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SSTN - Number 262
December 24, 2001

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1) Crafts for one year olds
2) Simple manger scene
3) Valentine's Day banquet?
4) Jr. Church - finding it difficult
5) Pastor/teacher   
6) Finding Hymnals
7) Puppet Story Time   
8) Christmas ornaments - Candy Cane Hearts
9) Fruit of the Spirit?
10) Communion lesson
11) Gospel Colors?
12) Used / unused curriculum

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1) Crafts for one year olds

Angel, there are curriculum for teaching infants -- group publishing
has faithweavers that offers a curriculum that combines infants, ones,
and twos.  We are using it for our 2 and young 3 year olds this year.   I
have looked at the curriculum (I teach the preschoolers) and found the
ideas and suggestions for infants to be excellent.  As far as "craft" --
no you probably can't do traditional crafts, but there is artwork for any
age available (teacher involved).  At the infant stage, the learning is
in the doing and feeling, so tactile stuff.  There is also an activity
book by a publisher called Tipsy Towers and Boo Blankets, I am not sure
of the publisher, but it is for littler ones.  I remember an article in
the Children's Minsitry Magazine which featured teaching infants.  The
classroom had a table with built in seats and the teacher would take 5
kids and do the lesson than switch with other child care.  For the
littlest, the teaching moments happen during the daily routine --
feeding, playing, changing diapers.  All moments are teaching moments
with infants.  Even if all you do is provide for their physical needs
during church, you are forming the foundation that "Church is a place
where people care about and for me and I am shown love.  I like to be at

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2) Simple manger scene

you can use a dark blue or black sheet (about $4 ) 
and use white-out or white gel pens or glitter to make stars.

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3) Valentine's Day banquet?

Hi Sarah,
I am already working on Valentine's Day. We usually do a sit down "dressy"
banquet with some kind of entertainment. I want to do something different
but can't come up with anything. Can you help? Nancy

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4) Jr. Church - finding it difficult (2-5 year olds)

Many parents who are unable (or unwilling) to help in the classroom
(sometimes 3-year-olds behave better when they can't see Mommy) are more
than happy to take home patterns and construction paper and cut things
out.  This is also a great way to get more parents involved and excited
about your program--usually they'll be flattered you asked them.  (Make
sure you give them a deadline a bit before you need the supplies
back--just in case..)

Also, give yourself a break by having some stand-by activities and games.
(They don't have to take home a craft every week.)  Playdough (put
plastic placemats on the table with cookie cutters that relate to your
lesson), a Bible memory game, little people (collect random people at
yard sales) they can act out the story with, a bucket of Duplo blocks
(make a village for the little people, build the wall of Jericho, or help
Paul escape over the wall in a little basket...), an indoor hopscotch
game (for when they get itchy), and such could be used many times and
save you planning.  Kids at this age don't get bored with the "same old
thing"--they get excited because they're familiar with the activity.
I've also found that having bubbles and wands stashed (I usually bring
them outside for this--inside I'll blow the bubbles and let the kids pop
them) has been fun.

You can also adapt games to Sunday School use:  Duck, Duck, Goose can
become Jesus, Jesus, Loves You.  Once the kids learn a game, they'll be
happy to play it a lot.

A very easy and cool craft for this age (that requires no preparation) is
to let them draw with crayons on sandpaper.  The texture of the sandpaper
rubs off more crayon and the drawing looks really neat.  You can instruct
them to draw whatever relates to your lesson--just don't expect to be
able to identify the 2-year-old's pictures!

Have fun!  I really enjoyed this age group when I taught it back in

Dana in Michigan
P.S.  I homeschool too!

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5) Pastor/teacher   

I do not think the Scripture teaches that a pastor/elder must be a father
of children in order to be 'qualified' to preach, lead, or instruct. The
verse referred to does not say an elder MUST have children. It says his
children MUST obey him with proper respect. The implication is that IF an
elder/overseer HAS children, they MUST be well-behaved.
1 Timothy 3:1-7. 

