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SSTN - Number 234
October 16, 2001

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1) Christmas Float?
2) Great Music Resource
3) Christian youth song
4) Pledge to the Christian Flag
5) Jesus is the Shepherd/Gate
6) Walk thru Bethlehem village
7) Survivor Challenges
8) Budget Amounts For Children's Ministry?
9) Fun Ideas for 5-6 year olds?
10) Pledge to the Christian Flag
11) Songs for young children?
12) Christian youth song

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1) Christmas Float?

Ok Friends, You helped me with VBS this summer and I need your ideas
again. My church is having a float in the Christmas parade this year and
we are having a little trouble coming up with some ideas for the theme. So
this is where you come in!!! HELP!!!
Thank you.
Your sister in Christ,

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2) Great Music Resource

The BEST songbook I've found for matching Scripture memory with FUN and
movement is "Scripture Songs for Children's Ministry" by Tony Salerno. It
has a CD that goes with it, making your life SO much easier. There are
piano and guitar parts for the 24 new songs. It seemed a bit expensive
when I first purchased it, but the kids LOVE it, and I've been using it
for 2 years now.

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3) Christian youth song

>>I am looking for a particular Christian youth song. The song sings of
>>"climbing up the ladder", "I'm going home" "Angels are holding up the

Yes I have the words to the song you are looking for. My e-mail address is
Rierie12345@aol.com. Send me your address and I will be glad to send the
to you.

--from SSTN: Sue, another subscriber, also has it available: Here's her
address: DAWGHOWSE4@aol.com

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4) Pledge to the Christian Flag

I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to a Savior who's kingdom it
stands One Savior cruxified ,risen and coming again for all who believe.

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5) Jesus is the Shepherd/Gate

>>Hi, Recently, I was teaching from John 10:1-18 about Jesus being the
>>Good Shepherd. However, in the same passage, Jesus also referred to
>>Himself as the gate.

We just studied this in a bible study last week! The way our pastor
described Jesue being the gate was this: In those times, there were no
physical gates on the pens where the sheep were kept during the night,
so the shepherd would actually sleep in the opening and act as the gate.
In this way, the sheep were protected, nothing could go in or out
without him knowing about it. This shows us that Jesus is our protector
and that he is the only way of access to the Father, He is the gate for
his sheep. Hope this helps. Emily from Indiana

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6) Walk thru Bethlehem village

Has anyone ever done a walk thru Bethlehem village at Christmas
time? I am wanting to do one for this year and would appreciate any ideas
you may have. Start with a village, ending at the nativity. Thank you."

In our church in the rural town of Frankfort, MI, has done a Walk Through
Bethlehem in early December for the past 15 years. It runs two nights,
Friday and Saturday, from 7-8:30 pm. It's done inside in our sanctuary
and in a Sunday School room, is free and open to the public.

A group of about 20 visitors at a time follow a shepherd on a 15 minute
walk through to view 7 skits or vignettes while looking for baby Jesus.
He stops at each scene and allows our church actors to talk about the
baby, discuss prophecies, etc. The skits consist of: 1. Shepherds are in
the field when angels appear announcing the baby's birth, they sing Joy to
the World; 2. A table set up and Roman soldiers ask people to sign the
census, a beggar begs for alms; 3. A merchant's table where the shepherd
stops and asks for info about a special baby born that night; 4. Shepherd
and audience stop at the inn and talk to the innkeeper about the baby; 5.
Three women at a well discuss prophecies about the baby that they've heard
their husbands talk about; 6. The shepherd asks two women sorting grain if
they know anything about the baby and a young child in the scene directs
the shepherd and audience to the stable (Sunday School room); 7. The last
stop is in the Sunday School room where a wooden manger is set up with
Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus. The shepherd kneels and quotes the
scripture, "The Word became flesh and dwelt among us..." We have always
been able to find a real baby each year, and one or both parents usually
play Mary and Joseph.

The audience is allowed to view the baby and the manger scene as long as
they wish then, as they leave, they're given a candy cane with the "Legend
of the Candy Cane" attached.

