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SSTN - Number 253
November 30, 2001

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1) "Bell" type crafts
2) The Friendly Beasts
3) Read the Bible in a year
4) Meet the Kids
5) Happy Birthday, Jesus Song
6) Happy Birthday, Jesus Song
7) Dinosaur VBS?
8) Ideas for a daily devotional
9) Book of Acts and snowmen party
10) Better to Give than Receive
11) Contemporary Christian music

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1) "Bell" type crafts

Another idea for a bell craft is to take a small paper cup and cover it
with aluminum foil.  Poke a small hole in the bottom and push a chenille
stem in the hole. thread a little jingle bell onto the stem and push the
other end out the same hole.  The stem can be twisted to hold the jingle
bell and then looped to create a hanger.  Simple and inexpensive.

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2) The Friendly Beasts

>>One of the verses goes something like this: "I, said the dove, from
>>the rafters high, I sang him to sleep so he would not cry, We sang

This song is also known as "The Friendly Beasts."  Words and tune are from
a 12th century French carol.  Try checking a christmas music web site for
words and music.

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3) Read the Bible in a year

I would like to begin some type of program to have the children in my
Sunday School Class (age span 6-12 years old) read the Bible daily, with
the goal of finishing it by the end of the year 2002. I would like to
begin it January 2002. I need something fun.  Any ideas?

Check our www.upci.org/ss
They have a reading program called B. R. E. A. D.  (Bible Reading Enriches
Any Day). There are charts for both adults and juniors.  They also have
certificates, etc.  It's a great program.

Teresa Bohannon
La Marque, TX

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4) Meet the Kids

This is in response to the Meet the Kids idea from Heather.   I was just
wondering if she could email me a sample of one of her fun but brief
mini-biographies. . . Thanks. . .Sherri

Hello Sherri...........The mini biography consists of a series of
Name...Birthdate...Place of Birth...Attends What School...Grade in
school..Favorite Food... Favorite Color...Wants to be When Grown
Up...Hobbies and Collections... Brothers and Sisters... Birth
Order...Favorite time of Day, and Why...If you saw Jesus what would you do
or say. Any other question could be asked.....use your imagination.

A couple of weeks before I started this I handed out a flyer to all the
children so they could fill these mini bios out. The announcement read:"
MEET THE KIDS! For the next few weeks, Children's Moments will include a
special few moments when one child a week will be reintroduced to our
church family with a brief biography. Please fill out this mini biography.
We want to make you special!"

It has been a real success, and so much fun. Don't forget to ad lib too
i.e. "So french fries are your favorite food.... Do you like those with
ketchup?" or "Oh, you like to collect coins...Do you have some from other

I always say to the congregation, " Aren't you glad that (Josh or Melissa,
or Johnny) is part of our church family? The applause makes a child feel
really special!

May God bless your ministry, Sherri.
Love in our Lord.............Miss Heather

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5) Happy Birthday, Jesus Song

>I am looking for a tape with the Christmas song, "Happy Birthday, Jesus."
>The words are something like... "Happy Birthday, Jesus.  I'm so glad it's
>Christmas.  All the candles and lights, make the holiday nice, but the

Hi Wanda,
I am looking for that tape too and I couldn't find it.  However, I have
the song book and it's called "Great Easy Piano Christmas Songs For God's
Kids" published by Word Music.  Hope the info is still helpful to you.

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6) Happy Birthday, Jesus song

--from SSTN:
I've received numerous responses to this and will post just these.
Thank you to EVERYONE that responded!

The Brooklyn Tabernacle's tape "Hallelujah: the best
of the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir" has it on there.
1st UPC
Trinidad, CO


This beautiful song can be found on the "Christmas at the Brooklyn
Tabernacle" CD/cass.
Moultrie, GA


When I received one of your e-mails there was a message on it from Wanda.
Wanda was wanting the words to the song Happy Birthday Jesus. I could not
figure out how to contact Wanda, so I thought maybe I could get through to
her by sending an e-mail to you. I found the song, it is at
http://christiansongs.com   went through Excite.com search. The person
that had the song posted is Heather, e-mail nitesky978@aol.com. I wrote
the words to the song down just in case she does not find it. Wanda can
e-mail me and I will be happy to give her the words to the song.

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Receive a free Chrismon Snowflake Star!


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7) Dinosaur VBS?   

We are hoping to do our own VBS next summer on the theme of dinosaurs;
possible dinosaurs and creation vs. evolution if we cannot find enough
material for dinos alone.   I was wondering whether anyone else had done
this or had any ideas.   I have bookmarked several web pages of coloring
pages and activities but need to tie it all together with some lessons.
Thanx for any help anyone can give.

