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SSTN - Number 254
December 3, 2001

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1) Snowman party   
2) Pretzel sermon?
3) Christmas float
4) Devotional for ladies
5) Rap music
6) Skits and children's chapel
7) Lock-In idea
8) Animal costumes
9) Christmas tree ornaments?
10) Biblical Flowers
11) Lock-in   
12) Camel Hump?

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1) Snowman party   

We used the snowman theme for a "All Member" Sunday School Lesson last
year. The pastor told a story about the "Trinity" using a snowman.  The
bottom (Father--foundation)The body "Son" (arms outstreached on the
cross/like a snowman's arms) and the top of the snowman(Holy Spirit).  We
made snowmen snacks from powdered sugar doughnuts--2 different sizes and
doughnut holes and decorated how we liked.  We made "Blizzard
candles"--baby food jars that we sprayed with glue and covered with
artifical snow.  Used a tea-light inside.  Disucussed the "blizzards" in
our lives and how God is the light in our lives to help us see our way.
Made large snowflakes (six pieces)difficult to explain--could send you
copy of directions???  Made bookmarks that said "It's 'cool' to follow
Jesus." (kids drew snow scene on them)Hope some of these ideas work for
you.  Tammi in ND

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2) Pretzel sermon?

Maybe you can help me out.  On Sunday morning during Church, we have a
childrens time and all the kids go up in the front of the Church.  We
need ideas on some short teaching for the children, sorta like show and
tell, but the preacher does all the showing and telling.  One idea I had
was the pretzel and how it was made.  I saw it on Mr. Rogers and he said
that it had something to do with God.  Can you help us or can you tell
me where to find this sort of stuff.      Thanks, Tommie

--from SSTN: check out the Bookstore-sermons section:

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3) Christmas float

We made an old fashion christmas float we thought it was neet.we had an
old iron bed at one end of the float.at the other end we had a big mantle
and fireplace we had a braided rug and som children sat on the rug in
front of the lady we had sitting in an old rocking chair singing to the
children and they wool sing some if they wanted to.it was as if it was a
one room house,we had a tiny table and 2chairs .we covered them with red
and white clothes.we had children in the bed with thier red flannel
jammies . we had a lot of fun doing this. saraclyde@mindspring.com

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4) Devotional for ladies

for Nancy  If your office friends are ladies try breaking down the book
God Speaks to Women Today.  This is a wonderful book Anothr, for men and
woman is the quick but deep devotional, My upmost for His Highest.  I have
yet to read that even at random and not find it challanging and touching.
Hope those
help.  sincerely adrienne

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5) Rap music

For Mim (rap music) teens are pretty creative,  when they get the words
they want to focus on about the hope they have to share and they will find
the way.i once heard a wonderful rap performance by a group from DC area.
They were called Spirit Wings.  I lost tract of them long ago, but 25
dollars for a video of their performance at our church.  (for this $-poor
person that was a lot; the point is they were good.  anyway, if your teens
pick a tune/ don't rap too fast everyone will enjoy it.  sincerely,

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6) Skits and children's chapel

Hi All-  This newsletter is so helpful.  Thank you Sarah!  I'm sending in
my subscription right now. Two requests:
      1) We are doing vignettes/skits for our family Christmas service.  I
want to do something about M&J having to go to the manger because there
was no room in the inn.  Any one have suggestions?
      2) I am not happy with our children's chapel worship.  Ar our
church, the children come in to worship with their families the 2nd & 4th
Sundays.  ON the 1st & 3rd, they have a 15 min chapel service or
children's church some may call it.  What successful programs like this do
you do at your church/
Thank you.

Karen D. Moulton
Director of Chirstian Education
Second Congregational Church

-from SSTN: thank you, Karen. You and the other Support Partners make this
newsletter possible!  Blessings to you!  sarah keith <><

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KIDS CAN @ CHRISTMAS TIME - An Advent celebration of 28 crafts and
recipes. Some of the projects include: Epiphany Ornaments (a six-sided
three dimensional ornament inspired from the Orient), Ribbon Stars, a
Paper Lace Angel, Paper Lace Luminaries, a Nativity Windsock, a Chrismon
Snowflake Butterfly (new design), an Edible Nativity, Church Window
Cookies, and the Jesus in the Manger cupcake, to name just a few! To learn
more, click the link or copy and paste it to your browser:


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7) Lock-In idea

You might try a theme party.  We've done several of these and kids of all
ages love them!!!  We've had a beach party and had everybody wear hawaiian
shirts, grass skirts etc.  We set up a backdrop for pictures with beach
chairs and patio furniture, they loved having pictures made in groups of
friends and they had pictures to share with friends at school, which
boosted attendance in church.  We had 60's beach music and a limbo contest.  They
liked limbo so much we now do it at every party!  We had a hula contest
where the guys danced in grass skirts and the girls judged (even our choir
director joined this one!) We've also done a tailgate theme and karaoke
party.  You can email me for more info at tlraby@tva.com.  Hope this
helps, God bless you.  - Tina

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8) Animal costumes

An idea for your readers looking for animal costumes is this:  Our church
had the lamb and sheep in white sweat pants and shirts.  The cows were
red, brown, or black sweats with some spots added. we used gray for our
donkey and blue for a little bird.  We used head bands that had ears for
the appropiate aninal made and added tails if needed.  This worded out
well and the children had the outfits to wear for the cold winter months.

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9) Christmas tree ornaments?

I teach 1st - 3rd grade.  I am looking for any Christmas
tree ornaments ideas anyone has. 

--from SSTN: there are tons of free ideas in the site. Click on the crafts
section from the main page:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 
Also, see below:

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Receive a free Chrismon Snowflake Star!


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10) Biblical flowers   

Concerning Flowers and their meanings:

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11) Lock-in   

This is for the individual who wanted ides for a lock in. Our youth group
has this - we originally called it a "sleepover" but mots of them stay up
all might so we started calling it an "overnight". We do the usual things
like movies, basketball, volleyball, and games like Pictionary and
Bibleopoly. We try to come up with at least one game which involves
everyone to start out so we can introduce everyone. We sometimes make
quilt squares using white cotton and fabric crayons and the quilts can
then be given to the Mission Circle. If you know someone who can french
braid hair then it's fun for the girls to have their hair done. If you
know someone who sells Mary Kay or Avon they may be willing to come and
donate samples. For crafts, you can make a banner to decorate the church
using felt or you can make Christmas stockings to donate to the food bank.
If the church is planning on a bake sale in the near future, the kids can
make cookies/cakes, etc. and freeze them. We find that the kids spend a
lot of time talking and chatting!

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12) Camel Hump?

We are also currently rehearsing for a Mouse's Tale for our Christmas
Pageant.  Most of the costumes are sorted, just wondering if anyone has a
clever way to make a camel's "hump".  The camels are just going to wear
t-shirts or skivveys.  The best we can think of is a pillow underneath
with some kind of velcro belt to secure it. Any alternative ideas would be
Christmas Blessings!
Wendy Duggan
Christchurch N.Z.

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