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SSTN - Number 247
November 16, 2001

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1) Animal Costumes
2) Happy Birthday, Jesus Song?
3) Ideas for Easy Animal Costumes
4) Animal's Christmas song
5) Easy costumes
6) Read the Bible in a year?
7) Meet the Kids idea?
8) Angel Costumes
9) Bells for Christ ideas?
10) Animal costumes and background
11) Crafts for young kids
12) Marching scripture memorization

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1) Animal Costumes

<< One problem is with representing the animals. I need a cow,
<< sheep and camel. >>

For our nativity, we dressed the smallest children as the sheep and cows
and donkeys. We made the costumes using a 1 piece Halloween pattern that
fastens at the shoulders with velcro and reaches to just above the knees.
The children wore white or gray stockings or pants. The main body for the
sheep and cows was white and gray for the donkeys. I sewed on brown
patches on the cows and used hoods, with ears attached, for the head
pieces and attached tails to the back of the costumes. The little ones
really looked cute. Someone made a cardboard cut out camel that we use
each year. Our nativity was always performed in church so we had no back
drop - only the manger. Good luck. Lorraine

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2) Happy Birthday, Jesus Song?

I am looking for a tape with the Christmas song, "Happy Birthday, Jesus."
The words are something like... "Happy Birthday, Jesus. I'm so glad it's
Christmas. All the candles and lights, make the holiday nice, but the
best part is you." If you can let me know where I can find it, I would
greatly appreciate it.
Thanks, Wanda

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3) Ideas for Easy Animal Costumes

Two years ago my church used this same idea with the small children
portraying cows, sheep, donkeys, etc. The costumes that we used were as
Cows: White or other color sweat suit with spots sewn on. We also added
stuffed tails and inexpensive animal ears. (You can usually find different
animal ears at costume shops for less than $5.)
The sheep, donkeys and other animals costumes followed this same idea with
the different color sweat suits and added features. Our costumes have been
used for several different events now and are still in good shape. I hope
that these ideas help.
In His Service,
Donna Creel
Pamplico, SC

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Make a Christ-Tree!

Bring new meaning to your Christmas celebrations! The Chrismon Snowflake
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4) Animal's Christmas song

>>One of the verses goes something like this: "I, said the dove, from
>>the rafters high, I sang him to sleep so he would not cry, We sang

This song is sung by Garth Brooks on the Christmas Album " BEYOND THE
SEASON" I bought it from Columbia House several years ago.
This sounds like a great idea for a Christmas Progam!

Tammy from Newfoundland.

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5) Easy costumes

> anybody got any ideas for cheap and or easy costumes.

I made sheep costumes last year using a white turtlneck, a pair of white
long underwear and a white hat. I used a glue gun to glue balls of
polyester batting all over the costume.The children wore black mini mitts
and black socks. Everyone thought they were adorable. If you need more
details you can email me at wadewhite@roadrunner.nf.net
I would be happy to give you some tips.---
Tammy from Newfoundland

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6) Read the Bible in a year?

I would like to begin some type of program to have the children in my
Sunday School Class (age span 6-12 years old) read the Bible daily, with
the goal of finishing it by the end of the year 2002. I would like to
begin it January 2002. I need something fun. Any ideas?

--from SSTN: Use a rewards system, low-key competitions, and if possible,
combine it with parental involvement. Also, check out "Through the Bible
in a Year" and the 'New Adventure Bible' for kids. You can find them in
the Bibles, etc. section of the Bookstore:


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Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments

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celebrations! 32 faith designs you cut directly from the book.
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7) Meet the Kids idea?

