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March 2, 2000
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pastor is moving
The 'Thank You' song
"The Rainbow Fish"
"Who wants to be a Christian-aire?"
Golden Rule
* Blast off for Jesus!

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> Our pastor is moving in a month; does anyone have any ideas?

When our minister left a few months ago, the kids had a presentation for his
wife who has been a very active church school teacher. Each of the kids in
the 3rd grade class, cut out a large cardboard star, covered it with tinfoil
and put a letter of her name on it. Then they each came up with a
personality trait that started with that letter. They had a little
presentation like a squad of cheerleaders; it was great! D- is for dynamo!
O- is for outstanding!...and so on.

My grade 5/6 class made a unique going-away card; much like the chocolate
advent calendars at Christmas time. We used two large identical cardboard
outlines of our church. We cut large windows (with the flap attached) out of
one of them and decorated it like the outside of our church. Place the
cutouts together with favorite photos between them, behind where the
windows open up. VOILA! A really nice keepsake!


Janis Boyle (Ontario, CANADA)

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The song IS "Thank You"--words and music by Ray Boltz. It can also be
found on the CD "A Cappella Contemporary Classics"--a Heart fo Worship
Classics CD produced by Star Song, copyright 1994. (It's sung by someone
else on this CD, but it's just as tear-jerking.)
The song "Thank You" is by Ray Boltz. You could go to your local
ChristianBookstore and order an accompaniment track for around 9.00 and have the
music for the kids to sing. It's a beautiful song about someone in heaven
thanking the people who helped lead them to Jesus. Bring lots of tissues!!!
Julie F.


In regard to my earlier question on ideas for a fare-thee-well to our
dear pastor. I did some digging around, based on the suggestion given.
The song "Thank You" is by Ray Boltz (sp?). I typed in his name and, at
his web site (I'm thinking it was rayboltz.com) clicked on various
albums until I got to the one with that song on it. The words are listed
there. It is a lovely song. Thanks for the suggestion! I've heard of
another one, too, in the meantime; called "Go With God" sung by Carolyn
Arends. She has a web site, too; but, no (printed) words. I e-mailed the
site, maybe there's sheet music (?).

I'm still looking for ideas (his last Sunday is March 12th). (Poetry, short-short stories)

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from Annette Nichols, 1st -4th grade, N.C.: reply to cindy from Ohio. The song
"Thank You" was recorded and written by Ray Boltz. Most Christian Book Stores
will have a tape of just the music. It has great words and would be a perfect song for your pastor's sendoff.

I'm always in need of craft ideas that are fast and inexpensive for my class.
I recently used the book "The Rainbow Fish" to teach a lesson on
sharing and giving of yourself. It's a beautiful book!

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Hi everyone!
We had our annual sleepover this past weekend to raise awareness and funds
for our mission project. Our church kids from grade 3-6 are invited along
with one friend. Along with discussion of the project, we have a lot of fun
playing games etc.

This year, our main event was called "Who wants to be a Christian-aire?". Of
course we know how timely this game is, right? LOL The kids had a ball as
well as many of the parent volunteers. Some questions were easy, others
quite difficult, with appropriate prizes for all participants. Many of my
questions were taken from the Biblequizzes.com site. Thanks for the great

Janis (Ontario, Canada)

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Re. The Golden Rule:

What about cutting strips of white poster board about 4" x 18" for a ruler, then have the kids paint them gold, or cover with gold foil leaf . (You can get the foil leaf at a craft store.) The kids could number the edges to look like a ruler, and write, 'Treat others, like you want to be treated. How do you measure up?" down the center.

Begin object lesson by reading the Scripture verse from Luke 6:31, and asking, "What are some of the ways you like to be treated?" Let the kids 'brainstorm' their ideas while you write them on the board. Then tell them, "That is how God wants us to treat others, even those we don't like, or who don't like us!" * The fact of the matter is that none of us can ever 'measure up' to God's standard apart from Jesus Christ. With the Holy Spirit's help, we can show the love of God to everyone.

Have the kids write their ideas onto their 'golden rulers' at each numbered increment. They don't have to be numbered with 'exact measurement'- the idea is to imitate the look of a ruler. Tie a string at the top to be hung at home or in class as a reminder to live the golden rule.

Sarah Keith <><
Your Moderator
5/6th grade Boys S.S.
K-4th Kingdom Kids-Midweek Program

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I have been asked to teach children ages 4 through 8 next week during our MGBA session next week for four consecutive evenings. One theme that will not leave my spirit is "Blast off for Jesus!" I found a drawing of a rocket ship, but I need a lot more to develop this lesson. Need scriptures and craft suggestions. Can you help? Thank you,
Ahreita Griffin
Charlotte, NC

(From ChristianCrafters.Com- check out the "Missing the Mark" game from the Bible games section of my site. You might want to use it. :o) Sarah K.)

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