We completely clear out the sanctuary and set up scenery we've painted and
built, and we hand out scripts usually in early November to all who want
to be involved. We also borrow a couple of live sheep from a nearby
farmer and they are tied up in the first shepherd scene. I'd be happy to
share a copy of our script and we also have a video, if you're interested.

We usually have around 250 people come through our Walk which is a good
percentage based on our area and the weather we usually have that time of

Hope this helps.
Cathy Bodell, Frankfort, MI

Get the script in the Skits section at: http://www.christiancrafters.com 

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Christmas Pageant

'Operation Baby King with CD-Rom, is unlike any other-"instant" because
there are no lines to be memorized-so, no hassles, no headaches...and only
a simple set to be assembled. For more info, go to:

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7) Survivor Challenges

I know that your 10-13 y/o are probably expecting some really cool
survival challenges somewhat like they see on T.V.. But what really comes
to my mind when a request for a quarter filled with "survival challenges"
are things related to the pre-teens and teens surviving as young
christians. All kind of scripture comes to mind, maybe talk about Paul and
his survival techniques, or Jesus and how he survived depited temptations,
Pharisees, Saducees, and other skeptics. I think it would probably excite
them just as much. Good luck.

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8) Budget Amounts For Children's Ministry?

I've only just started in a position responsible for Sunday School (which
we call Kids' Church). The age of the children ranges from 3-12 and
potentially numbers 10 -15. My parish's draft budget for next year
doesn't include anything for Kids' Church. I'm looking for amounts budgeted by
other parishes to support my submission . I'd be grateful if you could
provide details of numbers of children and any specific program that is
being run (i.e. Godly Play) (I'll only be passing on amounts not details
of which parish etc)
Thanking you in anticipation
Kookaburra akateena@hotmail.com
PS The Kookaburra is known as the Good News bird!

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Instant Puppet Skits

'Just Add Puppets' for Children's Ministry. Sound effects
and music are prerecorded. Put on a great
performance with minimal training and practice! Go to:


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9) Fun Ideas for 5-6 year olds?

Hi, I'm looking for fun games and crafts for my
kindergarden/first grade Sunday School class (5-6 year
olds). Our children have lots of energy and it's
difficult for them to sit still for long periods of
times. We usually do a story time, game, and craft
each week. Can anyone recommend any good ideas or
books I can read? The Christian Crafters website has
some great ideas, but I need more! Thanks in advance
for your ideas.

--from SSTN: make sure you check out the Bookstore in the site. If anyone
else has suggestions of other books I should carry...please let me know
and I'll make every effort to provide it. Your webservant, Sarah Keith.

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10) Pledge to the Christian Flag

I have taught at different Christian schools over the years. The
Christian Flag salute I'm familiar with goes:
"I pledge allegiance to the flag
nd to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands.
One Savior
Crucified, risen, and coming again
With life and liberty
For all who believe."

Kathleen McCray
Northridge, CA

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11) Songs for young children?

I am looking for some simple songs for a class of 4 year olds

I am leader of a church group for children, ages 5-11/ I have found
several songs on Psaltys tapes, You will most likely find them at a Book
And Bible Store. Two of my Favorites are, "Don't Be a Chicken, Be Bold",
and " Jump Up". They are high energy, action songs with easy to learn
words. My own 4 year old, as well as my group, really love these
songs.Good luck with your search.

I am looking for a song called Hip, Hip, Hooray. I have the words, but I
am looking for it on a tape, or cd so I can get the music.

--from SSTN: The first songs mentioned are from,
Psalty's: 'Pow! Pow! Power to Live God's Way'
and is now in the Music section of the Bookstore:

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12) Christian youth song

>I am looking for a song ..sings of "climbing up the ladder", "I'm going

The name of the song is "They're Holding Up the Ladder". It is a Southern
Gospel hit from the 80's by the Easter Brothers. I have it in a songbook
called "Southern Gospel and Proud of it". A tape called "Easter Brothers Greatest
Hits" has the song and can be ordered by your local christian book/music

This is the chorus: They're holding up the ladder that I'm climbing on,
I'm climbing up the ladder, and I'm going home; At the top of the ladder,
oh, what joy there will be, and the angels are holding up this ladder for
me. There are 3 verses to the song. deborah_turnipseed@shawinc.com

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