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SSTN # 25 - March 26, 2004

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Resurrection Egg Holders ... NEW!

1) Armor of God Costume
2) Seventeen Year Old
3) New life in Christ

Amazing Miracles of the Bible

4) Code of Behavior?
5) Pictures of the plagues?
6) Ten commandments

Super Heroes of the Bible

7) Holy Spirit Lessons? 
8) Moses and the Burning Bush
9) Ten Commandments

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Resurrection Egg Holders ... NEW!

Use the twelve Resurrection Egg Holders to tell the Easter story. Each
egg picture is numbered to correspond with its explanation. For a onetime
download fee of $5.00 your class can color and cut their own set!

Get the free "Palm Branches" pattern with explanations at:


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1) Armor of God Costume

This message is in response to the Armor of God. I don't know what age
groups you are working with for VBS, but here are some simple ways that
you can make the Armor of God so that the children can wear each piece.
Belt Of Truth - cut black poster board or construction paper into strips,
and tape multiple strips end to end for larger waists. Poster board or
card stock works really well for durability. Then take yellow construction
paper and cut out a rectangle type shape that will become like a buckle,
write the word Truth on the buckle. You can make them fancier by adding
velcro closures so they can be put on and removed easily, or you can cut
slits going in opposite directions on the two ends so that the slits
simply slide into each other to hold the belt in place. Breastplate Of
Righteousness - I cut a semi-breastplate shape out of paper grocery bags
(kind of like you would make a paper bag vest, they were then decorated
with aluminum foil, silver glitter, silver gel pens, etc and then after
they dried they were worn backwards so the slit that I cut to make the
vest like shape was actually in the back, and the back of the bag became
the front. Sandals Of Peace - Trace around the childs shoes onto fun foam,
cut out the two shoe shapes. Then you punch holes in them using a hole
punch, and you can lace yarn, string, or other rope through to make the
sandle, if you punch two holes even a little ways back from the toe, and
one hole in the center towards the toe, and lace both holes up to the
front hole it makes a perfect sandal. Also if you use lanyard lacing (for
beading projects) to do the lacing it will give it durability. You can use
the self stick foam letters to spell out Peace on the bottom of the
sandals, this also gives them some "grip" when you walk. Or you can write
the word peace on the sandals with a permanent marker. Shield of Faith -
large circles of cardboard covered in aluminum foil with a cardboard
handle on the backside (a cardboard strip stretching from one side to the
other) makes an easy shield. You can write the word faith in the middle
for lesson reinforcement. If you eat a lot of frozen pizza's, or know a
family that does, the family size frozen pizza boxes are the perfect size
to cut apart to make shields, and each box makes two shields. Helmet of
Salvation - you need gallon plastic milk jugs (one for each helmet), you
cut the area out when the handle is, and the top of the carton (where the
cap is) off completely, then you cut down the sides at an arch sort of
shape which fits around the childs head, you can use scissors to cut it
down, and the bottom of the jug becomes the top of the helmet. The helmets
can then be painted with any acrylic craft paint, spray paint, or tempera
paint. Kids Domain has directions for making this type of helmet if you
get lost. Sword Of The Spirit Gods Word- cut out a sword shape in
cardboard, wrap it completely in aluminum foil, use black duct tape or
black electrical tape to wrap around the base of the sword 5-6 times to
create a thick handle.
Hope this helps!
Love in Christ,
Sarah in California

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2) Seventeen Year Old

I want to thank all of you for your advice and encouragement.  This is to
update and to answer the question about why I'm teaching(#21). After
thinking about quitting, I decided to take a break from teaching the kids.
This time has given me an opportunity to think more thoroughly about me,
the kids, the Sunday School department, and the whole situation. Also,
very good news, we recently had a Sunday School Teachers Meeting and we
discussed a lot about the discipline issue.  I've decided to try it once
again, by the strength and provision of the Lord. I'm revising the
classroom and conduct rules. I've seen many things that I can improve on.
I'm going to teach them again in about 2 weeks. To answer the question, I
first started teaching because there was a need for teachers and I also
really desired to teach the little kids. I had always wanted to do that.
It was at first difficult, but I see time and time again how God renewed
and strengthened me to teach again the next Sunday. It was through His
faithfulness that I knew He wanted me to teach the kids that year. God was
very faithful, and He still is. I do not blame Him; I know that it is my
fault (lack of preparation, little prayer, deterioration of commitment,
etc.). I know that God will help me. Thank you to all once again. Stay
blessed in the Lord always. <><

