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SSTN - Number 232
October 9, 2001

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1) Curriculum for JR/SR high
2) UNITY-Freedom Pin
3) Model of the Tabernacle
4) Ten Commandments song
5) Fruit of the Spirit
6) Let your light shine
7) Books of the Bible playing cards
8) Fruit of the Spirit
9) Boost Attendance
10) Advent Calendar
11) Donkey Puppet
12) Fruit of the Spirit

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1) Curriculum for JR/SR high

>>What are other people using for curriculum for JR/SR high?

Another very good Jr Hi/Sr Hi series by the same author is DON'T CHECK

--from SSTN: I was able to find both resources and now have them available
in the Christian Education section of the Bookstore:

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2) UNITY-Freedom Pin

Hi Sarah and all at ChristianCrafters.com: As a Canadian I am grieved by
the tragedy the USA has suffered. I found the Freedom Pin on your site
while looking for something to do to show my sympathy and my support for
my American neighbours in prayer. I was making the pin when I decided to try
and make one 1/2 of my pin like the Canadian Flag. The result of my
experiment is below and I wear my pin everyday and have been able to share
my prayer support with others who comment on it.

Thank-you for providing the inspiration and God bless you!
Kellie-in Ontario

--from SSTN: you can find Kellie's GREAT idea at:

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3) Model of the Tabernacle

I have purchased before a book with a punch-out tabernacle in it to fold
and make. It was from Standard Publishing Co. C1977. I don't have
anymore info about it and don't know if it is still in print. It may be
called "Build a Tabernacle".

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4) Ten Commandments song

We sing "The Perfect 10" which I am sure is available on a cassette or cd.
Our kids enjoy this upbeat song and it really helps them remember God's
word. Thanks!
Vivian Douglas, Northview Baptist Church, Jacksonville, FL

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5) Fruit of the Spirit

>>We are doing a series of lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit. I am
>>looking for lessons for ages 3 - 5 years old. I usually prepare all my
>>own my lesson because I cannot find anything already prepared for this
>>age group. Nancy-Orlando, FL

Check out the following web site. It has a neat site about Fruit's of the
Spirit. I have used it in my 3 and 4 year old class and they are
learning. We made Fruit of the Spirit placemats covered with contact
paper. A poster with different fruit symbols on them then talked about
which fruit should represent the fruit of the spirit. We decided that an
apple was love because it was red and sort of heart shaped. lemons
represent gentleness for if you squeeze a lemon to hard it will squirt you
in the eye. Grapes are kindness for you can share them. The kids had a
lot of fun coming up with ideas. We also put the names of the fruits of
the spirit on the wall and go over them each week. This age group are
like sponges and soak up so much. Sharon -Augusta, Ga.


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6) Let your light shine

> Our kids range from 4 - 12 years old.
> Would anyone out there have any
> ideas for activities on the theme:
> "Let your light shine before men, so
> they can see your good works" (Matthew 5:16)?

Try the "salt and light of the earth" baby food jar candle at:
Have fun!
Dana in Michigan

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7) Books of the Bible playing cards

> I'm looking for playing cards that feature books of the bible on
> instead of the traditional ace of spades, two of hearts, etc...
> They would be blank on one side (or have a design like a typical
> deck of cards) and on the other
> side would have the name of a book of the bible.

The closest thing to this I've found is something I picked up in a local
dollar store. I have two packs of cards, one for the old testament and
one for the new testament. as: New Testament Bible Memory Game and Old Testament Bible Memory Game. I'm sure you could use the cards to play any number of games. One
side of each card names a book of the Bible, what number its order falls
into, and a few key facts about that book. The other side has a picture
of something from that book. They come with a card of game suggestions.

Good luck!
Dana from Michigan

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8) Fruit of the Spirit

>>We are doing a series of lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit. I am
>>looking for lessons for ages 3 - 5 years old.

I recently did a lesson of the Fruits of the Spirit in my Super Church.
Ages 3-10. I purchased tiny wicker baskets at a Dollar Tree. They came
6-8 in a package for $1.00, and several large packages of Runts. (Fruit
shaped candy). We used some Excelsior in the bottom of the tiny baskets
and glued the fruit to the Excelsior. We made Fruit Baskets and discussed
the Fruits of the Spirit as we created. Love being the most important
fruit. Hopes this helps you .
Dodie-Bluff City UPC
Poplar Bluff, MO

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9) Boost Attendance

Maybe breaking your younger classes into two parts will help with your
time crunch and attendance numbers. Most of our children come with their
parents for the Sermon, and we've been having better coordination with the
Sermon/Church and Adult Sunday School hours this way:

1) During Church, the younger children leave for Sunday School after
sharing the first 10 minutes with their parents. (For greetings, prayer,
a song, collection and a simple message the children.) Calling the
children up to the steps and front pews seems like a good transition point
for sitting in class. They still are involved with the church as a whole,
but then their lesson can be taught at their level of comprehension.

2) During Adult Sunday School hour, the children have Crafts and Snack.
Your time slots are reversed, but it could work. Our attendance for this
"off time" has improved, because kids who are excited about making
something are more capable of talking their parents into letting them

We adults have been learning how to coordinate, so our souls still get fed
during the week of classes. Craft teacher (during Adult Sunday School)
gets to feed her soul in Wednesday Bible Study. Wednesday teacher goes to
Church. Sunday School teachers (during Church) go to Adult Sunday School.

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10) Advent Calendar

How about using symbols like these for the pockets: Donkey (for long
journey), angel (spoke to shepherds), sheep, treasure boxes (gifts being
carried by wise men), wise men (searching for miracle), star (it was the
sign of something special), manger (for the expected Christ child to sleep
in), closed doors (search for room), and farm animals (manger room-mates).

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11) Donkey Puppet

How about a sock puppet?
Supplies: Gray sock, black felt, gray felt, pink felt, black button or
wiggly eyes.

HEAD: Use a gray sock, tuck in the front, and glue a pink felt tongue
EARS: Cut two gray ear shapes for outside, and two pink ear shapes for
inside. Glue together. Lay over baseball bat or something to shape the
ear lengthwise because it will be stiff when glue dries.
MANE: Cut black felt into a rectangle 2 inches wide and 6 inches long.
Fold in half and glue only long edges together pointing in the same
direction to make a water-drop shaped tube. When dry, cut half way
through, starting with glued side to make hair. Cut to the length you
need. Now it will bend so you can glue rounded side to curve of sock head
and neck.
GLUE on eyes, and ears.

I hope this helps! Vicki

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12) Fruit of the Spirit

>>We are doing a series of lesson on the Fruits of the Spirit. I am
>>looking for lessons for ages 3 - 5 years old.

This may be too old for your age group, but it worked wonderfully with my
second graders. After the children memorized the fruit of the Spirit and
we talked about what each one meant, we played a game over the course of
several weeks. I brought in an empty jar and a bag of candy fruit
(Runts). The children would nominate each other (not themselves) when
they saw someone in the class exhibiting a fruit of the Spirit. Then the
child who got nominated would get to put a fruit from the bag into the
jar. When all the fruit had been transferred to the jar, we had a party.
I made a pinata shaped like a cluster of grapes for them to break, we
watched a video about showing love, and had "fruity" snacks and drinks.
The kids loved it, and it helped them learn to recognize and apply the
fruit of the Spirit to their lives.

Jill Jeter, Nashville, TN

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