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SSTN - Number 255
December 5, 2001

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1) God is love in other languages   
2) Memory trick
3) Rap Song   
4) Rap Song   
5) Paper cutting angel story?
6) Crafts for one year olds
7) Santa and Christmas
8) Pastor vs. teacher
9) Learning Challenges?
10) Song with hand motions?
11) Birthday Party for Jesus?
12) Ideas for "Angel"

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1) God is love in other languages   

God is Love in other Languages:
Hope these help you out!
Spanish- Dios es amor.
French- Dieu est l'amour.

Nora OH, 3-K

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2) Memory trick

In response to Bonita needing a memory trick to teach 4th and 5th graders
the 10 commandments and the Apostle's Creed here is an idea from my 9 year
old daughter, Sarah.  She loves the jingle 'Miss Mary Mack, Mack, Mack;
All dressed in black, black, black..."  She likes to use that to help her
memorize scripture verses along with the hand motions.  Perhaps there
might be some boys who would balk at this but it's our suggestion
nonetheless.  It would start off like this:

You shall have no other, other, other
Gods before me, me me (you will have to adjust timing and syllables)

You shall not make, make, make
For yourself an idol, idol, idol

You shall not misuse, misuse, misuse
The name of the Lord, Lord, Lord

And so on.
Hope this helps,

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3) Christmas rap

Here's a real cool idea for a rap that I used for my kids club last year:
1. Pick out a Christmas Carol that the kids know the words to already (we
did Away in a Manger)
2. Get a keyboard with a pre-programmed funky beat (or just get the kids
make rap-like sounds)
3. Apply to your carol like so:
    "Away, away, Away-in-a-manger no crib for a BED!
    The-little-Lord-Jesus lay down his sweet HEAD!
    The-stars-in-the-bright-sky look down where he LAY,
    The-little-Lord-Jesus asleep on the HAY! ...Break it down..."
And between each verse the kids would do breakdancing or some funny sounds
during the 'break it down' part.
The kids just love it!
Hope that was some help
Love Esther
Birkdale Bible Chapel
New Zealand

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4) Rap Song   

Rap to the "We Three Kings" song. Print the words here:


Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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5) Paper cutting angel story?

Hi. I love your website, christiancrafters.com and was wondering if you
would have the directions for the paper cutting craft where you tell a
story as you cut shapes out of a folded paper plate, finishing with an
angel from the story. I've searched all over, but haven't found the
directions. I know the story is the story about an angel and as you cut
each piece out you slowly create a paper plate angel. If you could help in
any way I'd love it!
Beverly Pechin

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6) Crafts for one year olds

Pentecostal Publishing House (www.upci.org/pph) carries curriculum for
babies.  It is written by someone with the last name "Perry."

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7) Santa and Christmas

<<  How do people deal with the issue of Santa. >>

We've always stayed away from Santa until last year.
Last year we combined all classes the Sunday before Christmas for the
Bible story. Santa came and taught the lesson. The kids were awed to see
Santa in church and it was soooo effective.

He brought his bag, and out of the bag he took symbols of Christmas and
talked about each one and how they tie in with Christ. Then he pulled
robes (Mary and Joseph) and had a couple kids help him by putting them on.
Then he had a couple stuffed sheep (shepherds), halos (angels), some
animal noses (or maybe masks for stable animals) and of course a manger &
a baby doll. When he was finished he had the entire nativity standing in
front. Then he told them that some people feel Santa is the most important
part of Christmas, but that isn't true. He knelt in front of the manger,
removed his hat and said "even Santa must bow to Jesus, He is the most
important person in Christmas." It was so quiet you could have heard a pin
drop! We invited the children to come and kneel with Santa & pray.
we've done some awesome things for Christmas, but this was the best  

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8) Pastor vs. teacher

I am really confused -- are you saying a single man cannot be a pastor?
What about a man who marries a women that cannot have children (or if
cannot)? These men receive a call from God to pastor.

La Marque, TX

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9) Learning Challenges?

evening  Sarah got my most welcome newsletter tonight, thank you.  Please
make sure the 16 year old brave teacher knows we are all cheering for her.
I will gladly post my e-mail for friendship, support and good ideas.I
would like to know how anyone is handeling the sun school class that has
children with learning challanges and or mental retardation.  I did find
an article about it, it talked about being a church coach for the disabled
(sort of helpping them learn the way things go in church and helppng
teachers adapt lessons etc.  blessing2u777@hotmail.com welcomes comments!

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Free Chrismon Snowflake Star!


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10) Song with hand motions?

My niece and her Sunday school class sang a song and did hand motions to
it also.  I think the song is 'Testify to Love', I'm not sure.  They got
it from an Avalon CD.  If anyone knows the motions to this, or knows where
I can get them, please let me know.  {My niece lives quite a distance from
me, or I would get it from her! :-) }

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11) Birthday Party for Jesus?

I need ideas for a Birthday Party for Jesus... for preschool aged chilren
(1-5 yrs.). I'm thinking we'll have a story-teller come share the
story, and would like some crafts or activities to help reinforce our
preschoolers understanding of the real meaning of Christmas.
Kelly-Preschool Ministry Coordinator

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12) Ideas for "Angel"

I have worked with one year olds at a daycare and found some ideas and a
book that might be helpful to you. There is a book that I have greatly
enjoyed call A Year Of Fun With Ones by Brighter Vision Learning
Adventures and that can be found at most teacher stores. One great thing
to do with this age is handprints. This can also be done with any age. A
great idea for Christmas is a holly wreath made with one handprint from
each child (in green paint) in a circle and your handprints at the top (in
red paint) to make a bow. You can use simple things like that to do with
them. I recently did footprints of the infant children that I now work
with at the daycare. I also do their thumbprints and make animals,
flowers, and other designs to fancy them up. Just keep experimenting and
you will find lots of ideas. If you get stumped or want more ideas contact
me at texasfrog@msn.com. God bless. Sonia

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