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6) Finding Hymnals

hey all, here are some ideas for the finding hymnals  try the thrift store
or a used book store.  sometimes the churches in the neighborhood will
have stored theirs in the basement.  hope you find them and let us in on
the craft idea!  /a

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7) Puppet Story Time

My mom taught little ones back in the early 70's and she remembers using
animal puppets to help "tell the story"  these can be found in thirft
stores if you look carefully.  an example would be the lamb that was used
by Sherri  (forgot her last name, she was famous tho) well, anyway the
point is that the lamb puppet for that was shaved and so the story-teller
could use a lamb voice and point out how she gave her wool to help keep
Jesus warm and how her "Sister-in-lambs" do the same now for people.  If
you cannot find a puppet suitable for your story, get the one you think
will fit and open it up and make it work.  (by taking out the stuffing and
putting your hand inside you will have a csutom made, say, whale or
dolphin to tell the story of the ark or a donkey to illustrate the wisdom
of listening (Ballem story)  hope this helps, a

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8) Christmas tree - Candy Cane Hearts

> >I teach 1st - 3rd grade.  I am looking for any Christmas
> >tree ornaments ideas anyone has.

Just wanted to share a neat idea I have seen ~ made them for the
first time this year and am so impressed with them.

Candy Cane Hearts-
Hotglue 2 candy canes together in the shape
of a heart.  Add a small decoration ~ bow or flower
and something to hang it with.

The kids can eat it or put it on their tree.
It was inexpensive too ~ and really looked nice!
Enclose the following poem with it:

The Candy Maker's Witness

Look at a candy cane ~
What do you see?
Stripes that are red
Like the blood shed for me!
White for my Savior,
Who is sinless and pure!
"J" is for Jesus,
My Lord, that's for sure!
Turn it around
And a staff you shall see.
Jesus, my shepherd,
Is coming for me!

Hope that helps!
Terry in Alberta

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9) Fruit of the Spirit?

I need pictures of fruits to colour on the web to teach the friut of
the spirit can anyone help,moreover I read about each fruit being
associated with fruit of the spirit, I don't remember  if any one can help
me please do Compliments of this great Season
God Bless, arathi

--from SSTN: make sure you check the Bible Games section for the  "Please
Pass the Fruit" game:   http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com/page10.html   You might find
it useful to your lesson.

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10) Communion lesson

>My team and I are trying to develop a lesson teaching about Communion...

Cokesbury has a good curriculum entitled  TOUCH THE WATER, TASTE THE
BREAD. They have 2 age groups ages 3-5 and 6-8.  There are 3 lessons on communion
and 3 lessons on baptism.  There are stories and activities you can do
with the kids.  Even activity centers you can divide into.  Cynthia

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11) Gospel Colors?

I am looking for curriculum to teach the gospel according to the colors.
Different color each week.  I want to include a craft idea that would go
with the color that week.  Would appreciate any ideas.
God Bless

--from SSTN: make sure you check out the 'Colors of Christ' Cross, and the
Wordless Prayer Book in the Crafts section of the site: 

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12) Used / unused curriculum

> found a ministry here in Illinois that will ship gently used Christian
> material (Sunday school literature, Bibles, whatever) to South America.
> is called "Love Packages".

Hello Sarah, I wanted to respond to this one. I have contacted "Love
Packages" in Butler IL, and they only take 5 different publising
companies, David Cook, Standard, Pathway, Lifeway, and Gospel. They will take others
but you have to have at least 10 copies of Sunday School material.
Unfortunately mine wasn't one of the five........Our church has several
years of Sunday School material I would love to send to some one. I would
even be willing to pay half the postage just so it would get used. Also
Yulonda Smith #9 and Kathy #10, Shirley #11 don't say where too contact
them. I would like to contact them. My email is llbatt586@hotmail.com I
enjoy your news letter and look forward to it every day, it has been a
real life saver for me. God Bless, Lisa.

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