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SSTN - Number 260
December 18, 2001

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1) Crafts for small kids
2) Creation Lessons?
3) Away in A Manger with motions?
4) Unused Curriculum
5) Veggie Tales VBS
6) Used / unused curriculum & Christmas Play comment
7) Extra Literature   
8) Letter Writing to Serviceman
9) Unused curriculum
10) Unused curriculum
11) Unused curriculum   
12) Recycled decorations

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1) Crafts for small kids   

I have just finished doing one of the cutest christmas crafts with all of
our kids (ages 18 months to 12 yrs).  I got a jigsaw puzzle from the local
thrift shop ( one that was missing pieces so it was cheaper)  and spay
piainted half of the pieces red anf the other half green.  I cut out donut
shaped cardboard frames and the kids just stuck the pieces on.  It was so
easy even the littlest ones could do it . We then took photos of all the
kids and stuck them in the frame. The kids will be able to hang them on
christmas tree.

Children's ministry coordinator
Gold Coast , Australia

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2) Creation Lessons?

"I'm planning to spend the whole month of January teaching about creation
in Children's Church, ages 4-6th grade.  I'd appreciate any suggestions
for lessons, especially any ideas for hands-on crafts or activities.
Thanks for your help.
Cathy Bodell
Frankfort, Michigan"

--from SSTN: I just added a book on creation in the Christian education
section of the Bookstore: 

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3) Away in A Manger with motions?   

I'm looking for the motions to go with the song " Away in A Manger". I
used to know how they go, but I just cannot seem to remember.  Any help
anyone can give will be greatly appreciated!!
Judy M.

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4) Unused Curriculum

>I am looking for someone or someplace that uses unused Sunday School
>Literature.  We have a huge box of "extra" Sunday School books that have

Marie, There are a lot of underdeveloped countries that would like these
to start Sunday school lessons. I am not sure where you would find that
out. I think our Sunday school used to do that. If you have any age 3,4 or
5 year old Sunday school curriculum I would be glad to take it off your
hands. We do not use lesson books and come up with our own lessons and old
curriculum gives good ideas. I will pay the shipping.
My email is davekim@centurytel.net if you want to get in touch with me.

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5) Veggie Tales VBS

Hello, this is for Becky about Veggie Tales VBS--this year's Veggie VBS
program was much better than last year's. The program's good point is that
everything is there in the kit--you don't have any other parts to buy. You
do, however, need to have lots of craft supplies on hand: everything from
construction paper to tiny flower pots. I wonder how well-stocked they are
in Togo? It does keep kids interested--from the smallest to the teens I
had them bouncing in wanting to know what they were going to do that
night. There are a couple of websites your Mother might find usefull:
dltk-kids.com/t/newyear/bveggie has a great 2001 Veggie calendar to print.
And daniellesplace.com/html/birthday.html#veggies has lots of
Veggie-themed games listed. Please tell your Mother that I will be praying
for her. Zoe Doyle, Thompsonville (IL) Church of God.

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6) Used / unused curriculum & Christmas Play comment

Hello, this is for Marie concerning used/unused curriculum. I have just
found a ministry here in Illinois that will ship gently used Christian
material (Sunday school literature, Bibles, whatever) to South America. It
is called "Love Packages". The address is 220 Union Street in Butler,
Illinois 62015.

Could I also say something to everyone out there who is involved with
children and their Christmas programs: You go to sleep thinking about your
Christmas play and you wake-up thinking about your Christmas play, don't
you? It makes you crazy! But isn't it also the most rewardingest thing
you've ever done? God's blessings, everyone. Zoe Doyle, Thompsonville (IL)
Church of God

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KIDS CAN @ CHRISTMAS TIME - An Advent celebration of 28 crafts and
recipes. Some of the projects include: Epiphany Ornaments (a six-sided
three dimensional ornament inspired from the Orient), Ribbon Stars, a
Paper Lace Angel, Paper Lace Luminaries, a Nativity Windsock, a Chrismon
Snowflake Butterfly (new design), an Edible Nativity, Church Window
Cookies, and the Jesus in the Manger cupcake, to name just a few! To learn
more, click the link or copy and paste it to your browser:


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7) Extra Literature   

Do you have any smaller Churches in your area, missionaries home on
furlough or Food pantries/Mission centers in your area? We have used our
extra Sunday School material to pass on to the above places in our
area.  Also another idea would be to take some of the extra materials
and file them according to subject matter and start a Sunday School
Resource Library so Teachers can have additional resources if needed.
Sometimes we have saved the extra literature and then re-cycled some of
it (especially the craft or game ideas) to be used when we made up our
own lessons instead of buying literature.
Hope these ideas will help you.
Rosemary Lare
Rootstown UMC

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The Sweetest Story Ever Told

Begin a new family tradition of giving sugar cookies and sharing Jesus!
This book comes with five cookie cutters, a recipe card, and gift tags
that tell the Christmas story. In the Bookstore-Holidays section:


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8) Letter Writing to Serviceman

Someone mentioned about possibly sending postcards - the information
that I received didn't mention anything about sending postcards, is that
a possibility, does anyone know?
I had planned to recycle old Christmas cards and tear off the front
picture and if it was the direction of a postcard, then make a new
postcard from it and then use some of my Christmas/religious stamps
and then send it to the service personnel.
Our newspaper mentioned that in light of the anthrax scarce, that
people can still send messages but it has to be an e-mail message which
is sent to "any service member." I guess you do have the option to
decide which branch of service you want the message sent to.  Here is
the web site - http://anyservicemember.Navy.mil
Rosemary Lare
Rootstown UMC

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9) Unused curriculum

I would love to get some of the unused curriculum. If possible, could they
be sent to me and I pay postage? Please email me and let me know so that
we can swap info.
Yulonda Smith

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10) Unused curriculum

Hi, I have a friend who teaches 2-6 year olds and her church can't afford
to buy literature. If you have any thing in that age group she would be
willing to pay
for the shipping. Thanks for any help.

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11) Unused curriculum

To Marie who has material that is out dated , I belong to a small church
and we would love to have it. If there's something we can't use we could
always find a place for it. Thank you, Shirley

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12) Recycled decorations

hey all,  here is an interesting alternative for decorating a class tree
and being thrifty at the same time:  have the girls use their hair bows
(the clamp on kind) I have short hair, but wanted something to put on my
out-door tree that we would not have to worry about getting stolen or
broken in the wind  I went to the local good will store and go these big
beautiful ones for 50c each.  After the holiday is over they can be given
as prizes for the girls with long hair.  Or kept for the next year or sent
overseas as part of a gift box for the girls.here is one for the church or
family who are thinking of discarding their last year's tree:  take it
apart and make two trees, one to accent a corner or brighten that little
spot at the top of the stairs.  If the top is the problem then just use
the rest of it and put a seasonal stuffed animal on top.  We did this on
our porch and it was just so sweet.  If you are looking for a Christian
theme and don't think your decorations will do, try this:  use the stuffed
animals that the kids already have,  and arrange them around baby doll
(wrapped in a blanket).  this can be used to remind children that Jesus
loves animals and we should always be kind to them.  then go for a feild
trip to a petting zoo and give the rain deer  or any deer some
pre-approved treats!all the best to fellow craft-recyclers and thank you

--from SSTN: you are welcome! ;o) ysic, sarah

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