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SSTN - Number 238
October 26, 2001

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1) Fall Festival
2) Playing cards as teaching tool?
3) Kids can't read
4) Welcome - Witness baskets
5) Activities/crafts for very young
6) Zacchaeus Lesson?
7) Special Needs Children
8) Donkey Puppet
9) Patriotic Christmas
10) Christmas Float
11) Bible software
12) Bethlehem Walk Script

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1) Fall Festival

This is in reply to the request for fall festival games, We just did
ours oct 6 th and I found this web site it is an archive from the games
message board at childrensministry.net you can search this board and find
some really neat ideals for games
hope this helps Rita


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2) Playing cards as teaching tool?

This query prompted a vague recollection of the use of a traditional set
of playing cards as a teaching tool with a Christian meaning given to each
of the 52 cards. Does anyone have a copy or know where I might obtain one?

In Christ

--from SSTN: check the Archives List....I think it was posted last year.

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3) Kids can't read

I understand your frustration but sometimes it is neither the kids or
schools fault. I am the parent of a 3rd grade child with learning
disabilities. She reads at at mid 1st grade level. She would have no
idea where Genesis is. You will find that less than half of all children
are visual learners! Even those that can read may not remember what they
read. Several suggestions for you that have worked for us (I am a
Children's ministry director) Use a very kid friendly version of the
Bible - we use the Adventure Bible for our elementary students. Tell the
kids the story - is your point that they read, or that they know the story
and that it comes from the Bible? Use a good video - there are many on
the market that are excellent and accurately tell the Bible stories. Kids
use their eyes, ears touch, taste and activity (movement) in learning.
The better job we can do to use all of these senses, the more successful
we will be in teaching our children. By the way, if you would show my
daughter a video of Creation, she could tell you almost word for word what
was related, and the Biblical truths it contained.
St. Paul's Lutheran, Maumee

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4) Welcome - Witness baskets

Our church has been blessed with an opportunity to make a welcome and a
witness. A habitat for humanity housing community (45 homes) is being
constructed in our neighborhood. I feel God wants us to welcome these
families but to do it in a way that he is glorified. Increasing our
congregation would be a fringe benefit but adding to Gods kingdom is the
ultimate goal. Our mission: to prepare a welcoming basket with something
for each member of the family, a few crafts, all with a God theme or when
they use the items God can use it to spark something that will lead to
their salvation. Any ideals for crafts for ladies or our children. maybe
non perishable food items,a poem or scripture that will tie it all
together. No matter how simple your thoughts or ideals I want to hear
them. I've got 45 to do over the next 2 years I am planning on spending 30
to 35 on each basket the baskets have been donated by church members the
contents are my duty Thanks Rita

--from SSTN: Check out the Christian Crafts section:

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5) Activities/crafts for very young

In response to number 5 about Activities/crafts for very young. I know
exactly what you are running up agaimst. I teach childrens church in my
church and I have the ages from 3years old to six grade. So I went to
different places that sold crafts and looked around at things. Because the
glue just doesn't work out for the real little ones. I found some great
peel and stick. You peel one side and put it on whatever you need to glue
down and then pull off the other side and stick it to whatever you were
making. Yes, sometimes for a few times they need your help, but as they
get the hang of it, they don't want your help. Good luck and hope I have
you helped you. Joelene, Michigan

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6) Zacchaeus Lesson?

Any ideas for a lesson on Zacchaeus?

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7) Special Needs Children

I am really concerned that your ADHD kids are unmedicated on weekends. We
had this problem, until I explained to the parents that they needed to
check with their doctors. Most doctors do not recommend that the kids skip
their meds on weekends. I also pointed out that is not fair to the Ss
teacher to have to deal with these kids, when the public or private school
teacher does not deal with them unmedicated. It is also not fair to the
kids who want to learn to be distracted. So, we told the parents that if
the kids are on Ritalin or whatever, they have to have it on Sunday too.
The parents understood when we explained (and when they checked with their
Dr found out we were right).

We found a strong discipline policy and a lot of prayer for these kids
(ask for prayer partners, adults in the church willing to pray for one or
two of your special needs kids on a daily basis).

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8) Donkey Puppet

I did not get the original newsletter, so don't have the complete
question. Are you looking for a donkey puppet? Email me.

Teresa Bohannon AKA Puppetmaker

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9) Patriotic Christmas

Last night our CE Board decided we would like to somehow tie
in the war with our Christmas program. So we are looking for
songs, skits, plays, ideas on "Freedom in Christ". We want it
patriotic, yet of course the message we want the audience to go

We have worked hard the last several years to get JESUS out of
the crib/baby stage at these programs and grow Him up......now we
would like to somehow get the message across that this LIVING
JESUS wants to have a relationship in their life TODAY. So many
aunts, uncles, grandparents ONLY come to church to see their cute
little ones in the yearly Christmas program, but do not attend
church any other time. All they see through the years is baby
Jesus in the manger........that is hardly getting the gospel out.
We are determined to change that.

When we celebrate our children's birthdays, normally we do not
have their baby pictures all over the house and only talk about
the day they were born, their first tooth, their first
steps......but we celebrate where they are today, who they are
today. We do so by choosing a theme that is close to their
hearts: Pooh Bear, Barbie, Dalmatians, etc. So we decided to
celebrate Christ by decorating with patriotic symbols and bring
Christ into TODAY.

Comments are welcome.

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10) Christmas Float

How about Angels in Disguise and have the float feature firefighters,
police officers, doctors, nurses, other healthcare workers, and other
members of any service oriented careers that we view as Angels in our real
lives touching our lives and hearts. You can also have them in costume
with angel wings and halos and could give special tribute to our newest
national heroes (Angels in Disguise) if you wish.

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11) Bible software

I have written some (free) software for Mac OSX.
I was hoping that you would
be willing to post it on your site.


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12) Bethlehem Walk Script

I received MANY responses requesting Cathy's script, and just in case you
missed the last SSTN's 'Heads Up Message', the script is now available in
the Christian Skits section at:


Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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