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SSTN # 25 - March 25, 2005

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Easter Dinner Table Activity...download it today!

1) Tsunami Story and Misinformation
2) Used Lava Island?
3) Salvation Call Follow-up?
4) Mother daughter banquet?

............... What does SSTN & Soda Pop have in common?

5) Paper Cross Cutting
6) Cradle Roll / Lectionary-Based curriculum
7) Easter Craft Thank you
8) Mentally Disabled

* Pentecost Rusher *

9) Wall Mural
10) My son's blood - skit
11) Easter Songs?
12) Raise Your Hand

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Easter Dinner Table Activity...download it today!

Use a child-friendly Bible and the twelve "He's Risen Egg Holders" to tell
the Easter story at your Easter dinner table. Each egg picture is numbered
to correspond with its explanation. A great family time or class

Find them at:

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1) Tsunami Story and Misinformation

In the last SSTN I mistakenly believed the Tsunami story was firsthand
knowledge from an SSTN member. As a result I have received several
messages correcting this posting. Unfortunately I cannot verify every
posting sent into SSTN. Therefore, it is very important that postings be
verified by the sender before submitting them. More importantly, share
your own ideas, and not other people's ideas, to insure that
misinformation doesn't occur. My apologies.

Check out snopes.com  or  urbanlegends.com to read more about the Tsunami

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith
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2) Used Lava Island?

This is my first post here, but I really enjoy this newsletter . There are
so many great ideas here. I do have a question. I  have been appointed VBS
leader this year. I have been researching different VBS themes and all
that goes with them. I was wondering  how those of you who have used the
Lava Lava Island theme liked it. Was it easy to use? How did the kids
respond? How is the music that goes with it?  We have an age range from
2-11 in our group. We don't have a lot of money to work with this year,
are the crafts very involved and costly? If you have any ideas to share
I'd be grateful. If we do decide on this theme, is there anyone out there
with the materials who no longer needs them and would be willing to sell
them or donate them to a good cause?
Thank you in advance for any help.

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3) Salvation Call Follow-up?

We recently had a celebration weekend with several evangelistic events. It
became glaringly apparent that we had goofed by not being prepared for the
children,teens and adults who accepted Christ. What kinds of things do
you/your church do for follow-up when and individual child/teen/or adult
accepts a salvation call and accepts Christ into their lives. New Birthday
packets?? bible studies??? prayer partners???

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4) Mother daughter banquet?

We are wanting ot have a mothers- daughter banguet for mothers day. i need
some ideals for decorations and what to have at the banquet.. we  have not
hadone before thank you wanda( kfc924@bellsouth.net
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What does SSTN & Soda Pop have in common?

A soda pop from a soda machine usually costs one dollar. And one dollar
"PER MONTH" is all it takes to help support SSTN. Please consider sending
ONE dollar a month to help support SSTN at ChristianCrafters.Com.

You can learn more on the following page:

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5) Paper Cross Cutting


With reference to the Paper Cross Cutting Technique shown on your

I had tried a similar technique myself and taken pictures of it to
make a step-by-step guide.  This is so exciting thus I want to share
it with you and the people who visit your website.

The guide is available at

If you like the guide, help to spread it! :D

God Bless

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6) Cradle Roll / Lectionary-Based curriculum?

I am trying to find information regarding a "cradle roll"
program/curriculum and also lectionary-based curriculum.  I am a member of
an Evangelical Lutheran Church in Minnesota.  We currently use a
lectionary-based curriculum from Moorehouse Group.  We are finding this is
not meeting the needs of our children and curious as to what other
Lutheran congregations are using.
Thank you for your assistance!  You may e-mail me directly at
In Christ's Service,

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7) Easter Craft Thank you

Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas on your web site. Christian 
crafters is one of my favorite places to surf. I love the patterns for the
"He's Risen Eggs".
God Bless You,

--from SSTN: thank you for saying so!
sarah keith <><

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8) Mentally Disabled
We have a class of mentally disabled adults who attend our church from a
nearby Presbyterian Group Home setup.  We use a Workshop Rotation Model
for Sunday School and have them rotate through as a class.  I'd suggest
you check out the http://www.rotation.org/ website for activities related
to the topic you are covering with other curriculum materials.  They have
a wonderful search engine, plus lessons are arranged by topic/story.  You
could pick out something for the adult/child team to work on and print it
out in advance so the adult would be prepared.  I would then give the
parents a copy of whatever handouts you used with the rest of the
class...they could read these to the child during the week to reinforce
the ideas.  Many of the adults we work with are on a preschool/lower
elementary level, but they are a joy to work with.  They love EVERY
activity, especially singing, and thrive on repetition.  We have them
participate in worship (they'll be singing on Palm Sunday) and the
congregation gets as much out of it as the students.  Their enthusiasm is
contagious!  Enjoy the opportunity to work with differently-abled children
of God!

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* Pentecost Rusher *

Children will be reminded of the rushing wind and tongues of fire when the
Holy Spirit descended on believers at Pentecost! Your kids will have fun
making, playing and listening to the Pentecost Rusher. An Easy Make & Take
Project for Pentecost Sunday.  Print out as many patterns as you need for
a one-time fee.

Find it in the Curriculum section at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html  

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9) Wall Mural 

I painted one of our walls at our church. What I did was paint the wall a
midnight blue. In White paint I painted the following words (centered on
the wall) to look like fluffy words .. Grace... Bringing Heaven to
Earth... When the wall was completely dry, I had each of our teens and
kids place their hands and arms (up to the elbow) reaching up to the
Heavens onto the wall and spray painted over their hands and arms (you can
use gloves .. but, make sure to use face masks and goggles). When they
removed their hands it looked as if their arms and hands were reaching to
the heavens through the stars..

SKC Director

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10 My son's blood - skit

Find the story My Son's Blood on the following websites:


Here are a couple sites to find the story about the little boy's blood:
I have found the best way to find something on the search engines is to
put several clues as to what you want.  I typed in "How much of my son's
blood?  all of it." and the two above came up.
Helen Setser

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11) Easter Songs?

Does anyone have any Easter songs?

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12) Raise Your Hand

Help us enroll one million people to pray for public and private schools!

To Demonstrate God's Love and Truth to the Educational Community.
To Serve the Educational Community by Encouraging, Equipping and
Empowering Christian Educators in Public and Private Education.

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