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March 4, 2000
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ash wednesday and palm sunday
the "Christian-aire Game"
Joseph's Brothers Go to Egypt
Jacob and Esau-Man's way and God's way

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I would really like some suggestions on ash wednesday and palm sunday, I'd like to explain it to 5 year olds. If you have any craft ideas to go with them that would be appreciated. Thanks, Marianne

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I thought I should share with you one BIG way of showing kids how to
spread God's Word. When I was younger (I'm 16 now!) my Christian friend
and I used to pass out tracts to people on walks, outside, AS we picked
up liter on the street. TRACTS are little 1-6 page pamphlets that tell
the Gospel simply but clearly and there are ones for the saved and for
hurting people etc.etc. So many to choose from. I use to correspond with
a prisoner who was converted to Christianity IN prison and he showed me
this great was of reaching out to people. NOW I have been doing this ever
since.... sending a tract with each of my letters I write. Here are some
great addresses (some are on the internet for easy ordering, most are
FREE for God's ministry) to write and receive an ordering sheet for all
kinds of tracts. Many are for children, too, and what a great way of
having them reach out!!!!!!!!

Moments With The Book
609 s.Thomas St.
P.O. Box 322
Bedford, Pennsylvania 15522-0322
(publishes little magazines called "Moments for You" which you can print
out back issues are their internet site, GREAT object lessons in them,
like a wolf and sunflower! EXCELLANT! You can receive them by mail, too,
just request it! )

The Tract league2627 Elmridge Dr, N.W.
Gran Rapids, MI 49544-1329

Osterhus Publishing House
4500 W.Broadway
Minneapolis, MN 55422-1199
( publishes a newsletter called "The Bible Friend", we receive this and
it has GREAT poems, articles, mail bags, missionary news etc.etc., it has
WONDERFUL ideas for teachers, too! )

Grace and Truth
210 Chesnut St.
Danville, IL 61832
( also publishes a GREAT magazine called Grace & Truth that has WONDERFUL
articles, we've received this for about 2 years now and LOVE

Free Gospel Tracts
P.O. Box 486
Macedon, NY

****I am praying that you could in some way use the ministry of TRACTS to
encourage saints in the Lord or bring the unsaved to Christ, or just
benefit from them yourself! Give it a try! I have a whole tupperware full
of tracts that I hope to use my whole life. By the way, these places send
out free tract packs every once and awhile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A GREAT
book on a man who lived His life for God using TRACTS as His tool to
serve is: "A SOWER went Forth" by Martha Shenk Palmer (Rod & Staff) His
wife wrote the book about her husband and her ministry!!!!!!!!! READ it,
it is the best book I've ever read (besides the Bible! :0)

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he "Christian-aire Game":
I went to www.biblequizzes.com and was thrilled to see hundreds of
questions with 4 possible answers to each. (Examples: What did the
apostle Peter do for a living? and Where was Jesus raised?) The object
of this site is to email the answers away and see how many you got
right, so the answers are not given to you. However, many of the answers
you will know from your own bible knowledge. Choose the questions that
best suit your kids and their age levels.

I wrote down the questions I wanted to use (about 32 in total) on index
cards and sorted 24 of them in groups of three: 1 easy question, 1 a
little harder and 1 difficult. This would allow for 8 games. The other 8
questions (easy ones)were used to pick the player from the larger group
of 35 kids to come up and play the actual game; just like on the TV
show. (As most of the kids knew the answers to these ones, I had parent
volunteers tell me whose hand went up first.)

Once up at the front, I asked the first question, which all of the kids
could answer. They knew they would receive at least one small prize.
Then the second question. If they didn't know the answer they could ask
one friend in the audience. If they didn't know they could ask the
entire audience or guess. If they answered correctly they would receive
a nicer prize. If they answered the final question they received the
best prize; if they couldn't and hadn't used up their "ask a friend" or
"ask the audience" they could use those chances here. The prizes were
just candy, bookmarks and keychains.

The only problem I had was that not all the kids were able to play the
game. In my case there were 35 in attendance and I think boredom
would've set in. No one was upset though as everyone had fun and had an
equal chance. It was amazing how much fun the game was and how fast the
time went. Enjoy!

Janis (Ontario, Canada)

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> Joseph's Brothers Go to Egypt. The story is where they travel to Egypt
> Can you help with any craft ideas so the children will remember the lesson?

An idea would be to have the children make their own "coat of many
colors" by using a paper bag. Turn it upside down, and cut a hole
for their heads and arms - then let them decorate their own coats of
many colors. Tie it in by asking questions that they can relate to the
story while fashioning their coats! Should we treat others the way we
would like to be treated? How did the brothers treat Joseph? How
did Joseph treat the brothers? Etc.

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I will be telling the story of Jacob and Esau to 3-5 yr.olds and hope to emphasize on Jacob's way of getting the birthright and God's way of giving the birthright to Jacob. The aim of my lesson is to let the children know that God desires our love and obedience through this story.

Is there anybody who knows a craft, games etc. to help me in this lesson? Thanks a lot!

Singapore Bible Baptist Church (Filipino Mission)

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