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SSTN - Number 249
November 21, 2001

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1) Nativity Patterns
2) Nativity Costumes
3) Advent wreath candle lighting?
4) Memory trick?
5) How about Christmas Programs?
6) Guide book for a children's director
7) Cows, sheep etc. for nativity
8) Animal Costumes for Nativity
9) God Is Love in other languages
10) Pastor vs. teacher
11) Lock in?
12) Summer camp in December?

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1) Nativity Patterns

This is in response to the nativity patterns. At our church we had to make
a lamb out of a pillow case ( just cut out leg holes). Glue cotton or
polyester fill to the outside. Let the children wear white gloves with
cotton glued to it or use brown ones for hooves. For a cow or any other
brown animal use a brown paper bag. Gray shirts come in handy for donkey
costumes; just add a tail.

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MAKE Your Gifts This Christmas!

KIDS CAN @ CHRISTMAS TIME contains 28 crafts, recipes, and daily
devotionals to enhance your Christmas celebration! Many of the items in
the booklet are great for gift-giving! Order TODAY to receive your booklet
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2) Nativity Costumes

They actually have patterns for animal costumes. We used
McCall's #3940 a few years ago to make cows, sheep, and a
donkey. I'm sure there are others as well and it's usually
not to diffucult to find ladies in the church who are
willing to sew!
Good luck and God's Blessings!!

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3) Advent wreath candle lighting?

We are planning to have children involved in the candlelighting of the
advent wreath this season. I'm looking for simple ideas for the children
to recite or read and/or pray during this time. Anyone have any ideas?

--from SSTN: check out the 'Advent Wreath' project/devotions in the Crafts
section of the site: http://www.christiancrafters.com/page6.html 

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Make a Christ-Tree!

Chrismon Snowflake Ornaments contains 32 ornaments of faith to decorate
your Christmas tree! To see a video of the Angel Snowflake being cut, go


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4) Memory trick?

I am in need of a memory trick to teach 4th and 5th graders the
10 commandments and the Apostle's Creed. Can anyone help me?
In His service,

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5) How about Christmas Programs?

Thank you - Dawn Halstead
North Volney United Methodist Church
Sunday School Teacher and Superintendent

--from SSTN: check out the Skits section at:

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6) Guide book for a children's director

A great book I found useful is "How to have a great Sunday School" by Wes
and Sheryl Haystead (published by Gospel Light). It has ideas on
Curriculum, teaching methods, setting job descriptions, outreach plans,
getting and keeping volunteers etc. and also has sample forms which are

If it is not already available in the bookshop the ISBN number is
0-8307-01826-5 and maybe Sarah can get it in.
Yours in Christ
Laurie Nash

--from SSTN: thanks, Laurie, it can be found in my Bookstore. Just type,
or copy and paste the title into the search box on this page:


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Receive a free Chrismon Snowflake Star!


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7) Cows, sheep etc. for nativity

we are doing a nativity play also. We are making masks for the animals
out of craft foam. The child will wear a sweat suit the color of the
animal they are portraying. Then the mask. We are doing a cow,
camel, sheep, mouse,. We thought this would be effective enough for
people to know what they are and not be too time consuming or
expensive. We are using children from ages 3 through the 6th grade.
We did a play last year with a nativity scene in it and used a
portable manger scene that the church always puts up. We used a small
table to get the baby up where people could see it. We don't use
expensive scene, because we don't have the resources. Everyone seems
to like the plays we put on, because they come to see the children and
not elaborate scenery. I hope this is helpful to you.
burley united methodist Church
Burley, Idaho

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8) Animal Costumes for Nativity

A few years ago, our Sunday School did a pageant based on the song, "The
Friendly Beasts." To dress the children up as animals, we made very
simple costumes - a poncho made of cloth in the appropriate color and a matching
headband with ears attached. We customized each animal - ie. for the
doves, we glued some feathers on the ponchos; for the sheep we added cotton. You
get the idea. It was a great way for us "uncrafty" folks to make a
costume. The costumes were easy to wear and the kids looked great. I hope this
Barbara Meberg
Emanuel Lutheran Church
Pleasantville, NY 10570

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9) God Is Love in other languages

>I was also hoping to teach the children how to write "God is Love"
>in each language.

There are so many languages in Africa - in Kenya alone there are over 42
tribes each with its own language however the national language is
Kiswahili and "God is Love" in Kiswahili is " Mungu ni Upendo"

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KIDS CAN @ CHRISTMAS TIME - An Advent celebration of 28 crafts and
recipes. Some of the projects include: Epiphany Ornaments (a six-sided
three dimensional ornament inspired from the Orient), Ribbon Stars, a
Paper Lace Angel, Paper Lace Luminaries, a Nativity Windsock, a Chrismon
Snowflake Butterfly (new design), an Edible Nativity, Church Window
Cookies, and the Jesus in the Manger cupcake, to name just a few! To learn
more, click the link or copy and paste it to your browser:


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10) Pastor vs. teacher

This is in regards to the person who was wanting to know if he should
call himself a pastor or not. I belive that the person should only call
himself a pastor if the Pastor of the church he is in working in gives
him the authority or ordains him as a pastor. :)

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"Get em' in the LOOP!"

Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Lock in?

I am having a lock in for the children in my for church as a reward for
their perfect attendance. The children attending will be from the ages
of 9-18. Any ideas of ways to keep them occupied for 8 hours?

--from SSTN: check out the Games, and Crafts section of the site, and sing
songs! If it's during the Christmas season, make a Chrismon tree!


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12) Summer camp in December?

Dear Sarah, Our kids are going on a Summer camp in December
and we need ideas for our theme - ROYAL RUMBLERS.
Thank you for a Wonderful service.
God Bless

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