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SSTN - Number 263
December 28, 2001

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1) Dinosaur VBS
2) Extra Literature
3) Needing used materials
4) Crafts for small kids   
5) Names of God/Jesus
6) Unused curriculum
7) Ten commandments memory trick
8) Gifts for JESUS   
9) The Word of God   
10) Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas
11) Unused Sunday School Materials
12) Creation Science

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1) Dinosaur VBS

>We are hoping to do our own VBS next summer on the theme of dinosaurs;
>possible dinosaurs and creation vs. evolution if we cannot find enough
>material for dinos alone.

I just wanted to share my favorite dinosaur web site with you:
They have free lesson plans, games, and lots of info.  Hope this helps.

Mary Beth, Kansas

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2) Extra Literature

Our literature recycles every two years (every three years for teen and
youth levels).  The materials are recycled for 8 years and then rewritten.
I keep at least one of each item (teachers manual, student handbook,
Teacher resource packet, and take home papers for each level.  It is filed
in boxes, marked with the quarter in our resource room.  This way we can
see what is coming up and plan for decorating, etc. It also saves a lot of
money.  I have given literature to home missions churches, who are
thrilled to get it.

I also started a visual aid file.  I took a sheet of posterboard, folded
it in half and taped the sides together with packaging tape.  We made one
envelope for every Bible character, Prayer, Heaven, Bible buildings,
posters, etc. Each one is labeled. We took a lot of our old literature,
sorted it and filed it in these envelopes.  We have 2 wooden boxes that we
store them in (alphabetically).  We also have a regular size file folder
in the file cabinet to match each large envelope.  In these we put old
activity pages, additional puzzles, etc., to go with that lesson.

If the teachers want additional stuff, they go the file that corresponds
with their lesson and they have a wealth of materials at their fingertips.

We also have large boxes (2 foot wide by 4-5 foot long) that we store all
decorations for each quarter in.  We label them and store them in the
attic.  Our literature has quarterly themes, and often what is used one
quarter ion one level may be used on another level at a later date.  For
instance, this quarter in Children's Church we are using the theme "Diving
For Treasure."  A couple years ago we had a similar theme in Kindergarten.
We took some of the decorations and reused them, adding a large submarine
(with holes for puppets or for the kids to get behind (great for
pictures), and several other new decorations.

I have some literature, especially primary (ages 8 & 9) and Junior, (ages
10 & 11) that I would be happy to give away. Email me at

La Marque, TX

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3) Needing used materials

Our small church has just started a Sunday School program in the last 2
months. We are a very small church and have limited resources. The other
teacher and I have had to start from scratch and would appreciate any
outdated or used materials anyone has .. please contact me at

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4) Crafts for small kids   

I am the Director of Children's Church. I have three classes to prepare
lessons for, 3yr, 4yr, and 5yr. This a great site that helps me
tremendously with ideas from crafts, activities, to lessons. Without this
newsletter, this site, and the Lord, I would be lost in preparing the
lessons. :) I thought I would share the web address with others:
God Bless,

--from SSTN: Danielle's Place is one of the useful links you'll find on my
Links page. If you've never checked the links page, it's worth the trip!
ysic, sarah <><

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5) Names of God/Jesus

>Does anyone have any ideas for lessons/crafts/games on the theme of
>Names of God/Jesus?

Last year we used the theme "The Names of Jesus" in a special children's
program.  I purchased a poster at Walmart with many of the names of Jesus
written with the corresponding verse from the Bible the name came from.
Each child made a banner with one of the names of Jesus on it and a
picture of whatever that name symbolized.  (Ex.-Lamb of God - lamb, Rose
of Sharon - rose, Prince of Peace - crown).  One of our "artistic" members
wrote the names on the banner and drew an outline of the symbol used.  The
kids used fabric paint to color the picture and embellished the name in
whatever manner they wanted to.  They especially liked the sparkle paints.
Then they went forward in the church service and displayed their banner
and recited the verse that used that name.

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6) Unused curriculum

>we can swap info.
>Yulonda Smith
>for the shipping. Thanks for any help.

In response to the two above requests for SS materials:  My husband and I
have a 5 & 6 year old class... and have a lot of UNused material.   We
would love to ship it to the people who can use it.   Would you pass on
the addresses to me?
Wendi Boling    ysic!

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7) Ten commandments memory trick

Someone a little time ago was looking for an easy way to remember the 10
commandments. This is one we use in our Sunday School at Carryduff Elim
Church, Edgar Avenue, Carryduff, Belfast, Northern ireland.

"Our - God - Now -Shows - His - Kids -About - Sin - With - Commandments"

Other/Graven/Name/Sabbath/Honour/Kill /Adultery/Steel/Witness/Covet

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8) Gifts for JESUS   

Wanted to share with you what our Primary Church department did
for the Christmas program. These are young children Kdg through
3rd grade:

There is a room off the platform where the choir normally enters.
The children met in this room. A man was dressed in middle
eastern clothes to represent JESUS.  The children came out to Him
one at a time holding their favorite toy.  They would say
something like: "Would you take my teddy bear"?  Jesus would
reply something like: "I love you, but I cannot accept your teddy
bear".  This continued as each child presented his/her favorite
toy to Jesus and then went back to the original room. Then one my
one they came out with their body in a decorated box. (cut outs
for head and arms). They said something like: "Jesus, will you
take me"?  And Jesus gladly agreed to accept each boy and girl.
AFter all the children were now placed around the platform in
their boxes, they recited the poem: 'What Can I give Him'. It was
quite moving and very yet simple.

Bonnie - Michigan

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9) The Word of God   

My favorite portion of our Christmas program this year was
presented by the First and Second grade department:
THEME: The Precious Word of God

Each child held their own Bible securing in their hands. One by one they
came to the microphone and recited facts concerning the Bible:

The Bible has two main parts, The Old and New Testaments
The Old testament was written before Jesus was born.
The New testament starts with the birth of Jesus.
There are 39 books in the OT.
There are 27 books in the NT.
There are 66 books in all.
The longest book in the OT is Psalms.
The shortest book in the OT is Obadiah.
The longest verse is Esther 8:9
The shortest verse is John 11:35
And many such facts.

They sang: "The B-I-B-L-E" and "I Believe the Bible".

One second grader sang: "Thy Word" and the others held a
flashlight to their Bible in a sort of choreography effect.
It was especially touching to me to see such young ones declaring
the Bible as the Word of God so openly and respectfully.

Bonnie/ Michigan

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10) Inexpensive Christmas gift ideas

I need inexpensive Christmas gift ideas to give my students in my Sunday
School class. The ages are from 4-8 years old. Any suggestions would be

Thank you,
Leslie B.

--from SSTN: check the Crafts section of the site..also, the Archives
List:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 

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11) Unused Sunday School Materials   

To all of you who wrote in saying you would be glad to have unused Sunday
school materials, please e-mail me at cherylkeenan@hotmail.com as I have
some from my church as well that we would be glad to share with you. Thank
you and God bless.
Cheryl Keenan

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12) Creation Science

Love your information site. Just noticed item 10 concerning Creation
Science. One of the best sources of information is the Creation Science
Research Institute in California, headed up by DR Henry Morris Jr. Also
the new name used by those in the scientific community who support this
view is, "Intelligent Design"
Blessings in Christ, Gregg in Hanau

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