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SSTN # 23 - March 18, 2005

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"Palm Branches" pattern

1) Wall Mural
2) Sharing space in Christian School?
3) Mentally Disabled...what to do?

* Pentecost Rusher *

4) Skit - My son's blood?
5) Men's tie ideas?
6) Children's Day...running service?
7) Children & Worship...disturbing message
8) Creative story telling
9) Give to the Tsunami Children

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"Palm Branches" pattern

Use a child-friendly Bible and the twelve "He's Risen Egg Holders" to tell
the Easter story.  A great family or church devotional activity! Each egg
picture is numbered to correspond with its explanation. Let your class
color and cut their own set. 

Receive the complimentary Palm Branches pattern with the explanations at:

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

1) Wall Mural

>We are looking to paint the Sunday school walls to make the Sunday school
>room look interesting and inspiring

    I do not know what age group(s) classrooms that you are trying to
paint, but here are a couple of ideas:
Gods Promise Mural - Set out different colors of bright wall paint. Let
children dip their hands into the paint and stamp their hand onto the wall
to make the shape of a rainbow, you can use the older kids handprints on
the outer colors like red and yellow, and use the smaller kids hands on
the later colors like orange and green. You can also have the kids make
doves using white paint and their handprints (see the DLTK website for
directions) to have doves flying above the rainbow. You could add a saying
like "A rainbow is Gods Promise", or a "Rainbow of fun" or a "Rainbow of
     You can draw just about anything for a wall mural using an overhead
projector. Just trace the image you want directly on the wall and then
paint it in with brushes. Here are some ideas:
- Noah's ark with animals in pairs
- Insects, bees, butterfly's, etc
- Giant ten commandment tablets with the commandments on them
- Garden of Eden with trees, flowers, animals, etc
- A Galaxy with dark walls, stars, suns, planets, etc
- Write God made everything across the top of the wall, and then decorate
the wall with things that God made.
Hope this helps!
Sarah in California
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2) Sharing space in Christian School?


I'm a newer member, and have been enjoying the digests I've received so
far. Thanks for this great service! :-)

Our church is in a difficult situation, and I thought I might see if some
of you have had to navigate these waters and might offer some insight. 

We have approximately 140 children in our birth - 5th grade program, and
really don't have adequate classroom space for them. There is also a
Christian school that utilizes our classrooms from Monday through Friday.
In a nutshell, the school began about 25 years ago, before homeschooling
was mainstream, as an avenue for several families to cooperatively school
their children.  At it's peak, it had 50 students, but now it is down to
13.  They go through 8th grade, and have two full time teachers.  There
certain space-consuming things that they are required by law to keep (such
as a library) that at this point, we really don't have the luxury to
continue to give them... but there is little we can do to change things.

I guess what I'm looking for are what some of the rules and regulations
those of you who share space like this have set forth. I'm in an awkward
position in that I used to be a teacher at the school, so I understand
their plight... but now, as a Bible class teacher, I feel overrun with
cabinets, desks pushed against walls, and conjugated nouns amidst Sunday
School attendance charts.

We have to find a way to peacefully co-exist.  For a number of reasons,
nobody ever took the bull by the horns and drew up an official building
policy in regards to what items are acceptable in classrooms, who decides
in cases of conflict, what things must be portable, etc.

Are there any of you that share space with a school, and if so, might you
be willing to share your policies regarding building use?

Thanks so much,

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3) Mentally Disabled...what to do?

I teach a 4th, 5th and 6th grade Sunday School Class.  One of my students
has the academic level of a preschooler.  It is very difficult to
understand him.  I don't think he is getting anything out of the lessons
and he distracts the other students.  Please help with any suggestions of
a prooject he could work with an adult helper on his own, that not only
will keep him occupied but will also teach him of Christ's love.  I feel
like I am not doing a good job.  Thanks CVG

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* Pentecost Rusher *

Children will be reminded of the rushing wind and tongues of fire when the
Holy Spirit descended on believers at Pentecost! Your kids will have fun
making, playing and listening to the Pentecost Rusher. An Easy Make & Take
Project for Pentecost Sunday.  Print out as many patterns as you need for
a one-time fee.

Find it in the Curriculum section at: 

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4) Skit - My son's blood?

Good morning,

I run a Youth group and we once had a skit about the healing from a boy's
blood, I am now unable to find it and we would like to do it for Easter.

 It is a story about a disease that spreads all over the world and the
only cure is found in one little boy's blood.

The parents are so glad that their son can cure the world. Then it comes
to the father and he ask how much of his sons blood it was going to take
and  then he finds out that is going to take all of his son's blood.

If you have it can you please email it to me as I was unable to find it on
your web site. Thanks

RenĂ©e Monteith

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5) Men's tie ideas?

I've just joined your site with my e-mail & I noticed on Archive 87 where
Trudy Johnson from Burlington, Canada, had received numerous ideas for the
use of men's ties.  Just yesterday at church I had had my husband (the
pastor) announce that we would appreciate any tie donations for our
youth.  We already had a couple of ideas (one being the snake idea) as
well as another for craft projects.
I truly believe the Lord guided me to this site!  There was NO question;
especially when there was the note sent from Trudy (Archive 87) that
included her writing of all of the craft ideas she had received for the
use of ties!!!  If there is anyway possible for you to forward this to or
contact Trudy; would you please ask if she would mind sharing these
ideas.  She can surely contact me at my e-mail address of
mtid2045@aol.com .  My name is Melinda by the way and I live in Georgia. 
I would truly appreciate any assistance you can give me.  May God continue
to bless you and ChristianCrafters! 
Thank you and all your  

--from SSTN: you'll find many ideas by typing "ties" into the search box
at: http://christiancrafters.com/archives.html 

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6) Children's Day...running service?

