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SSTN # 25 - March 15, 2002

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1) VBS 2001 Extreme Faith Art idea   
2) Common Memory Verses?   
3)  Music for Baptism
-> NEW Easter Plays
4) Temptation of Christ    
5) Olympic Resource Book   
6) Baptism ideas   
7) Translation websites   
8) Faith Mountain VBS 2002!       
9) Old VBS material
10) Survivor style VBS?
11) Pictures for lesson?
12) Need a Craft/Meat Trays - Foam?       

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Just in time for St. Patrick's day, make and eat Sweet Faith Crackers!
Learn how in the "Yummy Devotions" section on the Crafts page:


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1) VBS 2001 Extreme Faith Art idea   

Trish, Hi I have found the craft this year to be expensive, we are not
using them either.  Every year we paint t-shirts with the theme by getting
shaped stamps from a craft store (the kids bring their own shirts.)  This
year we found trees, a goat, stars etc.... It's fun and inexpensive.
Sarah - New York

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2) Common Memory Verses?   

Hello I don't know if you can help, but I was hoping you could shed some
light on where we could find a list of common verses.  We want to
encourage our Sunday School kids 6th and down to learn verses.  We can
think of a handful that we have learned, but are in need of more. I am
looking for mostly commonly quoted verses that most christian should know.
Like John 3:16, The Lord's Prayer, Apostles Creed, and so on.  I thought
there might be a listing of them, or someone may have submitted this type
of request before.
Hope this makes sense.

Thanks and Have a Blessed Day!
Trinity Lutheran Church
Bechtelsville, PA

--from SSTN: check out "Bible Memory Verses from A-Z".
You can find this in the Sermons section of the site: 

Also, you can find the Apostles Creed on this page:

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3) Music for Baptism

In our church we use the song "I Was There to Hear Your Borning Cry"
with text and music by John Ylvisaker, b.1937 at every Baptism.  It is a
beautiful hymn that covers the birth through death relationship with God.
It is found in "With One Voice" A Lutheran Resource for Worship by
Augsburg Fortress, Minneapolis, Hymn #770.  But I have seen it in other
hymn books too.   Best wishes with your child's Baptism!   DB

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NEW Easter Plays

Two new Easter plays have been added to the "Skits" section of the site.
Print out "He's Alive" and "The Resurrection":


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4) Temptation of Christ    

When my class was studying the temptation story I started by putting a
cookie in front of each child with the instruction they could not eat the
cookie until I gave them permission.  I then used a red stuffed rabbit
that I made with a devil's tail to tell the story.  The children listened
to the story but eyed the cookie.  This really helped them to understand
the idea of temptation.  We discussed how hard it must have been to be
hungry and not be able to take up an offer for food.  During the entire
class I ignored the cookie and the longer the class went on the harder it
was for them to withstand their desire to eat it.  Of course at the end
they could all partake with joy and a greater understanding of the story
of the day.

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5) Olympic Resource Book   

Dear Kim,
Our Sunday School just held Bible Olympics during the three Sundays that
the Winter Olympics were held.  It was a great success.  Over 70 K-6
graders participated.  The first two Sundays we had four stations for the
kids to participate in: an Old Testament relay, a New Testament relay, a
mission area (called the Olympic Training Camp), and a craft area (called
the Olympic Village).  We broke the children into eight multi-aged teams.
Each team was named after a place in the Bible, such as Eden, Bethlehem,
etc.  Two teams were at each of the stations at the same time.  They were
cycled in such a way that they never were with the same team twice.

The relays were based on a book entitled "Games for Church Groups -
Junior" (ISBN 0-38230-653-8) by Shining Star Publications.  I located it
in a local school supplies store.  Each relay was based on a bible story
or scripture that the team leader read prior to the game.  The children
studied Noah and the Ark, the Ten Commandments, the Sermon on the Mount
(Feeding of the 5,000), and the Fruits of the Spirit and then participated
in relays relating to each of these events. This idea could be expanded
into a number of different bible stories and games.  Although the book we
used was geared towards grades 4-6, the K-3 kids enjoyed themselves just
as much and the 4-6 kids liked helping the younger teammates.  It turned
into a real team-building experience for everyone.

At the Olympic village, each team created a banner representing their
team.  The banners were judged and awarded points towards their final
score.  Part of the points were awarded for team participation -- i.e.
everyone had to help and be included.  The banner was used on the last
Sunday in our "Closing Ceremony."

At the Olympic training camp, the kids created bookmarks for the pew
bibles that had the church address, phone number, services, etc. printed
on one side.  Our craft leader judged each of the team bookmarks and
awarded points.  Unknown to the kids, these were awarded the most points
to emphasize the importance of serving others.

On the last Sunday, we held Children's Sabbath in place of the traditional
service.  The kids entered in their teams with their banners and with
medals saying everyone was a winner.  The entire service, including the
sermon, was conducted by the children.  During the service, the stories
that we had reviewed in Bible Olympics were presented to the congregation.
Our theme was "Light the Fire Within" mimicking the Winter Olympics.
After the benediction, small trophies were awarded to the winning team and
the congregation enjoyed cake and coffee.

This is more than you requested but I hope that it helps.  God bless you
as you plan your Olympics.

--from SSTN: you can find this book in the Bookstore by typing the title 
into the search box:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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6) Baptism ideas   

Hi, our pastor always makes baptism part of our service and it is extra
special for all of us who attend.  She has the congregation sing Jesus
Loves Me and during the singing she takes the baptized person all around
(even babies) and has everyone greet and welcome them into the love of
Christ.  I cry every time!

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7) Translation websites   

Hi, just wanted to add another translation resource to the list.  You may
have words translated about 20 different ways by using Alta Vista's
translation tool which you may get to by this link:
Alta Vista Translate
or by going to the Altavista.com website and clicking on the Translate
tool.  Hope this helps!

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8) Faith Mountain VBS 2002!   

Hi1 The past 4 years I have also used Standard publishing for VBS. We have
never used their crafts either. What I do is purchase the craft book that
goes along with the VBS program. This year it is called Mountain of
Crafts. It has over 80 pages of crafts! This way I can hand pick the
crafts and save $ by purchasing the supplies at a local store. The other
thing I like is the crafts are usually something that will last for years
instead of barely making it through the week!
Good luck. Renee'

--from SSTN: you can find this book in the Bookstore by typing Faith
Mountain Craft Book into the search box:
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9) Old VBS material

>I am currently looking for any old VBS kits or just teachers' manuals for
>us to use in Backyard Bible Clubs this summer.

I have a teacher's manual from February Sonshine VBS we used.  I'd be
happy to send it to you.  Contact me privately if you're interested at

Suzanne Ringer

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10) Survivor style VBS?

Our church is planning a Survivor VBS.  Does anyone have any suggestions,
experience, or ideas.  Thank you, Nicole

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11) Pictures for lesson?   

I am trying to find any pictures of a child leading or playing with a
lion, or bear or wolf or all three. My mom is doing a lesson on Isaiah
11:7 and would like a color sheet to go with it. Thank you!!

God Bless,

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12) Need a Craft/Meat Trays - Foam?   

I need a craft using those foam meat trays that you get with hamburger
etc...  I have placed them in my dishwasher to assure they are
sterilized...clean, clean, clean, but really feel I could use them for a
neat craft for kids ages 4 - 10.  Any ideas as I need to teach Children's
Church in two weeks and I'm lost for a simple craft.  We have lots of time
so craft can take a long time.  We're a small church right now, mightily
moving out for God, and believing for Children's Church leaders to come
in, but in the meantime...help!

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