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SSTN # 24 - March 23, 2005

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EASTER CRAFT ... download it today!

1) ProLife webpage
2) The Clown play?
3) Help with Praise kids?

* Pentecost Rusher *

4) Pokey the Burro?
5) Church Drama Team?
6) Need Used VBS Curriculum?
7) Pastors 25th wedding anniversary?
8) Used materials to give away

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Easter Craft...download it today!

Use a child-friendly Bible and the twelve "He's Risen Egg Holders" to tell
the Easter story. Each egg picture is numbered to correspond with its
explanation. Let your class color and cut their own set. Find them at:

A great family time or class devotional!

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1) ProLife webpage


and for Florida voters:

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2) The Clown play?

i myself, like some before me was in a christian play called "The Clown"
in the 70,s. i am requesting your help in locating it or some reference to
where i can get my hands on a copy.
thanks for your help 

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3) Help with Praise kids?

We need some suggestions  now.
We Ken and myself teach Wed. night Praise kids.
Problem 1. we don't have enough help, it's just the 2 of us.
2. Very inner city.
3. The kids are lumped in one group ranging in age 4 to 13.
(This as you all know does not work.)
We have split them up, but when I take the 6 and under, Ken alone is left
with the 7 and up.
These kids are out of control and he cannot get them to listen to him at
all.  (The parents are of no help, most of them do not come to church and
drop the kids off so they can go and drink and party.)
We are looking for help to take the younger ones so I can help him with
the unruly 7 and up.  Even a few of the young ones are troublesome but I
have found ways to get them to behave without them  even knowing it. 
Enlisting their help and making them feel important)
This doesn't work long with the older ones.
Question is does anyone have any suggestions as to how to get and keep
their attention?
We do a craft, and have a lesson and try to play a few games.
But by the time we get them under control to do any of this we have wasted
most of the night.
Anyone who has been there and done this, feel free to give me suggestions.
Ken is very disheartened and I am trying to encourage him.  I know with
God and this network we will be able to get it to where it works and we
can teach them about the Lord and not by the methods they get at home,
yelling and bitterness.
Please let me know of any good, God, ideas you may have.  I was to the
point that I was going to quit, but I couldn't stick it to Ken that way
and I really would like to help these kids as much as I can.  Through the
Lord their lives can change, but we could use some really good ideas.
Thank You,
In Christ,
Akron Bible Church

--from SSTN: type multiage or multiple ages into the search box at:

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* Pentecost Rusher *

Children will be reminded of the rushing wind and tongues of fire when the
Holy Spirit descended on believers at Pentecost! Your kids will have fun
making, playing and listening to the Pentecost Rusher. An Easy Make & Take
Project for Pentecost Sunday.  Download as many patterns as you need for a
one-time fee.

Find it in the Curriculum section at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html  

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4) Pokey the Burro?

You had a sermon and song about Pokey the Burro Can you tell me where to
find it

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5) Church Drama Team?

    Hello I help out with the youth drama team and we are looking for
dramas to perform that send a message and has to be related to church,
God, etc.They need to be short like maximum of 5 minutes long. I am having
trouble finding some and if anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate
it or if you know of a good website.
            Thanks and blessings, Candace

--from SSTN: check out our skits page as well as our links page for
related youth ministry sites: http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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6) Need Used VBS Curriculum?

Hello. My name is Cynta Pollard. I am a Sunday School teacher for children
ages 4-6 and am in need of used/unwanted VBS curriculum. If there is
anyone who is able to assist me in locating such materials, please contact
me via e-mail at:
I thank you in advance for your support in this matter.
Your Sister in Christ,
 Cynta Pollard

--from SSTN: see # 8 below.

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7) Pastors 25th wedding anniversary?

My pastors 25th wedding anniversary is coming up in may. we also celebrate
pastor appreciation around this time. we would like to make this year
extra special. if any one has any ideas, i would really appreciate it.

--from SSTN: type "anniversary" into the search box at:

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8) Used materials to give away

WE ARE DOING SPRING CLEANING!!! We have several vbs/curriculum materials
available to help out smaller churches, home missions, etc. What we have
available only for the price of postage is:
Journeys of Joshua-Gospel LIght
Extreme Team-Word Publishiing
Lava Lava Island-Group Publishing
Son Harvest
Son Canyon
SonLight Island (all from Gospel Light)
Faith Mountain -Standard Publishing
Jesus To The Rescue-Standard Publishing
SCUBA-Group Publishing
Bug Safari-Group Publishing
Jesus Helps You Power Up-Standard Publishing

I can be contacted at  marklindab@verizon.net

Thank you,
Linda B.
Children's Director

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