Dear all
I am a Sunday school Teacher and we are having our Children's day in
This is a forum where the children to take over the church service for 
day. Please if anyone has any good idea that will make the day an
one I will really appreciate it. The children are ages 3 - 11. (i.e. 3-4,
5-7, 8-11) about 150 children.
It should be anything that will point the children and listeners to Jesus
(drama, quiz, any interesting idea is welcome)

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7) Children & Worship...disturbing message

No one is saying that games and things take the place of the written word,
however, children don't understand the Bible to the extent that adults are
capable of understanding it. Schools even use the form of association
(visuals and games) with learning.  Now, onto the issue of magic
(illusion). You have a right to disagree with my ideals. I have no issue
with it. You're not the first to disagree with Christian magic. The
scripture does say that what Satan uses for evil, God uses for good. It's
kind of like music. Is music bad? No, but if you put evil lyrics to it, it
becomes evil. Television, is it bad? No, but if it's a  show with ungodly
stuff in it, then it is evil. If it is a wholesome family show, then it is
good. Not every generation is going to have the same ideas on how things
are done or should be done. If we refuse to change the way we reach
others, there is a generation that will be left out. Yes, God is the only
one to save people, but we are the vessels he uses. Some people might not
like Christian rap. Does that mean it's evil? No, it just means that it is
a newer generation that is joining the ranks of Christianhood. In your
church, your kids might be content to hear the word only and not play
games or have visuals and that's what works for you and them. But, it
doesn't work for every church. What we do in our church might not work if
you were in a large city! However, I take no offense to your views. God
made everyone unique in the way they minister and reach out to
others. That's why there are many different places of worship because
everyone doesn't do things the same. It doesn't mean they are all wrong.
It just means we are all different! Even God changes! His word doesn't and
neither do his promises, but the way he deals with us individually
does. When you are a baby you are chastised differently than when you are
a meat eater. Also, because everyone is unique, he has to deal with us all
differently. Because what works for one, doesn't work for all. Sorry this
is so long!  In Him, Kristin :) 

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8) Creative story telling

I wanted to share some creative story telling ideas that I have as well as
some songs you might be able to use with younger children.

A) Provide props and assign parts~ have the kids act the story out.

B) Hide numbered story pictures around the room and have the kids search
for them. Allow the kids to hold up the pictures at the appropriate time.

C) Use a tape recorder and have the kids take turns telling parts of the
story into the recorder and then let them listen to themselves.

D) Attach numbered strings to story pictures and place the pictures in a
large box. Have the children pull out the pictures in order, one at a
as you tell the story.

E) Set up an easel, facing away from the class. Have the kids come up one
at a time as you read or tell the story and draw or paint each part of the
story. Each child adds on to the same drawing or painting and then the
finished picture is revealed at the end of the story.

(If you'd like more ideas for teaching creatively or for working with
preschoolers, check out my websites at http://www.freewebs.com/trainemup

Here are a few songs that might be helpful with preschoolers and you're
welcome to use them!

Who Made This Big World?
to the tune of "Kookaburra"

Who made the earth and sky and seas?
Who made the flowers and the trees?
Who? Can you tell me Who?
Can you tell me Who made this big world?

Who made the fish and the birds that sing?
Who made each and every good thing?
Who? Can you tell me Who?
Can you tell me Who made this big world?

God made the world and all you live!
God made you and me to give
Praise! Yes, we'll give Him praise!
Yes, we'll give Him praise for this big world!
(copyright Angie Simmons 2004)

(to the tune of 'Jesus Loves Me')

Rain is dropping from the sky
I look up and wonder why~
I can see the clouds so high,
But when I do, Drop! In my eye!

Dripping big and small drops!
Dropping on the housetops!
Seems that it will not stop!
Drip! Drop! Raining on me!
(copyright Angie Simmons 2005)

Song: Gobbledy-Gookedy-Gee
(to the tune of "Animal Fair:")

I heard a story today
Some people had to pay
They tried to make a tower to God
And here's what He had to say:

You can't build a tower to me.
Your pride's in the way, can't you see?
I'll confound your voices!
You'll only hear noises!
And "gobbledy-gookedy-gee!" (pronounced like the beginning of geese)
(copyright Angie Simmons 2004)


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9) Give to the Tsunami Children

Give to the Tsunami Children/  Operation Christmas Child which is
by Samaritan's Purse (home office located in Boone, North Carolina).....is
having a special Easter Shoe Box Collection.  If you are familiar with
Operation Christmas Child...it is the same project just for Easter for the
Children who have lost everything.  They are asking the whole country to
send Boxes to their Boone address to be sent to the CHILDREN who were
affected by the devastating Tsunami on December 26, 2004. They do not have
time to setup national distribution centers....so they are asking each
person to mail a box to their warehouse where they can box them and then
deliver them to South Asia,

The Shoe Boxes need to be mailed to Samaritan's Purse in Boone, NC by
4th.  All you have to do is Get a Box...fill if full of goodies...Remember
these children have lost everything.  NOTE:   Each box must contain a
T-shirt along with goodies (see brochure on website).  Also each box
encourages candy for the children (as long as it in a ziploc bag).  These
Children have Please go to the Website and click on EASTER COLLECTION. 
can order brochures and posters for your church and obtain the brochure
telling everyone how to HELP The Children.  What a wonderful way to Share
God's love with all these Children in South Asia.  

This is a fast and quick project.....but just imagine all our children in
the States have.....and just think if America had lost everything.....The
children need clothes and that is why the T-Shirt is one of the most
important items we can send.

Sharing Christ's Love to the Children.  Julie Knoefel, Knoxville, TN

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