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8) Ideas for a daily devotional   

I receive a daily devotional from The Lutheran Hour Ministries via e-mail.
Last year the ones during Advent were wonderful, I can't wait to see what
they have in store this year.  To subscribe for free, go to this link. 
God Bless,
Jo in NE

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9) Book of Acts and snowmen party

Charisma Life has a very good curriculum on the book of Acts for 5th &
6th graders.  They have a whole series called Club 56 that is excellent.
I just saw an adorable idea for edible snowmen in the latest issue of
"Family Fun" magazine.  Dip large pretzel logs (about halfway down) in
melted white chocolate.  Use mini-chocolate chips to make eyes, a mouth,
and 3 buttons, pressing them into the white chocolate before it hardens.
Using orange cake decorating gel, make a dot for the nose, and pull it
out to make a carrot shape.  Slice fruit roll-ups into strips, and wrap
one around the "neck" , below the mouth and above the buttons, as a
scarf.  Slip a gummie-saver down over the top of the pretzel for a hat
brim, and push a gumdrop down over that for the stove-pipe part of the
hat. I hope this makes sense - they are really cute!
Blessings, Kit MacLeod, First Presbyterian, North Palm Beach, FL

--from SSTN: the Charisma Life curriculum is available in the Curriculum
Creatives section of the site:

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KIDS CAN @ CHRISTMAS TIME - An Advent celebration of 28 crafts and
recipes. Some of the projects include: Epiphany Ornaments (a six-sided
three dimensional ornament inspired from the Orient), Ribbon Stars, a
Paper Lace Angel, Paper Lace Luminaries, a Nativity Windsock, a Chrismon
Snowflake Butterfly (new design), an Edible Nativity, Church Window
Cookies, and the Jesus in the Manger cupcake, to name just a few! To learn
more, click the link or copy and paste it to your browser:


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10) Better to Give than Receive

>The children just finished gathering gifts for a shoebox ministry to send
>to poor children. I want them to participate in the dedication of these

Hi Pat,
One object lesson which is great to illustrate the effect of sharing and
giving is with candles.  By lighting other candles you can show that as
you give away the flame from your candle, your light doesn't get any less,
but the overall effect is a much brighter light all round.  You could
adapt the idea to suit a number of volunteers that would be safe to pass
on the flame of a candle.
Hope it helps.
Wendy - Christchurch N.Z.

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11) Contemporary Christian music

I have seen a few notices regarding contemporary christian music & where
to find it. Well I'm not sure if I can give this info over the web, but my
very fave radio station is Radio-U. (88.7 FM) in my area. If you can not
get that station on the radio, then they are available @ radiou.com. They
play all types of music targeted towards todays' youth. If you want your
children listening to music with the right/appropriate message, then you
get the best of both worlds here, because not only are they getting just
that, but they are also getting  music they will enjoy listening to. I am
a mother of a preteen and a 9 yr old. Both are very influenced by the
pressure to listen to the secular music their friends are listening to @
school, but by getting them started on a station where I am not afraid of
what the language/message will be when I am not listening, is very
reassuring. I hope I can help just one child realize that music that gives
praise to God doesn't always have to involve a choir!!  :)  Vicki -
Columbus, Ohio

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For years I too have struggled getting my Sunday School students to learn
scriptures and retain them for more than a few minutes.  Recently I have
had great success by incorporating active learning strategies used in my
public school classroom to promote retention.  Involving the movements and
rhythm help the scriptures "stick" much longer --- even for their teacher.
With my 4th-6th grade Sunday School class, we use marching to memorize
scriptures.  I call the kids the Lord's Army Drill Team.  Students will
stand at attention, shoulder to shoulder, and I will "bark" out a
question.  One of the students will be assigned to get everyone to start
marching by counting "1, 2, ready march."  The whole class then begins
marching in place and saying "Left..., left..., left, right, left."  Then
they repeat the scripture that answers my question.  At the end of the
scripture, they stop marching and finish off by slapping their legs twice,
clapping twice, snapping their fingers separately, and then slapping their
thighs once.  They then return to attention to await the next question.
When we first learn a scripture, I write it in on 1/2 a poster board and
post it on the wall.  To help establish the rhythm, syllables and words
can be marked by highlighters or underlined where the left and right feet
hit the floor.   We practice a new scripture several times to get the
rhythm, then we spend a couple of minutes reviewing  previously learned
scriptures.It's so rewarding to hear the preacher quote one of the
scriptures we've learned and look around to see my class looking at me and
grinning as they recognize God's Word.  Here is a rundown of the procedure
I use for each scripture.  I have marked as best I can where the left (L)
and right (R) foot should be in each one.  (I have chosen the King James
Version for each verse.)

