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SSTN # 26 - March 28, 2005

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* ~ * Pentecost Rusher * ~ *

1) Join my prayer
2) Sharing space in Christian school
3) Mentally Disabled...what to do
4) Sharing Space

--> Amazing Miracles of the Bible

5) Sharing Space with a Christian School
6) B.A.S.I.C. Training - Youth Service
7) Special Needs Child
8) Hospitalized child?

--> Jesus Ascending Mini-Movie

9) Discipline and Praise kids
10) Church Drama Team
11) Need Used Missionettes Material?
12) Disciplining Children

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* Pentecost Rusher *

Children will be reminded of the rushing wind and tongues of fire when the
Holy Spirit descended on believers at Pentecost! Your kids will have fun
making, playing and listening to the Pentecost Rusher. An Easy Make & Take
Project for Pentecost Sunday.  Print out as many patterns as you need for
a one-time fee.

Find it in the Curriculum section at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html  

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1) Join my prayer

Father God, in the name of Jesus, we are touching and agreeing that you
will heal this Sister's body in the name of Jesus right now.  Lord, you
know all about it.  We know that you are bigger than cancer Lord. We know
that you are bigger than any disease, and we know that you are a healer,
and you are a deliverer.  For you said in your word Lord, that if we ask,
we shall receive, and we are asking for a miracle to happen in this
Sisters body right now, in the name of Jesus, she's your servant Lord. 
And we are asking you to stretch forth your hand in the mighty name of
Jesus. We ask that you give wisdom and guidance in the name of Jesus!!!
And we are all touching and agreeing in the name of Jesus!!! And we thank
you in advance Lord right now.  Touch her family right now, give them
strength in the name of Jesus right now!! And we thank you Lord, in the
name of Jesus right now, and let everyone who reads this and touches and
agrees with this prayer say Amen, say Amen, and say Amen again, and it is
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2) Sharing space in Christian school

>"Are there any of you that share space with a school, and if so, might you
>be willing to share your policies regarding building use?"

I am, I guess, in a unique situation since I both teach at our Christian
school and teach Sunday school in our church which is in the same
building. My Sunday school class is in a different room than my regular
classroom, but I do teach SS in a room that is a Kindergarten classroom
M-F.  I have never had any real difficulties, but I can understand how it
can be hard sharing your space with regular school stuff.  I would talk
with the teacher who uses the room during the week and work out an
arrangement with her that both of you can live with.  Work to have your
stuff as portable as possible, and realize that you probably won't be able
to have these elaborate, decorated SS rooms like other churches.  I am
good friends with the teacher whose room I teach in, and we just talked
over what things the students were allowed to touch and what needed to be
done to make sure both of us could peacefully co-exist.  Lastly, pray that
the Lord will allow your church and school to grow so that both of you can
enjoy much needed space!
New Jersey

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3) Mentally Disabled...what to do

>I teach a 4th, 5th and 6th grade Sunday School Class. One of my students
>has the academic level of a preschooler. It is very difficult to
>understand him. and he distracts the other students.

Hullo CVG - I read your item with interest.   It is good if your mentally
disabled student has access to an adult helper of his own.     The
teaching material he needs would be of the level of preschoolers if
his academic level is the same.     Perhaps you might like to talk
with teachers of preschoolers in your church about suitable
material for this child.     I have a homepage with Bible game ideas
and some of these are suitable for very young people -
All the game ideas are free for interested folk to help themselves.    If
the child can recognise a few simple words, then some of those games
might suit.     I also have made up games using very simple words on
some verses from the book of Daniel and also from I John.    If you
would like to see these, I can send them as a document so please
contact me any time.     All my game ideas are free for the taking.
They can be made at no cost from cereal packet card.
Heather Mackie

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4) Sharing Space

Hello in there!  This is to Brenda who shares her church class with the
school within the church. I have the same problem.  We are a small church
with no class to use for children church but the church's fellowship
hall.  /our Pastor has school through the week there. the one small room
for craft supplies also has school books and a food pantry.  HO! HO!  I
have to carry all my stuff back and forth from home each Sunday.  But what
a blessing to have good teachers to help the kids.  I have had three to go
through school and all are doing well in life. It is a mess but the kids
don't seem to mind so I guess we just have to be content with where God
puts us and content with what we have.  I've taught now for 34 years- all
in small churches.
I bet your dream is the same as mine--A wonderful large room just for the
kids and all their things and supplies.  Oh yes!!!!!  Even though it can
be real hectic try and on focus on the lessons and the love you have in
the ministry to the kids.  Would you believe I even have to buy all my
material and craft supplies.   Want to hear something funny-- I have a
room at home that is just as messed up---Everyones call it the Holy
Room!!  And then theres the homeschool books from the 3rd grade up th
12th.  I have all my Children church material of 34 years too! I work and
work on doing all the files--I get it all cleaned up--and then as I go
through the next group of files--well thats my life-- I also keep my 2 yr.
grandaughter.  We do alot of crafts and painting.  But isn't it the
best-when you see how excited all the kids get.  Well Brenda -Just block
out the mess and --roll those sleaves and have a good time teaching the
kids about Jesus. 
God Bless you!  Suzanne

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--> Amazing Miracles of the Bible

God’s glory and love are revealed through the miracles he performed and
were fully realized when he came to earth in the form of a man to save
mankind. By studying the miracles of the Bible children will gain a better
understanding of God’s love and faithfulness and how he continues to be
loving and faithful in miraculous ways to his people today. Great for
rotation-type programs!

