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SSTN - Number 229
September 27, 2001

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1) Help with 4 year olds!
2) Different ages?
3) Advent Calendar?
4) 12 months-3 years - Repetition the key
5) Boost attendance?
6) Bible Quest Leader Guide 6/8?
7) Model of the Tabernacle?
8) Let your light shine?
9) Ten Commandments Song
10) Books of the bible playing cards?
11) Fruits of the Spirit?
12) Donkey Puppet?

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1) Help with 4 year olds!

I will be teaching a music class for 4 year olds each Wednesday night for
45 minutes as part of our mid week children's program. I am not a music
major but love and enjoy music. Does anyone have any great material,
songs, skits that would work for this age group. I'm afraid they could
easily get out of control if I don't keep them busy.
B. Sperry

--from SSTN: I've just placed a wonderful new resource into the bookstore
entitled: Pray & Play Bible. It is filled with songs, projects and prayers
just for 2-5 yrs. Check it out at:

For music resources, check out:
ysic, sarah <><

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2) Different ages?

I am a brand new Sunday School Teacher this year. I am looking forward to
the challenge but today was an Open House for Sunday School and I realized
that I have ages 4-7 years. This is kind of a large span for this age and
just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for keeping everyone
involved. Also, this is the first time the 4 yo has ever been in a
classroom setting and I was wondering if there are any tricks of the trade
so to speak with helping him adjust to the school environment.
Thanks for all your help! Julie

--from SSTN: make sure you check the Archives List for previous ideas
regarding multi-aged children:

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3) Advent Calendar?

I know it is a little early for this but I am looking for an Advent
Calendar that counts down the days to the birth of Jesus. All the ones I
seem to find are trees and snowmen and santa clauses. Does anyone have any
suggestions for a Christ themed Advent calendar? I am thinking of using a
blue felt background with a church shape for the pockets. Any other ideas
welcomed. Laurie

--from SSTN: Laurie, check out the Holidays & Holy Days section of the
ysic, sarah <><

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4) 12 months-3 years - Repetition the key

>>We are a very small church and there are only 2 - 4 children
>>in this age group in the "nursery". My son is one of them. It is
>>always just a babysitting situation.

In response to what to do with this age group, we have a baby class at our
church for this age and we usually start the class with short prayer, read
from The Toddlers Bible which is really good for this age group because it
is simple, short, and has age appealing lessons. Then we a few short
songs. We try to use songs that require hand or body movement, but are
also related to the lesson. Then we do a short activity or craft related
to the lesson. Finally we end in prayer and have a snack.

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5) Boost attendance?

We began offering classes for all ages at my church at the end of August.
This is our first attempt at offering a specific class time outside of
service. Class is at 9:00 a.m. and service is at 10:00 a.m. Our problem
is that the younger classes start at 9 but run through the first half of
the service (until approx. 10:30). The majority of the kids are only
coming with their parents to church, so they miss the 1st half of class.
Does anyone have ideas on how to boost attendance for class? Right now
teachers are feeling more like babysitters.

--from SSTN: Is your church leadership wanting these classes? If so, why
aren't the times being coordinated so that classes are over in time to go
to the 10 AM service? It is also necessary to 'market' your new classes to
the parents and let them know what their kids will be learning and why it
is important for them to learn it. -- sarah <><

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6) Bible Quest Leader Guide 6/8?

Hi- In all the rush of getting ready for our "Sunday One" back to church
worship, I misplaced the Bible Quest Leader Guide for grades 6/8. they
are back ordered and I don't know when I'll get another one. I'm so
embarrassed that I can't find it. It's our first year w/ this curriculum.
anyways, I wondered if any UCC people got an extra copy that I could buy?
Karen Moulton- RKMOLE@aol.com
Dir. of Christian Education
2nd Congregational Church
N. Bev, MA

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7) Model of the Tabernacle?

Hi! I got your email address from the Sunday School Teachers Network. I'm
looking for a model of the Tabernacle that I can build with my children.
you have any suggestions?
Thanks! Shelley

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Make a variety of craft projects using 32 basic Christian
symbol pattern sheets.

Click on Chrismon-Kids from the home page,
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8) Let your light shine?

We serve in a the Children's Ministry of a Catholic Community in the
Philippines and are currently working on our curriculum for 2002. Our
kids range from 4 - 12 years old. Would anyone out there have any ideas
for activities on the theme: "Let your light shine before men, so that
they can see your good works" (Matthew 5:16)?
We will welcome any suggestions. God bless, Aly

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9) Ten Commandments Song

>>Can you tell me something about the tune? Is it a common one
>>from another song? Any idea how I'd find it?

I have a book called "Piggyback Songs" and it gives a familiar tune to
sing each song. I checked the book for the Ten Commandments and it does
not list them all but this is how it goes: Sung to the tune of Ten Little

One little, two little, three commandments, four little, five little, six
commandments, seven little, eight little, nine commandments, Ten
Commandments from God. There is one God and no other, Honor thy father
and thy mother, see if you can name the others, Ten Commandments from God.

If you work at it you could probably add the other commandments.
Another version of the Ten Commandments that I have sung was in a VBS I
did this summer and the kids really got into it with hand motions and all.
It came from the VBS material for "Truth Trackers" and is an excellent
song for kids of any age. Hope this helps.

--from SSTN: type in 'Piggyback Songs' in the search box of the bookstore
and a whole list of these type books will come up. ;o)) - sarah


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10) Books of the bible playing cards?

I'm looking for playing cards that feature books of the bible on each card
instead of the traditional ace of spades, two of hearts, etc...
They would be blank on one side (or have a design like a typical deck of
cards) and on the other side would have the name of a book of the bible.
They would not have diamonds, hearts, spades, etc...
These cards can be used by kids in a number of games to help them learn
the names of the books of the bible. I tried to make a set by laminating
cards but they didn't turn out very well. Thanks, Stephanie Webb

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11) Fruits of the Spirit?

We are doing a series of lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit. I am
looking for lessons for ages 3 - 5 years old. I usually prepare all my
own my lesson because I cannot find anything already prepared for this
age group. Nancy-Orlando, FL

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12) Donkey Puppet?

For Christmas we are doing a Nativity Play where Mary and her Talking
Donkey are the main characters. We have a Mary puppet and are trying to
work out how to create the talking donkey as most of the puppets are just
half size. Is there anyone out there who can suggest any ideas or have
patterns for this donkey. We are running out of time ....
Regards, Dawn Lee

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