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SSTN  # 2 - January 10, 2002

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1) Names of Jesus   
2) Memorize Bible Names?
3) Jesus at the Temple?
4) Bible Olympics?   
5) Updating Sunday School Program?
6) Spanish resources?
7) Ten Commandments Memory Trick- thanks!!
8) Inexpensive Christmas gifts
9) Used curriculum
10) Lessons on removing Christmas Decor
11) Gospel Colors
12) Dinosaur VBS

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1) Names of Jesus   

A good source of crafts/lessons is the Adorenments and the activity
book that goes along with it. Also a work book called "Names of Jesus"
from the Life and Lessons of Jesus Series. I think the work book is put
out by Shining Star Publications. You might check with your local
Christian Book Store to see what type of workbooks they might have.
Rosemary Lare
Rootstown, OH

--from SSTN: I was able to locate the second book, Names of Jesus. It is
now available in the Bookstore-Christian Education department:


Sarah K. <><

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2) Memorize Bible Names?

I'm looking for a way to teach kids to memorize the books of the
bible in order. Please help

--from SSTN: make sure you check the Archives List. Also, one thing I do
each week is to have the kids read through the Bible names from the table
of contents. By the end of the year, most have it memorized. Also, in the
BOOKSTORE MUSIC section you can find Bible memory songs: 

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The Legend of the Valentine

Marcus, a nine-year-old African-American boy living in Alabama at the
height of the Civil Rights movement, learns a meaningful lesson about
forgiveness through the story of St. Valentine.
In the Bookstore-Holidays section:


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3) Jesus at the Temple?

This is December 27, I am looking for a craft idea to do with ages 4-12 on
Jesus at the temple to go along with the other teachers lesson. I am in
charge of the crafts for our sunday school classes and I am having trouble
finding something to do this sunday
(12-30) if you could help me I need this by saturday morning so I can get
the stuff together i need.  your help would be a blessing to me.
Thank You,
Deborah Leighton

--from SSTN: Dear Deborah, sorry your posting didn't make it into SSTN
sooner. When possible, try to get your postings in 2-3 weeks ahead of when
you'll need the answer. ysic, sarah k.

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4) Bible Olympics?   

During the Winter Olympics this year, we are planning to have Bible
Olympics with our elementary-age children (approximately 120 kids).
Having never done this we are
looking for resources and ideas? 

Currently, we are thinking of dividing them into small groups of 6-8 and
assigning each group a different place to represent.   They will make
banners to display from the place and we will replicate the opening and
closing ceremonies.  We also would like relays based on various bible
stories -- but again our resources are limited. Has anyone done this
before?  What types of activities, games, etc., have they used?
Thanks for your help.  --Kathy

--from SSTN: I know there's info in the Archives List:

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5) Updating Sunday School Program?

Merry christmas and a blessed new year. Actually i need your advice on how
to make the sunday school at my church more attractive. In terms of the
setting, routine , creative ideas and motivating the sunday school
teachers. I was a sunday school teacher for 7 years and then i was away
from the service for 10 years. Now i am back but i still find the system
still the same meanwhile the kids changed . Please help me to update
.Thank u very much and looking forward to hearing from u .

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6) Spanish resources?

I would to know is there are spanish resources for christian kids

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7) Ten Commandments Memory Trick- thanks!!

God bless you, whoever responded from Carryduff Elim Church, Edgar Avenue,
Carryduff, Belfast, Northern Ireland for the very helpful Ten Commandments
memory trick. (#263) It will be shared with many Sunday School teachers at
Elmbrook Church, Brookfield, Wisconsin!
Bonita Sanders  :-)

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8) Inexpensive Christmas gifts

<< I need inexpensive Christmas gift ideas to give my students in my
<School class. The ages are from 4-8 years old. Any suggestions would be

I know this is too late for this year but maybe next year. I went to our
.99 cents store and found great Bible coloring books, then I went next
door to Pick and Save and bought boxes of 45(or so) crayons for only .39
cents per box! I added a candy cane and had great gift for less than $1.50
per child, these discount stores are great recourses when on a budget!
Sun City, Ca.

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9) Used curriculum   

I teach Children's Church 6-10 year olds.  I am also in charge of
crafting for that age. We are a small church with limited resources.  I
buy all the supplies the children need for their class, plus it's up to me
to also come up with lesson plans etc. If anyone has any used curriculum
they no longer need, I would deeply appreciate it.  I would be more than
happy to pay postage and handling.
You can contact me at  rfriend@iocc.com
your sister in Christ Rhonda

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10) Lessons on removing Christmas Decor

hey all, Christmas holidays are over, but we can still use the decorations
for teaching lessons.  Here are some ideas for making the put away part of
the lesson.  as you test the lights before you put them away (no-one wants
to store spoiled lights right?) ask the kids to count their blessings as
each light shows up in working order.  list them on the board will get the
others involved and maybe make a reflection book to remind themselves thru
the year.  putting away the ornaments can be the teaching of a lesson on
the care we should take of our Bibles and other secred books (and don't
forget the dear hymnals that nost kids dont treat right).  stop here and
make Biblle book covers (glue, quilt batting and durable, pretty
fabric).you can also use this as a lesson in how the Jewish people took
special care of the special books and shew-bread etc.when they take away
the flowers (pointsetta--which can be kept till the next year or planted
to grow in a garden), let the kids be reminded that the care they take to
take care of God's creation--plants) means that they honor him, by always
taking care of the earth (maybe a project of clean-up in a neighborhood or
some dear little grandma's yard will reinforce this?)With the cold weather
starting to take over so much of the north, let the kids make suet for the
birds as a reminder that the gift of loving each other and God's nature,
must keep going.  let them gather the pine-cones falling and use the
bright strings that were on their own gifts to tie up the bird feeder.

i have something to say to all:everyone i have known and heard about who
goes on a mission trip is changed and learns to appreciate their bounty in
the USA.today our SS classes need to remember their own bounty and they
need to be a part of someone else's "blessings to remember."  We can not
go to the middle east, we can't even see our relatives off at the airplane
gate anymore, but kids can make a difference.  To do this they will need
all of you SS teachers to lead the way with creative ways to win the love
of your friends and show them Jesus is alive and well in your SS  class.
That is how i found Jesus and that is how he became real to me; thru the
love of my friends who brought me and the SS teacher, who kept me coming
Happy Creative and Thoughtful New Year to All, 
sincerely, a

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11) Gospel Colors

Kids POWer Hour has a series (one quarter) called "Kids - God's
The setting is an artists studio and the kids learn a Bible lesson each
week tied to a color.  Your mascot is the artist.  There is also a song
about the colors included on the tape.  Our kid's loved this one!  You can
order from www.upci.org/pph. Cost is 16.99 for the manual (isbn
70-1-56722-194-5) and $6.99 for the tape (70-0-7577-8303-8).

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12) Dinosaur VBS

>We are hoping to do our own VBS next summer on the theme of dinosaurs;
>possible dinosaurs and creation vs. evolution

www.answersingenesis.org  has wonderful resources that you could use

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