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3) New life in Christ

RE: I was wondering if you could suggest a bible story from the new
testament which is about new life in Christ.

Clear Day
The story of Lazarus immediately comes to mind. What better way to
demonstrate a new life in Christ then by being brought back to life by

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Amazing Miracles of the Bible

God’s glory and love are revealed through the miracles he performed and
were fully realized when he came to earth in the form of a man to save
mankind. By studying the miracles of the Bible children will gain a better
understanding of God’s love and faithfulness and how he continues to be
loving and faithful in miraculous ways to his people today. Great for
rotation-type programs!

In the Curriculum Creatives section:

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4) Code of Behavior?


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5) Pictures of the plagues?

We are needing pictures of the plagues of Egypt during Moses time.  We
have checked with some Christia stores and can't seem to find any.  Could
you help us? 
Thank You., Terri Sowers

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6) Ten commandments for 6 Year Olds

We had a 10 Commandments lesson in my preschool craft and for the craft I
bought inexpensive ceramic times and let the kids paint them.  I bought
larger marble-looking tiles and printed the 10 Commandments on them to use
with the lesson.  For 6 year olds, they might be able to write a
commandment, or the number 1-10, on their tiles.  I also used graham
crackers for the snack, and wrote the numbers 1-10 with frosting.

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Super Heroes of the Bible

"Super Heroes of the Bible" is a special midweek program which examines
the lives of some famous and not-so-famous people who had willing hearts
to obey God. And by obeying him, they were used in miraculous and powerful
ways to help change the course of human history. It is the goal of this
series to build FAITH, COURAGE, and OBEDIENCE in the lives of children,
and to change the world for Jesus Christ.

To learn more, go to this page:
(you may need to copy and paste this address to your browser)

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7) Holy Spirit lessons?

I'm leading a workshop for young ladies (5-12 year olds) as a part of our
Women's Ministry. The workshop is entitled - Releasing God's Power in Your
Life. I'm looking for ideals to help teach young people about the Holy
Spirit - particularly this scripture reference "And it shall come to pass
in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh:
and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall
see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: Acts 2:17 a,b,c (KJV)"
--from SSTN: check out the "Spirit Gifts" curriculum on this page:

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8) Moses and the Burning Bush

I had to teach the story of Moses and the burning bush this  last week to
my 4 year olds Sunday School Class.  My usual flannelgraph presentaion
enthralled them for story time but with 20 children in the class I was
worried about having a project that could easily be handled and completed
during the class period.  I enjoy doing "group participation" bulletin
boards.  So,  I went outside in my yard and picked 5 branches from my
Holly Bush.(any everygreen without "picky" needles would do too!)  I cut
out "flames" from orange construction paper.  I stapled the "bush" (from
the l branches)to the bulletin board before the children arrived in the
classroom.  At the end of the flannelgraph presentation each child came up
and received 2 flames with glue put on by me or assisted by teachers
helpers.  EAch child went to the "bush" and placed the flames on the
bulletin board around the bush.  They loved it...a real bush surprised
them and made it unique.
Great participation with just minimal prep and the 3-D bulletin board
still looks great!.....I titled it God Talks to Moses at the top of the
board..... P.S. be sure your bulletin board is large enough and placed low
enough on the wall for the children to effectively reach it.

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9) Ten Commandments

I have used these color sheets and also memory sheets they are just
wonderful for remembering the 10 commandments. Go to
www.gardenofpraise.com and in the search type in ten commandments memory

Jesus Christ Rocks !!!!!      
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