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SSTN - Number 235
October 19, 2001

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1) Walk thru Bethlehem village
2) Pledge to the Christian Flag, Bible Pledge
3) Noah and the Ark?
4) Special Needs Children
5) Abraham thru Revelation curriculum?
6) Christmas Parade ideas
7) Christian flag pledge
8) Pastor appreciation ideas
9) Children ministry course?
10) Spiritual disciplines?
11) What makes us grow
12) Christmas curriculum

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1) Walk thru Bethlehem village

>>Has anyone ever done a walk thru Bethlehem village at Christmas time?
>>Start with a village, ending at the nativity. Thank you.

Our church did a wonderful drive thru Bethlehem a few years ago. Before
hand several of the men and teenagers set up bales of hay (donated by a
member of our church who happens to own a farm) just about far enough
away from each other for a line of cars to go through. Several signs had
been painted, such as for the Inn and a few others. On each side, behind
the lined up bales of hay, were different things - peddlers, the Inn,
several real farm animals, shepherds, angels, the Innkeeper, even a
couple of "jezebels". There was a larger section set up as the stable
with Mary and Joseph and Jesus( fake because it was much too cold for a
real baby). As people pulled in there was a tax collector to greet you
asking for your taxes and taking a census. All the other "characters"
acted as there parts expected, no lines to memorize, except everyone
talked about the savior that was born. Also our Joseph was like a proud
father, showing off his son, which was very entertaining for the
viewers. Everyone that participated brought their robes and we used
towels and pieces of cloth, with ties and headbands for costumes. We
have many cold winters here, so as I said the weather was quite cold, so
we made sure to have plenty of coffee and hot chocolate for the actors
(kept from view by the people driving through). Hope that helps. If
you have any questions you can email me at tferchaw@neo.rr.com.
Alma in Ohio

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2) Pledge to the Christian Flag, Bible Pledge

In the Christian pre-school I worked at, they did the Pledge to the
American Flag then the pledge to the Christian Flag -- it went. "I
pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior for whose
kingdom it stands. One Savior, crucified, risen, and coming again with
life and liberty for all who believe."

Then, they would do "I pledge allegiance to the Bible, God's holy word.
I will make it a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. I will
meditate on it daily so I may not sin against God."

They would finish with the song (put hands open like a book) "The
B-i-b-l-e, yes that's the book for me I stand (stomp the foot) alone on
the word of God, the B-i-b-l-e. " (raise one hand in a cheer and shout)

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3) Noah and the Ark?

My 4 year olds are learning about Noah and the Ark, do you have any
interesting ideas to motivate them, this Sunday we will be making
individual Ark's. Thanks Peg K.

--from SSTN: if you can share how you're making the ark...we'd love to
know. ;o))

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4) Special Needs Children

I have an 8 year-old son who has high-functioning autism and has been
attending Sunday School since he was three. This is what has worked for
him. Either my husband or myself attends with him so that we can see that
he attends to the class and this is not the teacher's job. I explain my
son to the teacher. I actually have a sheet I've typed out of all the
"issues" he has that I hand out to camp counselors, etc. People are more
patient when they understand where a child's behavior is coming from.
When my son was three, I had his special education teacher (who was so
sweet) come to Sunday School and give us pointers as to what would help
him. This was enormously helpful. We had been letting him "opt out" of
activities and she said absolutely not. This, of course, will vary from
child to child. On a final note, autistic children have a real difficulty
speaking. Putting what they are thinking into words is a challenge. You
should hear my son say a blessing -- no hesitation at all. It's the one
place in life -- talking to God -- where he has no problem finding words.
Special needs kids really need a church community that accepts them and
loves them. They will need to know as they become adults that this a
place where they will accepted just as they are.
New York, NY

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5) Abraham thru Revelation curriculum?