This is in response to the Meet the Kids idea from Heather. I was just
wondering if she could email me a sample of one of her fun but brief
mini-biographies. . . Thanks. . .Sherri

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8) Angel Costumes

A number of years ago all our children dressed in angel costumes for the
Christmas Eve service and they were made from donated bed sheets
(corners torn etc. that they couldn't use any longer) from a local
nursing home. They had 3 generic sizes, had the largest, mid size, and
smaller (not the smallest just in case they grew) lay on wrapping paper,
traced them. Gave them a bell type sleeve and for the wings we hooked
the hooks of two wire hangers together with some floral wire, wrapped
them with gold garland and then tacked them to the costume with thread,
tack in numerous spots to support them. No halos it was to hard for the
little kids not to play with them, dropping them etc. Hope this helps.
God Bless.
p.s.. They also carried in the battery operated candles you can buy at
the $1 stores gave them a very angelic appearance. All candles were
passed down to the teachers and turned off so they were not a
distraction during the service.

Abrams WI

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9) Bells for Christ ideas?

This Christmas our theme is being a bell for Christ. Ringing out his
word and sharing it with people who have not heard. I like to do crafts
with my 5th & 6th grade Sunday School Class that keep the theme of the
Christmas program on their minds. Does any one have some ideas for
"bell" type crafts. I need to be able to construct them in about a half
an hour. I'm willing to do all the cutting and prep things before hand
so we can work it in the time but am at a loss for ideas. I am going to
use the Bell pattern Sarah provides in the craft section, thought about
buying metal bell cookie cutters for them to wrap with ribbon and hang a
jingle bell in the middle so it will ring. I buy most of my own craft
materials so nice to look at inexpensive to do please. Any help is
greatly appreciated. Also hoping to get the kids back to listening when
they know we have a craft after the lesson they seem to be more
cooperative to get to the craft.

Thank you
Terri -Abrams WI

--from SSTN: the free bells craft is in the Craft section at:

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KIDS CAN @ CHRISTMAS TIME - An Advent celebration of 28 crafts and
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three dimensional ornament inspired from the Orient), Ribbon Stars, a
Paper Lace Angel, Paper Lace Luminaries, a Nativity Windsock, a Chrismon
Snowflake Butterfly (new design), an Edible Nativity, Church Window
Cookies, and the Jesus in the Manger cupcake, to name just a few! To learn
more, click the link or copy and paste it to your browser:


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10) Animal costumes and background

Just a thought on the animal costumes and backgrounds, could you get
large sheets of cardboard from say a furniture store or discount store.
Color and cut out the shape of the animal you need. Cut out the face
and let the child put the their face in the cut out. If you just need
them to walk across the front of the church you could cut hand holds in
for the child to pick up the costume and walk. The children would
probably enjoy painting the background as part of getting ready for the
program. If you are going to use the cardboard as background I would
recommend putting some type of base on it with support so they don't
flop over during the program.

Terri - Abrams WI

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11) Crafts for young kids

We've found using the cover to a milk junk and a Q-tip is pretty easy
for them to handle, hard to tip over. But have plenty of Q-tips because
sometimes they scrub with them!!

Terri-Abrams WI

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12) Marching scripture memorization

> I would like to know some of the other verses that have been used with > "marching scripture memorization". That is just the coolest idea!

A few years ago I made one up. It's not a Scripture verse, but it is based
on the 'Jesus Loves Me' song. It's chanted like a military march:

Leader: Jesus loves me this I know.
(kids echo)

Leader: For the Bible tells me so.
(kids echo)

Leader: We are weak but he is strong,
(kids echo)

Leader: Let us serve him all day long.
(kids echo)

Leader: Sound off!
Kids shout: ONE, TWO! (clap for each number called out)

Leader: Sound off!
Kids shout: THREE, FOUR! (clap for each number called out)

Leader: Sound off!
Kids shout: ONE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, (clap for each number called out, then
clap hands four more times to end the chant.) Repeat, but louder the next

We used this chant to walk from Wed. night dinner to our Kingdom Kids
room, and marched in chanting this with our American and Christian flags
to perform for the parents at one of our end of the year programs.

Your moderator,
Sarah Keith <><

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