knows like where they grew up or if they
have 15 brothers and sisters, where they live, any information they can
get within 5 minutes then each person has to introduce their person to
everyone else and tell a short life story. We always have fun with it.
Maybe you can use it.

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3) Books about sex for children

In reponse to the person looking for books about sex for young children.
Concordia Lutheran Publishing has a series that starts for 3 yearolds up
through teens and one to help parents talk about these things. It covers
the physical changes but explains how it is a gift from God. Have used it
with all my kids - now ages 5-13.

--from SSTN: I've just added two more books on teaching sex with a
Christian perspective to the Christian Education section of the Bookstore
at: http://www.christiancrafters.com

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4) Ten Commandments Song

One Way Street has a CD with a song called "The perfect Ten" which is an
excellent way to learn the 10 commandments.

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5) Children's Church Answers On Need

No one is a bigger fan of Children's church than I am - BUT kids do need
to learn to sit in Big Church (and to sing and worship in big church).
They need to feel a they are part of their church. I too grew up in
church (we did not have children's church) -- we attended 2 Sunday
services and 2 services during the week. Yes, I got in trouble for
fidgeting and whispering, but I did learn RESPECT for the house of God
(which is sorely lacking in many children today). I loved every minute of
going to church (and still do).
I do not think children should be in children''s church during every
service. Families need to worship TOGETHER. My children (now 19 & 20)
have fond memories of attending prayer meetings when they were very small.
From the time they were babies my husband and I took them and held them
while we prayed. We seldom left them in the nursery, as we wanted them to
learn to be still in church (plus we knew we were going to Africa on a
missions assignment and they do not have nurseries! LOL
Teresa-LA MArque, TX

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6) Paint with Water Books

> I am looking for something for my Director of Children's Ministries. Our
> children LOVE paint-with-water books. They are cute Bible pictures with

Linda, You can find these books at a store called Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart
sometimes have them. I have also seen them in a catalog where you can get
dozen of them but, I can't think of the name of the catalog. If you are
interested in the catalog I will find out from a friend that gets it and
can get back with you. The catalog has all kinds of Christian things you
can get in dozens for a cheap price.
Hope this helps. Kim

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7) Pumpkin lesson

A lady, recently being baptized was asked by a coworker what it was like
to be a Christian.

She replied, 'It's like being a pumpkin: God picks you from the patch,
brings you in, and washes all the dirt off you may have gotten from the
other pumpkins. Then he cuts the top off and scoops out all the yucky

He removes the seeds of doubt, hate, greed, etc., then He carves you a new
smiling face and puts His light inside of you to shine for all the world
to see.

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Precepts for Children's Ministry

Kay Arthur's children's ministry books are now available in the Christian
Education section of the Bookstore at: http://christiancrafters.com
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8) Pastor Appreciation?

I have been looking for stickers or buttons that might have anything to do
with Pastor Appreciation Month. Such as I love my Pastor.
Do you have anything that might help me?
Thanks, Julie R. Davis

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9) Teens in Sunday School?

I'm wondering of a way to encourage our children to come to class on time,
especially as they stagger in at different times. Also a reward for the
students that participate and are actively involved with Sunday School,
i.e., points for being on time, correct answers on weekly quizes from
previous week, "bible fued," etc. I gave out gift certificates at the end
of every two months, the point leader would receive the honor. ANY IDEAS
?!?!?!?1? Thanx, Mr 9-12 teacher s

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10) Website Resource

Just wanted to share a website address with you and fellow subscribers
may be useful in your/their work for the Lord.

I just discovered it and haven't had time to examine it completely, but
there were a few fresh ideas in the Crafts section that I viewed.
God bless you! Lily

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150 Best Ever Ideas

The best of the best! Teacher-tested, winning ideas from Children's
Ministry Magazine. You'll find creative games, crafts, and ideas for
special seasons. Available now in the Christian Education section of the
Bookstore at: http://christiancrafters.com
Buy two or more books and shipping is FREE!

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11) Used Curriculum?

Dear Sarah, I just thankful for the Lord for finding this network that I
had been searching for a long atime. I am the Sunday School Superintendent
of the Evangelical Church of Christ,Ozamis City, Philippines. Being still
single at the age of 50, I am working for the Lord in full time ministry.
I am having a pioneering ministry for the children and women visiting the
disable and teaching the women some skill to help them for their daily
need also.

What I need is materials to be used because I have trained Sunday Sch.
teachers and problem we have is the materials. Do you have some free or
being used or no longer updated materials?
Incase, heres my name and address:
Sis' Violeta Bana-ag
Evangelical Church of Christ
Juan Luna St.' Ozamiz City 7200

God bless,

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12) Contemporary Christian Music

I use the Change My Heart Oh God tapes, along with, Alan Root
alanroot@yahoo.com ( he also has a web sight I think that it is
WWW.root.net but I am not sure also Matt Neely has some wonderful music,
my kids like both but of all prefer Alan Root he uses sign lang to his
music and has video tapes that I got and they love Promiseland also has a
great CD from Willowcreek, I have had great success with all of these and
because of them have a great turn out each week. I hope that this helps.
In Christ, Diana Myers, Childrens Coordinator, FUMC Texas

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