TEACHER:  How do others know that we love Jesus?  
STUDENT LEADER OR TEACHER:  1, 2, ready march.
STUDENTS:  (Begin marching)  Left...., left...., left, right, left....
(L)John (R)13: (L)thirty-(R)five  By (L)this (R)shall (L)all men(R) know
that (L)ye (R)are my di(L)sciples.. (R).., if (L)ye (R)have (L)love..
(R).. one (L)to.. (R). a(L)nother... (R)

FINISH UP WITH THESE ACTIONS:  Slap thighs twice, clap twice, snap fingers
on left hand then the right, then slap their thighs once. You may use the
same procedure for the following questions and scriptural answers.

2.  Why do we need to memorize God’s Word?  (L)Psalm.. (R) .. (L)one
nine(R)teen e(L)leven..  (R).. Thy (L)Word (R)have I (L)hid.. (R).. in
(L)mine.. (R) ..(L)heart.. (R).., that (L)I (R)might not (L)sin.. (R)..
a(L)gainst.. (R).. (L)Thee. (R)

3.  How are Christians able to produce fruit of the Spirit? (L)John (R)15:
(L)4.. (R).. A(L)bide in (R)me, and (L)I in (R)you; the (L)branch cannot
(R)bear fruit (L)of  it(R)self, ex(L)cept it a(R)bide (L)in the (R)vine,
no (L)more can (R)ye ex(L)cept ye a(R)bide in (L)Me. (R)

4.  How does God see us? (L)1st (R)Samuel (L)16: (R)7 (L)Man looketh (R)on
the (L)outward ap(R)pearance, (L)but the (R)Lord looketh (L)on the

5.  Why is it important to read our Bibles? (L)2nd (R)Timothy
(L)2:fif(R)teen  (L)Study to (R)shew thy(L)self ap(R)proved (L)unto
(R)God, a (L)workman that (R)needeth (L)not to be a(R)shamed, (L)rightly
di(R)viding the (L)Word of (R)truth.

6.  How much does God love us? (L)John (R)3:six (L)teen ..(R).. For (L)God
so (R)loved the (L)world (R)that he (L)gave His (R)only be(L)gotten
(R)Son, that (L)whoso(R)ever be(L)lieveth in (R)Him should not (L)perish..
(R).. but have (L)ever(R)lasting (L)life. (R)

7.  Is it enough just to memorize scriptures? (L)James (R)1:
(L)twenty-(R)two  But (L)be ye (R)doers (L)of the (R)word, and (L)not
(R)hearers (L)only, (R).. de(L)ceiving (R)your own (L)selves. (R)

8.  What will the Lord do when we serve Him be serving others? (L)Proverbs
e(R)leven: eigh(L)teen..(R).. To (L)him that (R)soweth (L)righteous(R)ness
shall (L)be a (R)sure re(L)ward. (R)

9.  How and when should we talk to God?   (L)1st Thessa(R)lonians (L)5..:
(R)17 and (L)18 ..(R)..  (L)Pray (R)without (L)ceasing.. (R).. In
(L)every(R)thing give (L)thanks:.. (R).. for (L)this (R)is the (L)will of
(R)God in (L)Jesus (R)Christ con(L)cerning (R)you.

10.  Why should we fear God? (L)Proverbs (R)1:verse (L)7 .. (R).. The
(L)fear of the (R)Lord is the be(L)ginning of (R)knowledge:  but (L)fools
de(R)spise.. (L)wisdom and in(R)struction.

11.  What should I remember when I feel very weak? (L)Philippians
(R)4:thir(L)teen.. (R).. (L)I can (R)do all (L)things.. (R)..through
(L)Christ which (R)strengtheneth (L)me.(R) 12.  What is God’s greatest
gift to us? (L)Romans (R)6: (L)twenty-(R)three For the (L)wages of (R)sin
is (L)death.. (R)..; but the (L)gift of (R)God is e(L)ternal (R)life
through (L)Jesus (R)Christ our (L)Lord. (R)

13.  What is the first thing we should ask God to do for us? (L)Psalm
fifty-(R)one verse (L)2 .. (R) .. (L)Wash me (R)thoroughly from (L)mine
i(R)niquity, and (L)cleanse me (R)from my (L)sin ..(R)

14.  How should we live from day to day? (L)Matthew (R)6:
(L)thirty-(R)three But (L)seek ye (R)first the (L)kingdom of (R)God,
(L)and his (R)righteous(L)ness;.. (R).. and (L)all these (R)things shall
be (L)added (R)unto (L)you. (R)

15.  What does God promise if we confess our sin? (L)Ist John (R)1 verse
(L)9.. (R)...  If (L)we con(R)fess our (L)sin.., (R)He is (L)faithful and
(R)just to for(L)give us our (R)sins and to (L)cleanse us (R)from all

Editor's note: this was submitted by Janet Smith, Paintsville, KY
jsmith@webjammer.net . Thank you, Janet, for your hard work in presenting
this to SSTN!

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