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February 28, 2000
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story about snails
ideas for a "farewell" send-off ?
how to cover the lid of the jar
Archives List
model of Noah's ark
kingdom now/Lord's prayer

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This isn't a snail craft, but it was a big hit with my kids. It's a story about snails called "The Biggest House in the World". It teaches that we should be satisfied with what we have, even a very small house, such as a snail has, since that is all he really needs. Good for a lesson on the tenth commandment, "thou shalt not covet". It is written by Leo Lionni and might be found at your library.

Shirley, N. Georgia 5-9 year olds

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We have a small, rural mixed-age Sunday School class (Lutheran), ages
ranging from 3 to 9. Our pastor is moving in a month; does anyone have
any good ideas for some sort of a "farewell" send-off from our kids? I'm
thinking that during his last Sunday service here, if there were a
particularly appropriate song they could sing, poem they could read,
etc., that would be really sweet.
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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> From: SSTN-Volume 1 - Number 19
>I really like the idea of putting the jelly beans in a babyfood jar with Easter grass.
>Any ideas out there on how to cover the lid of the jar and make it look pretty?

My name is Christy Spehar
I teach 3rd grade PSR, in Ohio

My suggestion for the lid would be to lay a doily over the top and
tie it with an Easter colored ribbon, around the lid to secure the
doily. You can even buy wooden crosses to paint or decorate and
hot glue to the ribbon or flowers to hot glue to the doily. Lots to
do to fancy if up!

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My toddler's class teacher wants me to build a wooden model of Noah's ark; but I don't have plans to build it with. I've looked at hobby shops and woodworking shops to no end. Does anyone know where I can look?

(From ChristianCrafters.Com-check out www.cph.org
I saw a model in their catalog that kids could put together.)

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> Re. The Lord's Prayer

How about a suggestion from the "kingdom now" persuasion?

I also like to break down the prayer into smaller parts. When it comes to "thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven" my favorite emphasis is the present day application. It has a very positive, re-assuring influence on the children. For example, we learn that "the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Sprit." (Romans 14:17) Also that Jesus is reigning, not only in the future, but right now, "for he must reign until he puts all his enemies under his feet
(1 Corinth, 15:25)
And, we have been "raised up together and made to sit together in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus," (Eph. 2:6)

I encourage the children that it is first our own personal responsibility to bring the "kingdom of God to earth as it is in heaven" by bringing the "kingdom" to our own lives first (our personal salvation and resulting works). Then we can go into our families, churches, and communities and bring "the kingdom of God to earth" as we mature in our Christian walk. When the kids understand this, they have a bright, confident, joyful outlook of their future and their Christian responsibility toward others.

Shirley, N. Georgia 5-9 year olds

(From ChristianCrafters.Com- Amen, sister. I believe that too! I didn't intend for my previous writing to imply that I didn't. I was simply making a 'sketch' of the prayer. I am actually beginning to write a more in-depth one for a child's study-journal on prayer. I'll keep you posted. Sarah K.)

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