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SSTN # 23 - March 22, 2004

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Super Heroes of the Bible

1) Wanting to teach?
2) Scenes from Passion?
3) Teenager issue

Amazing Miracles of the Bible

4) Sinless Living
5) Lessons for 2-5 year old - management?
6) Mothering Drama

Easter Activity Cards

7) Paper Towel Rolls
8) Sinless Life
9) Bullies in Classroom

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Super Heroes of the Bible

"Super Heroes of the Bible" is a special midweek program which examines
the lives of some famous and not-so-famous people who had willing hearts
to obey God. And by obeying him, they were used in miraculous and powerful
ways to help change the course of human history. It is the goal of this
series to build FAITH, COURAGE, and OBEDIENCE in the lives of children,
and to change the world for Jesus Christ.

To learn more, go to this page:
(you may need to copy and paste this address to your browser)

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1) Wanting to teach?

My greatest wish is to be a sunday school teacher.  I am a 30 yr old
mother and live in South Africa and really enjoy and love children.
I have three of my own.  My problem is how should I start to get
involved with the childrens church, or do you think it will affect my
childrens behaviour in sunday school.  My husband is giving me a
hard time about being at church every sunday, but
I want to be with God all the time, and I want to be busy with Gods work
all the time, how do I handle him.  My children is like me, they
can't wait for Sunday to go to church, they enjoy it sooo much.  And if
their father (my husband) said we're not going to church, they are so sad
and disappointed and they always seem to look up to me to get them there,
even if we catch a lift with someone else.  My husband and I usually end
up in a argument about it.

Another problem I am experiencing is a colleague that I work with.  She
seems to be a very religious person.  She is in her mid 40s and have
children almost my age, other co-workers is approx. her age and older,
I have noticed that the moment she feels a little bit threatened or
insecure, she seem to throw that person an attitude and no one likes her
because of that.  I would really like to help her.

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2) Scenes from Passion?

"After seeing "The Passion", I'm curious if anyone knows the meaning
behind these two parts of the movie:

Satan carrying a baby with an angry look as they walked through the crowd
The two Marys using a white cloth to wipe up the blood in the courtyard
after Jesus was beaten

Just wondered if anyone knew what Mel Gibson had in mind when he included

Cathy Bodell
Benzie Area Church of Christ
Frankfort, Michigan

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3) Teenager issue

I feel that the issue of the 17 year SCS teacher has been exhausted,
enough has been said. Just last night I deleted from my files the original
letter and my response as well. I just read the letter from someone
accusing me of "tar all teenagers with the tag of being unfit."  I do
believe I used any of those words other than TEENAGER. This last writer
was correct, that in that first year of my work in the position [the HSers
were forced upon me, and] the person who promised training did not follow
through. Perhaps I did not mention that one of the finest teachers I have
worked [in a differant year] with WAS A TEEN, and currently our music
leader is a teen. The two points I was trying to make, and believe I did,
was that if she was getting help from the SS Super that she should go up
the ladder, and that there would be many years in her future when she
could be teaching so that she could spend that time with her peers....
I hope that first letter writer will write in later and update us what has
happened for her.
And, it seems that I may not be "retiring" after all.....I have been asked
what the church body could do to make it possible for me to continue....
the answer? someone for me to work with and pass on the wonder of this

And SARAH.....needing some lesson ideas QUICKLY on the Trinity, SSTN came
through, and the teachers were very pleased with what was provided. A
check will following shortly. Though I may not be using this site as much
in the future I would like to help others be able to do so. Thank you!!!!!

--from SSTN: I'm glad the site has helped you and your ministry to
children. Thank you for your support! ysic, sarah keith

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Amazing Miracles of the Bible

God’s glory and love are revealed through the miracles he performed and
were fully realized when he came to earth in the form of a man to save
mankind. By studying the miracles of the Bible children will gain a better
understanding of God’s love and faithfulness and how he continues to be
loving and faithful in miraculous ways to his people today. Great for
rotation-type programs!

In the Curriculum Creatives section:

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4) Sinless Living

We were born into sin making us carnal, therefore we are sinners by
birth.  We act out sin when we choose to make choices which break our
relationship with God.  Just as Adam chose to sin and break his
relationship, we have that choice too.  If we never commit a sin which is
recognized as sin in man's eyesight we still must ask God to forgive us
for our carnal sins. Ask him to live with in us.  That's the easy part,.
specially if we haven't done anything that appears to be "sinful" in our
human eyes.