In the Curriculum Creatives:

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5) Sharing Space with a Christian School

Our Sunday school program is not even close to your size, however, we do
share your dilemma. We currently do a children's church program for our
Sunday school class, so all of our children are in one large class. This
is held in an addition we built on about 7 years ago that is used for our
Christian school/fellowship hall/Sunday School room, etc. It has certainly
been a challenge with decorating during the school year, and it also has
posed problems with curious Sunday School kids wanting to explore the
desks, look at all the books in the bookshelves, etc., during Sunday
School. A couple of years ago, we finally hit on a solution. We made
"walls" from refrigerator boxes (you can get these from your local
appliance store) and painted them in accordance to our theme. We clear out
most ot the schoool stuff from the center, and prop the walls up,
eliminating most of the distractions and giving us ample room to decorate.
Plus, it really makes the room look really neat. We've had fort walls,
castle wall, a snowy landscape, etc. They are a lot of work, both with
decorating - we are blessed with a talented lady in the church who has
helped tremendously with this - and with the setup and clean up as we work
to turn the school room into a Sunday School room and then back again, but
it is WELL worth it!! The boxes hold up pretty well - we have reused some
three times or so but we keep replinishing our supply each time we switch

If you have any other questions or would like to see pictures, please feel
free to e-mail me at: scrapgirl03@yahoo.com Please state Sunday School
walls as your subject.
Hope this helps!
1st PC

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6) B.A.S.I.C. Training - Youth Service

  Hi All,
    I'd like to respond to David's request for suggestions the children
may use when they take over their upcoming church service.  A few years
ago, we "borrowed" an idea that was used at our Confirmation Celebration. 
It was called, "B.A.S.I.C." Training and the letters stood
for:  "Brothers And Sisters In Christ."   The Call to Worship was a
responsive reading where the men and women repeated what was read to them
by the children.   I remember the kids picking songs like, "Onward
Christian Soldiers" and I believe they even got the congregation to sing,
"The Lord's Army."  Its been many years since we did this particular
service and those are just a few things that come to mind.  If you're
interested in more, please contact me and I'll do a little digging in our
church's files. 
     We just did a  Youth Sunday at our church so  I guess that's why I
responded so quickly to this note.  We're blessed to have a group of kids
in our church who look forward to taking over the service and its an even
bigger blessing for them to be so appreciated.   Seeing the church of
tomorrow through the eyes of the youth of today is so reassuring.  Enjoy
your youth!
Laurie Lynn

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7) Special Needs Child

As a certified special ed teacher, mother of a special needs child, and a
Sunday School teacher-- my advice regarding what to do with your special
student is this: talk to Mom and Dad about him.  Approach them privately
and say something like, "we don't feel like we are doing a very good job
of meeting your son's needs. Is there anything you could tell us that
would help us serve your son better?"  Usually, parents of special needs
kids have lots to share about their child!!!  They've been down this road
with his school teachers and so they will be able to share some things
that have been successful in the past.  Also, remember that usually the
goals for special needs kids are not just academic- if Mom and Dad are
sending him to Sunday School-it's most likely that their goals for him are
social and, of course, to get some basic knowledge of Jesus, prayer,
worship, etc.
If this child exhibits behaviors similar to those of a preshcool age
child, then you should plan on changing his activity every 10-15 minutes. 
Perhaps provide a shelf of activities just for him- find out what he
likes.... puzzles, clay, coloring, listening to music or books on tape,
foam art activities... and let him do some of those things when the rest
of the class is doing something that isn't "working" for this child. 
Don't remove him from the activity- just provide him a space to do these
things where he can still be around his peers.  Perhaps different children
in your class could help be "responsible" for him- a different child each
week so it doesn't become a burden on them.  Talk to the kids beforehand
and ask them if they'd be comfortable helping you out with "Billy."  They
can assist him in choosing, doing and changing activities that he selects
from the shelf.  This will free you up a bit as the teacher, and sometimes
kids are better at managing each other than an adults is!  Also try
talking to the kids as a whole group (minus Billy) about how he's
different and how you expect them to react to his inappropriate behavior. 
We have a little girl with Down's Syndrome in our SS Program and her mom
came in a spoke to the kids about her.  She read a book about a little
girl with Down's and then explained to them some of the things Ashley
might do that are inappropriate.  She then led a short discussion with the
kids about what they could do to help Ashley learn the right behaviors and
what they shouldn't do to encourage inappropriate behaviors!  And lastly-
the obvious: adapt as many activites as possible for Billy in order to
keep him included. 
I hope this helps! 
In Christ-
Julie Kincaid

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8) Hospitalized child?