I am looking for a curriculum for Elementary through High School that
takes the one story of the Bible from Abraham thru Revelation in a
consecutive order? Does anyone know of a publisher of materials
written that way. I would welcome a reply.
e-mail carweh11@cox-internet.com
Carol Wehmeyer

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6) Christmas Parade ideas

Hi , I am in charge of our churches youth group and we participate in our
small town Christmas parade every year and we are having trouble coming up
with a theme this year. We have about 18 kids, ranging from 5 - 18 years
old. Any refreshing ideas would be greatly appreciated!
God bless

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Christmas Pageant Idea

'Operation Baby King' with CD-Rom, is unlike any other-"instant" because
there are no lines to be memorized, only a simple set to be assembled.
For more info, go to:


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7) Christian flag pledge

I pledge allegiance to the Christian Flag and to the Savior whose kingdom
it stands, one Savior crucified, risen and coming again with life and
liberty to all who believe.
Prayerfully and Joyfully serving the wonderful Savior..
Pat Beadle from Jewett, Ohio

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Fundraiser Idea

Raise money for your church, youth group, school, or home party!
Read more about it on this page:


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8) Pastor appreciation ideas

A year or two ago we went to some anniversary services. They did some
really nice stuff for their pastor. They had a limo pick them up and when
they came in, they had some people singing "thank you" by Ray Boltz and
then they walked down the center aisle
under a arch of roses, formed by two rows of young people holding roses.
Then they had a slide show of their ministry, pictures when they first
came, wedding, baby dedications, etc. They had it divided into three
parts, one with both together, one with just the pastor's wife and another
with just pics of the pastor. It was really nice. They had songs playing
softly throughout, such as "We just need a few good men" by Phillips Craig
and Dean, I think. Then they had this basket and vase on the pulpit, where
the young people who had made the arch of roses put their roses. Then they
had some kids sing the song "Future Generations" by 4Him, and said that it
was a promise to their pastor to stand for future generations. They all
had roses, and placed them in the vase. Then kids all over the auditorium
got up and put more roses in them, until it was just overflowing. Those
were for the pastor's wife. They had several people get up and
talk about what they had meant to them and then they gave the pastor's
wife a painting and the pastor a very nice bbq and stuff to go with it.
Then they gave them a travel voucher to wherever they wanted. It was
really nice. Now I don't know how big your church is, or how long you
pastor has been there so this may not work. That church had about 500
people and the pastor had been there like26 years. Maybe this will give
you some ideas.
1st UPC-Trinidad, CO

--from SSTN: the Ray Boltz "Thank You" song is in the Music section of the

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9) Children ministry course?

hi, I'm searching for any university/seminary/college that
are offering full time course specializing in children
ministry. Know any organization offering this course??

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10) Spiritual disciplines?

I am looking for a series of lessons I can use for teaching Children ages
7 to 10 spiritual disciplines like , Bible reading, Prayer,
Worship, Evangelism, Serving, Stewardship, Fasting, Journaling, and others.
I just wanted something that was maybe all pulled together like a series.
Any advice?
Thank you, Shannon

--from SSTN: if anyone has a suggestion...I'd be happy to place it in the
Thanks, Sarah <><

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11) What makes us grow lesson

This fall we found a pear tree in our back yard. It was there last year
and the year before, but this was the first year it bore fruit.

We picked the perfect little pears; they were about 1 1/2" high. I took
them, along with a big pear to church and had a Children's Feature.

We talked about how their bodies are little (like the small pear) but that
they will grow into adults (like the big pear). I asked them what would
make them grow and allowed for answers. Then I spoke with them about how
our spirits also need to grow. Even some adults have small spirits (like
the small pears), but that God wants us to feed and exercise our spirits
so that they grow until they are big (like the fully developed pear).

We talked about how we can cause our spirits to grow... things like
reading the Bible and then doing what it says. This is a very simple
illustration and you could use crab apples and big apples or small and big
bananas, etc.

It is interesting enough for grown-ups too.
Charlene Hanson

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12) Christmas curriculum

If you go to the kidology website they have a special section with lots of
christmas ideas - games, object lessons etc. The site is
I found lots of ideas.

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