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SSTN - Number 233
October 12, 2001

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1) Ways to encourage?
2) Donkey Puppet
3) Kids Can't Read, I'm mad, But Doing something about it !!!!
4) Model of the Tabernacle
5) Activities/crafts for very young?
7) Jesus is the Shepherd/Gate
8) Jesus is the Shepherd/Gate
9) Fall Festival?
10) Let your light shine
11) Pledge/Stories for puppets
12) Books of the Bible playing cards

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1) Ways to encourage?

Please send me any information on ways to encourage fourth
and fifth graders to memorize scriptures besides candy. They have been
programmed to receive candy treats for every memory verse and this seems
to be the only motivation they have. I teach them on Wednesday night for
50 minutes and most of them don't respond well to a structured class, so I
am doing a faith journal, memory verse, and games encouraging them to find
Scriptures in the Bible.
Betty Crane

--from SSTN: this year during our Wed. night Kingdom Kids program (K-4th)
and in our Club 56 program (5-6th grade), we are using punch cards. The
cards have a dot to punch for whenever a child has a verse memorized, or
for bringing a friend, or a nonperishable food item for the homeless. It
is amazing how these punch cards have motivated them to 'do the work'!
When the card is fully punched, they will be rewarded...not necessarily
with candy.

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2) Donkey Puppet

>For Christmas we are doing a Nativity Play where Mary and her Talking
>Donkey are the main characters. We have a Mary puppet and are trying to

I'm interested in your play. First of all, what size puppet are you
thinking of. Could you use a stuffed toy and 'unstuff' it to turn it into
a donkey puppet. Secondly, we are looking for a play which features the
donkey. Would you be willing to share your script with us. I know the how
you feel about running out of time, there never is enough!! Wait to hear
from you, Wendy.

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Instant Puppet Skits

'Just Add Puppets' for Children's Ministry. Sound effects
and music are prerecorded. Put on a great
performance with minimal training and practice! Go to:


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3) Kids Can't Read, I'm mad, But Doing something about it !!!!

Hello Sunday School Network,
I am James , a Childrens Church Pastor as of Sunday...

Question #1 Its an inside joke but the Pastors wife referred to me as a
Pastor so I took the title instead of Childrens Church Teacher, I like
Pastor Better. DO YOU FEEL THIS IS O.K.?

Question #2
Anyways I handed out 17 Bibles to 17 of my kids, all between 7 to 11 years
old and between 3rd to 5th grade and asked them all to turn to Genesis
Chapter 1 and start reading from verse 1 ....
Only 3 Children could find it, and only 1 of those three could even sound
out any of the first few words.... This upset me so much in my heart as I
am a Visual teacher and have never given a second thought to having the
kids read, so I have now started a Monday 3:30pm to 6:00pm after school
homework help time to start then as the group grows I'll grow to 2 times
then 3 times a week, PRAY FOR OUR TEACHERS AND SCHOOLS...

--from SSTN: Thank you, James, for having such a passionate heart for
these kids! We ALL have a lot of work to do before Jesus returns! --
Pastor? Teacher? "...God gave some to be Pastors, and some to be
Teachers..." (Ephesians 4:11) The actual definition of Pastor is: A
Christian clergy member in charge of a church or organization. In that
sense, the director of our Christian education department (organization)
could be considered a "Pastor".

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4) Model of the Tabernacle

Here is a very good website that gives a model in pictures of the
Tabernacle and explains the various elements and how they relate to Jesus
Christ. www.domini.org/tabern/tabhome.htm . I used this site as an
example when I constructed a model of the Tabernacle, making the
furnishings out of cardboard, small craft sticks, thin dowels, and baked
fimo clay and then spray-painting them either gold or bronze.
Lori Plummer, Michigan

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5) Activities/crafts for very young?

I am in desperate need of activities/crafts to do with a (very young)
group of three year olds. This is my third year working with this age group in
Sunday School, and it is the most challenging. These youngsters do not
understand the concept of glue (even glue sticks). In the past we have
had some very exciting activities but with this group none of these work.
Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
Kathy Martin

--from SSTN: Check out the 'Pray & Play Bible'...it's GREAT!

