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SSTN - Number 240
October 31, 2001

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1) Noah and the Ark
2) Noah's Ark
3) Spiritual disciplines
4) Help locating an old kid's tape?
5) Biblical scavenger hunt?
6) Christmas parade
7) Children's ministry course
8) Resources to fund SS activities
9) Spiritual disciplines
10) Making Noah's Ark / Game?
11) Spiritual Disciplines
12) Fun Ideas for 5-6 year olds

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1) Noah and the Ark

> do you have any interesting ideas to motivate
> them, this Sunday we will be making
> individual Ark's. Thanks Peg K.

There is a website called www.dltk-kids.com that has a numerous amount of
cute Noah's ark lessons on it. I to am doing Noah's ark this weekend. I
am making a picture of the ark with animal crackers and other items. It is
at this site. Let me know if you can not find and I will send the page to
you. Good luck,

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2) Noah's Ark

We have a class of only about 4 children, ranging in age from grade 1 to
grade 6. We are talking about Noah this week. I photocopied an ark for
each child. They will color it and cut it out and cut out the door on the
side. Then they will paste it on construction paper. They each have an
envelope of animal stickers to put inside the ark when the door is open.
(The door is the part of the ark not pasted down.) I felt it was simple
enough for grade one, but the older children could put more thought into
color and placement of animals. Toye Malm

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Squanto and the Miracle of Thanksgiving

A great teaching tool! In the Bookstore,
Holidays & Holy Days section:


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3) Spiritual disciplines

>"I am looking for a series of lessons I can use for teaching Children
>7 to 10 spiritual disciplines like , Bible reading, Prayer,
>Worship,Evangelism, Serving, Stewardship, Fasting, Journaling, and

I only have one resource. I just discovered this web page. On it there
is a seminar taught by Cheri Fuller on teaching children to pray. You need
to have RealAudio installed on your computer (available as a free download).
Then, you can listen to this wonderful lecture! Here is the URL:

There you will find three "pull down" menus. On the third menu down,
click on "Audio Sessions". On the next page, click on the picture of Cheri

This is not a curriculum, but a seminar on a wonderful prayer resource she
uses at her church. Very inspiring! And a wonderful message about how
children really can grasp more "meat" in their lessons than we sometimes
give them credit for!

Hope it helps!
-Trish in Nebraska
Jr/Sr High Sunday School teacher
at a small rural church in the country!

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4) Help locating an old kid's tape?

Hello! I am hoping someone reading your great newsletter can help me
locate a copy of an old kids' tape I have been trying to buy again. It is
by The Bill Gaither Trio and I am not sure of the title. Two of the songs
are "The Monster Song" and "Input/Output" (a very cute song comparing our
minds to computers). I used this tape and it's songs over 15 years ago
and I'd love to use it again with the children of the children in my first
kids' choir! My copy wore out and I haven't been able to find another
copy to buy .
Any help I could get would be so appreciated!
Bless you and your newsletter! Darlene Clay

--from SSTN: Hi Darlene: did you try the search box in the Music section
of the Bookstore? Use the key words: "Bill Gaither Trio":

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5) Biblical scavenger hunt?

I was looking for a scavenger hunt to do for our "Harvest Festival" at our
church & I came across the Biblical scavenger hunt that you have listed in
your SSTN-Volume 1-Number 91 September 5, 2000 newsletter. I have been looking
all over for the book that has the questions for this scavenger hunt but I
can't find it. I even tried the bookstore at ChristianCrafters.com. Our
Harvest Festival is in one week. Can you please let me know ASAP where I
can get this book: Creative Ideas for youth social events. Thanks so
Kris Joiner
Shannon Baptist Church, Illinois

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6) Christmas parade

Dear Debbie, With all the problems that we have faced recently, how about
the theme "United We Stand"? It definitely makes a statement and because
it is Christmas time, "Jesus, is the real reason"...Amen?
One of His,

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7) Children's ministry course

> hi, I'm searching for any university/seminary/college that
> are offering full time course specializing in children
> ministry. Know any organization offering this course??