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5) Lessons for 2-5 year old - management?

Our Church is starting to build up-- especially with young children.  I
have been asked to teach the smaller children (ages 2-5).  I'm having
trouble in getting their attention and keeping them focused on the lesson
and/or activities.  With children so young, I find myself in doing the
"project" for them (even though it seems to be easy).  I turned my back
for a second and the 2-year-old was drinking glue (thank God it was
non-toxic and the child is O.K.)   If someone could give me ideas on
lessons and especially class management I would greatly appreciate it.
I am about to the point of pulling my hair out or giving up the class.

--from SSTN: check out the Pray & Play Bible in the Bibles section of our
It is a fantastic resource for this age group!
Also, you definitely need at least one helper. A ratio of 1 teacher to 5
children for this age group is a safe standard.

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6) Mothering Drama

A simple program could be made by obtaining  "The Many Hats of
Motherhood"  HATS.  Each child could dress the part and wear the hat that
goes with that job.  Look up on the internet the going pay rate for that
particular job.  Have each child hold a sign with the price.   An example
might be: First child dresses as a nurse and would say something like  "A
mother's job is to be a nurse. She cares for me when I am hurt. She kisses
my boo-boos.  If I had to pay her I would have to pay her about 
$35,000.00 a year." Of course, mothers are maids, chauffeurs, cooks,
teachers, and many more.

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Easter Activity Cards

When the egg-shaped cards are cut, colored and assembled, players can play
Easter Egg Scramble and discover a secret Easter message! Now with two
black and white "cross" and "resurrection" drawings to color! Reproducible
so your whole class can make a set!

Find them in the Curriculum section at: 

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7) Paper Towel Rolls

New ideas have been added to the Creative Challenge "Paper Towel Rolls"
page. Check them out at:


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8) Sinless Life

The answer to the question of whether we sin because we are sinners or
that we are sinners because we sin is available to us in the Word of God.
Romans 5:19 states "For by one man's disobedience many were made
sinners, so by the obedience of one shall many be made righteous."  In
that same chapter in verse 8, we are told that ".....while we were yet
sinners, Christ died for us."  Before we were even born, our debt was
paid.  We are born sinners.  Our 'old nature' is actually our true
original nature.  Praise God that he loved us enough to suffer the price
of our sin and pay the debt in full.  The answer to your question is "we
sin because we are sinners." 

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9) Bullies in Classroom

        The very faith of many young believers is being  methodically
tormented, twisted and often broken ... by atheistic intellectual
"bullies" in our college classrooms.  You may be aware of this first
hand.  Unfortunately, some of these same bullies profess to be
"Believers."  The book of Jude speaks of them in great detail.  So does
Romans 1:20-25.

        My only mission is to aid these youth in their struggle.  The
Points of Origins that I make several times weekly, commenting on the
latest developments in the world of science ... are able to neutralize the
hideous effect of this bullying.  If you have seen this effect, then you
know it is difficult to overstate its seriousness.

        I would ask that you please put the web site and or email address
into the hands of any students you may know who are interested or who are
most at risk ... these would be the students majoring in or even taking
courses in ... Biology, other sciences, Religion, and Philosophy. 

        Check out the web site for those behind this effort (like the
National Center for Science Education ... a private creation hate group
...  www.natcenscied.org) and you will see that this threat is very real
and very well-planned.  I am not an alarmist, and I dislike conspiracy
theories.  I am an ex-professor of Science Education, who was denied
tenure for telling teachers to present both evolution and creation ... and
let the students decide in which to put their trust.  I know what we are
up against and I know what to do about it.  The student listserv I have
created should also be of great help and encouragement to the students. Go
http://groups.yahoo.com/group/POconnect/ to join

Please consider helping me to reach the students who need these posts the
most.  I am unapologetically ... a 6-day, 6000 year, young-earth
creationist and a Biblical literalist.  I am not trying to "convert"
evolutionists ... just trying to help young people who already believe the
scriptures are true, in the face-value sense.

Thanks so very much for your time and consideration!

Dr. Glenn C. Jackson
EdD Science Education, University of Virginia, 1994
MS Enviro Bio, MEd Sci Ed, BS Bio
life-time member of Mensa & the Creation Research Society

email :   drjxn@bellsouth.net
web site:  www.pointsoforigins.com

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