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Hi Liezl!!! I am also in South Africa!!! We did Survivor as our holiday
club theme and we also did a kids camp this weekend with that theme. Are
you looking for game type activities or lesson type activities? I'm sure
I'd be able to help you out a little! My e-mail is
tracybent@freemail.absa.co.za if
you want to write directly! Take care Tracy! (Durban, SA)

--from SSTN: please copy to SSTN and share your ideas with
the rest of the network.

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NEW Christmas Pageant

'Operation Baby King with CD-Rom, with no lines to be memorized
and a simple set to be assembled. For more info, go to:

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7) Jesus is the Shepherd/Gate

To understand this passage, one must see the CONTEXT of how sheep are
traditionally cared for in the Holy Land. A sheepfold was made of a
circle of rocks or of sharp brambles, in which there was ONE opening for
the sheep to enter and exit. At night, when the sheep went into the fold,
the shepherd lay down in the doorway to prevent sheep from escaping and
predators from entering. Thus a shepherd was also a door for the sheep.
A good look at this topic is found in the book, "A Shepherd looks at the
23rd Psalm."

--from SSTN: Thank you, Luanne for that reminder! That is a beautiful
picture. I've read that book and it is very inspiring! If anyone else is
interested, the book may be found by typing the title into the search box
in the Bookstore:

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8) Jesus is the Shepherd/Gate

I believe the "gate" reference refers to the biblical practice
of the shepherd actually lying across the opening to the pen
to keep the sheep in and predators out. In this sense, he was
physically, the gate, protector and defender.
Lisa Y

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9) Fall Festival?

I would like information on things that I can do for a small Church that
is wanting to have a Fall Festival. I have already decided to do a Cake
Walk, Fishing Booth, and Ring Toss. Does any one have any really good
ideas? How would you decorate or what type of theme would you use?

--from SSTN: make sure you check the Archives...it's a gold mine of ideas!

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10) Let your light shine

To the Let your light shine children's ministry in the Phillipines....
I did this craft w/verse with a young (4-7 yr olds) group last Sunday. I
gave each child a black piece of construction paper & a pattern of the
sunrising over the mountains. The pattern was a simple (coloring book
type) outline drawing. Instead of lines the pattern was made with little
dots. I gave each child a couple of paperclips (or tape) to attatch the
pattern on top of the black paper. Each child also got a pin and we poked
thru all the hole make up the outline of the picture. When they are
finished remove the pattern & hold the black paper up to the LIGHT & see
IT SHINE THRU !!! (hope you could fallow that)
Hints : I taped over their fingers (to keep them from getting sore) like a
thimble. AND you can feel where you've poked already if you loose your
place or don't finish. We also used white chalk to write below our
If you want the picture I used let me know.
Dyan @ kbuck@3wave.com

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11) Pledge/Stories for puppets

This is the one we use in school every day.
I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag and to the savior for which it
stands. One Savior crucified, risen, and coming again with life and
liberty for all who believe.

Here is an address for puppet scripts on CD.
Russthings.com (3739 Camden Rd.Fayetteville, NC 28306. (Very reasonable)
<< Check out www.puppetproductions.com or www.onewaystreet.com.
Do a web search on Puppet scripts. There are some freebies out there.
Word of Caution - unless you have a lot of props and movement int he
puppet stage stories get boring quick (especially for small kids). Use
puppet songs that talk about Bible stories (again you need lots of
movement and action).
Puppetmaker >>

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12) Books of the Bible playing cards

>>I'm looking for playing cards that feature books of the bible on
>>instead of the traditional ace of spades, two of hearts, etc...

I have a couple of different Books of the Bible card games that I bought
at a local Christian bookstore:
Bible Book Game by Higher Learning Games, Inc.
Bible Bonanza! by Autumn House
Each have instructions for playing several variations of games similar to
card games many people already know how to play. Hope this helps!
In Christ,
Marty Davis

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