Try a visit to Child Evangelism Fellowship on the Internet.
Go to www.gospelcom.net/cef/ministry
They offer some great training and many helpful teaching tools.
I highly recommend their magazine - Today's Child.
Emmalea Butler - Trafalgar, IN

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8) Resources to fund SS activities

I hope this idea would be of great help for Sunday
School teachers who are looking for some financial
resources to fund Sunday School activities. In our
church, my fellow SS teachers and I together with the
children, decided to voluntarily give our extra coins
and place them on our kids'piggy bank. The children
and us could give whatever amount we can (extra coins
or money from our allowance), some sort of mutual
savings onto the piggy bank.

The children are just so delighted every time they put
in their coins and feel the piggy bank grow heavier
every Sunday. This gives them a sense of good
stewardship on their money and the value of being
thrifty. We intened to use the money for our Christmas
evangelism project in our street.

By the way, any idea there about children evangelism?
Hope you could help me find some artistic and
meaningful children's evangelistic tracts too.

Thanks for your help and let's all continue to be of
service to God for His Kingdom's glory!


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Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments

Bring new meaning to your Advent and Christmas celebrations!
Includes 16 faith designs. 32 patterns to cut from the book and hang on your Christ tree.
See a video of the Angel Snowflake being cut! For more info, go to:


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9) Spiritual disciplines

You may want to look at the Charismalife series. Kids in Worship, Kids in
Intercessory Prayer, Kids in Evangelism. Also, you can check Mark
Harper's curriculum at superchurch.com. You can purchase different
segments of His curriculum. Also, He and Tom Tenney collaborated on a
Young God Chaser curriculum. I have found that when I get passionate
about something and I pray and seek God about it, He gives me what He
wants to impart to the kids. Resources are great and I use many, but
there's nothing like THE source.
New Baltimore, MI

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10) Making Noah's Ark

I am making the Ark with the children, we will use a very large carton. I
will put it together at Church, then the kids will paint it, then collect
animals to go in, someone will be Noah, his wife, then his family. The
children will have a door, windows and an opening in the top. They will be
able to experience the closeness and the feeling of being in an Ark. I had
made one at home, my grandchildren loved it. I know it will be a big
adventure for my class. I was hoping that there would be a game or
something for my class to play retaining to Noah.
Peggy Klingbeil, Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, Huntingdon Valley Pa.

--from SSTN: very cool idea!!

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11) Spiritual Disciplines

There are an excellent books written by Lorna Jenkins which have a
discipling track for children which covers all those areas. They are very
kid friendly. I am not sure of the availability in the US. They are
available through Touch Ministries International or their local
distributor. I can especially recommend "My New Friend Jesus" and Spiritual Formation
which covers Baptism, The Lord's Supper, tithing, servanthood, living the
life of the spirit, worship....... There are other books in the series
for kids and their families which cover just about everything. You can get
more info on the Touch Ministries International website which is www.tmi.com.sg
then clicking on the resources link then the resources catalog 2000,. then
the children link. Maybe Sarah can get the books in the bookshop?

--from SSTN: Laurie and SSTN members, if you have a book that you find
useful, I will try to carry it in my bookstore. Please tell me the ISBN
(book number on the back) so I may attempt to locate it. Blessings! sarah. ;o)

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12) Fun Ideas for 5-6 year olds

> Hi, I'm looking for fun games and crafts for my
> kindergarden/first grade Sunday School class (5-6 year

I've found a book for craft ideas that my kindergarden/first class just
loves. It's called Preschool Christian Crafts by Linda Standke. It's
published by In Celebration.

Also for Bible stories I sometimes read from The Bible-Time Nursery Rhyme
Book by Emily Hunter published by Harvest House. The kids really enjoy

I'm also looking for more young Bible story books to read from. So if
anyone has any ideas, that would be great.

--from SSTN: You can get 'Preschool Christian Crafts' in the Bookstore
Crafts section. Also, make sure you check out 'Pray & Play' in the Bibles

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