Hi Sarah,
    It's so good to see that you have not lost your wonderful sense of
humor!!  Keep up with your wonderful humor!  We all need to hear it to
reassure ourselves that you are okay.
    I certainly hope very much that you will be around for a long, long
time.  So many of us teachers have become so dependent on all the
wonderful assistance with our problems, terrific ideas, etc.  I turn to
your site all the time!!!!!  I'd be lost without it--and I love all the
wonderful remarks/humor you include in your writings.  When I open my
emails I always look for that SSTN email to read first.
    Yes, I was going to ask you and the other readers if they have any new
ideas on ways to help a little boy adjust to a hospital stay.  The little
guy from my SS class is 9 years old.  He has been in hospital for a week
and may have a long stay ahead of him.  He's a very sick little boy.  The
children from my class have made up cards and letters for him.  Tomorrow
I'll be sending him a little shoebox full of the letters and some small
little toys for him to play with when he feels better.  I'm adding a bunch
of SS papers and activity books that he can do when he feels up to it. 
Every day I plan on mailing a note or card from the kids and myself--so he
gets something in the mail everyday from his SS class.  I feel like I
should be/could be doing more for him.  But I'm coming up blank.  He can
not have any visitors at all--so we can't go visit him.  He has a tube
down his throat so he can't talk on phone, or talk at all, he hasn't ate
in over a week--in case of emergency surgery is needed again. So he can't
have any type of food. 
     Plus this is a ADHD child--in bed for over a week.  His poor parents
and nurses!!!!!  Does anyone have any ideas????  (I'm sending his parents
notes and cards too.) He also can't have flowers or balloons yet either. 
This is the first time I've had one of "my munchkins" be so ill--so I'm at
a loss as what else I can do.  He doesn't like to read or color.  Most
games frustrate him.
Can anyone help me????  Please.  Any suggestions anyone has will be
wonderful.  Thank each one who responds to my request.
    June H.

--from SSTN: Thank you so much for your encouraging words. It sounds like
you are on the right track for this boy. If he can play with handheld
electronic games or have access to a television/video player with videos
to watch, these might help him.
When I was 21 I spent three weeks in the hospital and 9 months in a body
cast from back surgery. One of the things that helped me during my
hospital stay was receiving daily cards. I recall one person in particular
who sent me a card everyday and some of the cards had activities included
in them. Many days I didn't feel like doing the activities, but getting
the card was fun.

Your sister in Jesus,
Sarah Keith <><

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--> Jesus Ascending Mini-Movie

A unique flip-card pattern for children to color and assemble, then watch
the resurrected Jesus ascend into the clouds. Kids make it and take it
home!  Print out as many patterns as you need for a onetime fee. To see a
picture and to learn more,
follow this link:  

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9) Discipline and Praise kids

One of the things we did was have our kids sign a covenant agreement that
specificially outlined acceptable behavivor. All parents had to sign as
well. That way our children understood what the consequences are if they
misbehaive. What this does is sets specific guidelines for them. They will
test these guidelines.. but, whatever consequences you state... stay
consistant and follow thru. They will start to respond.

Nancy Fidler

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10 Church Drama Team    

>Hello I help out with the youth drama team and we
>are looking for dramas to perform ...

To Candace:

Here's a website that has skits.

Cathy Bodell, Frankfort, Michigan

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11) Need Used Missionettes Material?

I am Missionettes Sponsor/Coordinator at our church.  I am seeking
used/unwanted Missionettes curriculum and support material for the program
at our church - material does not necessarily have to be current issue. 
Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much,

Sharon Coughlin

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12) Disciplining Children

There are a few things I have used that help.  I do not know it your kids
will respond but you can try it:
Have a quiet seat.  Choose one seat before class and whoever is sitting in
that seat, if they have behaved, gets a small prize.
Use a puppet and you and the puppet explain the rules you want them to
follow.  Several websites have cute funny skits for this.  Print the rules
and keep before the kids.
Have a chair with a cover over the top of the chair made of black and
white striped material.  To do this, make two pieces the shape of the top
of chair bask and sew together and slip over it.  Set the chair apart.  If
a child acts up, he has to sit in the chair for a few short minutes.  Make
up a name for the chair which will help them want to avoid it.
Are some of the kids interested?  If so, when you are speaking and some of
the kids are causing trouble, stop talking, look at them and wait until
they settle down.  The kids who want to listen may tell them to stop,
too.  (This may not work with totally undisciplined kids but it has worked
for me)
Most of all, pray.  And pray.  And pray.
Helen Setser

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