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SSTN #2- January 6, 2003

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--> Jesus Lights Me Up!

1) White Elephant Exchange Gifts   
2) The Crayon Song
3) Jesus Baptism Craft Idea
4) Santa and Christmas
5) Happy New Year
6) Rewards for Dealing with Disruptive Children

--> Christian Patterns-In-A-Pocket

7) Ongoing saga of disruptive children
8) We Have Used Curriculum To Give Away
9) Divorced and a pastor
10) Divorced and a pastor
11) Disruptive Children
12) Divorced and a pastor

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--> Jesus Lights Me Up! TM

Five reproducible patterns to cover and decorate single light switch cover
plates. Patterns include: a lion, a lamb, a ladybug, a butterfly, and a
whale. Each pattern comes with accompanying Scripture and Bible points.
A great project to accompany your midweek program!

In the Curriculum section: 

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1) White Elephant Exchange Gifts   

> We are looking for new ideas for opening white elephant gifts.

Play Bingo.
Alphabetical Order.
Ask a particular "Get to know you" type of question when the adults
arrive.  Have prepared sign-up sheets with one answer on each page, plus
another sheet for "other choice".  At exchange time, scramble the pages
and read off names in order.  Questions might be:  Number of Siblings,
Number of Pets, Favorite Holiday Dish or Desert, Favorite Color, Home Town
or State, Birth Month.  Have fun with it.

~~Vicki Logan, yogieg@home.ffni.com 

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2) The Crayon Song   

> > The Crayon Song I learned many years ago was:

> > "When I was a little child no higher than your knee
> > My Momma gave me a box of crayons just for me.
> > I picked them up, I opened them up and I looked way down inside.
(Ed. For the rest of the words, email listed below)

Please note that anyone wishing my reply should list "Crayon Song" in the
subject line.  I do not respond to e-mails I do not recognize.

Terri Mulberry

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3) Jesus Baptism Craft Idea   

>I have coloring sheets but need craft ideas."

Here's a take-home puppet idea: 
Reduce the coloring sheet of John baptizing Jesus.
Cut out, and let the kids Color and Glue the picture to a craft stick.
Poke the stick down through the inside of a disposable cup, and through
the bottom. Use a gluestick to glue blue tissue paper over the cup's rim
to represent the water.

~~Vicki Logan, yogieg@home.ffni.com

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4) Santa and Christmas

Thanks for these informative newsletters!

For those concerned about the Santa concept, try looking back at the
origins of this legend and NOT at this Americanized selling image.  There
are several good books out there ( we have purchased them at local
Christian bookstores).  Stress why he did what he did and Who he loved.  I
know families at our church that have deleted all Santa from their
celebration, we didn't want to go that far. At our house kids get a note
from St.Nicholas on 12/6 to remind them  that Christ is Christmas and a
small token in their shoe ( also highlights of their year and gentle
reminders about their behavior).  This is a good way to open discussion
about other early servants of the Lord.  St. Nicholas leaves only one
present behind for Christmas.
Things really got out of hand after a certain poem was
P.S. We use minimal Santa Claus decorations-just ornaments given over the

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5) Happy New Year

Wishing you & all SSTN contributers a Holy & Blessed Christmas and a
joyful year ahead to rejoice in the Lord's abundant gifts to everyone!

Lucille from Malaysia

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6) Rewards for Dealing with Disruptive Children

>After all, God Himself uses his promises and rewards to encourage us to
stay on the >right track.  We all receive his free gift of salvation when
we believe and accept Jesus

I agree with Sally.  Regardless of how we feel about a situation, we
should always line it up with the WORD OF GOD.   We know that salvation is
free...but when we meet our Lord Jesus Christ face to face, He Himself has
promised to reward us.   Should we not be the same as the one we serve???

Through out my experiences of teaching children and adults..... I get far
more co-operation if I reward the GOOD BEHAVIOR, then the bad.  I also
find that if I keep (the one who is disrupting the class) him or her busy,
the behavior changes.  I really don't have to hold the book I am reading
out of....the distrupter can stand beside me and hold it for me.   Let me
tell you.... I have some "distrupters" in my adult class.  I seldom pin up
a map.  The "distrupters" are less bothersome if they are responsible for
holding up a map or participate in a skit!

brenda in Sask, Canada

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7) Ongoing saga of disruptive children

I live in Perth, Western Australia, and have been
following this discussion with interest. However, it
seems to me that many teachers are missing the whole

I teach Junior Church here in Perth, and I believe
this is a ministry that God has given to me. My
ministry is to teach children about God, NOT to spend
time with misbehaving students, and I explain this to
the children at the beginning of each year (and as
necessary during the year).

If any child misbehaves during Junior Church time they
all know that one of two things will happen. Either
they will be sent to a younger group, who are told
that this student still needs to learn what THEY are
learning (ie how to behave in Junior Church) OR
(depending on the severity of the disruption) they
will be told they are showing by their behaviour that
they are trying to cause ME to be disobedient to God
(ie by NOT teaching) and are returned to their
parents. When this happens they are always told they
are welcome to return next week.

My being well prepared for the lesson, and making it a
time for fun as well as learning, ensures that they
hate to miss out on their class. We rarely have
persistent misbehaviour - although one or two will
test the boundaries occasionally! But I am always
consistent in my response - I make it very clear that
I will not allow ANYONE to cause me to be disobedient
to God. They may not waste my teaching time, though
I'm willing to spend any amount of time with them
outside of class time.

The children all know THEY are responsible for their
behaviour, and the consequences of that behaviour.

Yours in Christ,
Pat Pollard.

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8) We Have Used Curriculum To Give Away

I'm looking for a ministry or a need that could put our church's gently
used Sunday School material to use.
Thank You
Pam - Cornerstone


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9) Divorced and a pastor

I believe it would depend on the circumstances leading to the divorce.
The breakup of a marriage can happen for so many reasons; and unless those
reasons are *clearly* shown - on the pastor's part - to be in violation of
Scripture, I don't think that anyone is in a position to judge.  I think
that many divorced people can still be effective shepherds, but some
prayerful scrutiny would be required to discern their capability.

Heidi/NY  <(((><

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10) Divorced and a Pastor

My answer would be simply no - I do not think a divorced person should be
a pastor, unless the divorce was due to reasons outlined in the Bible that
are acceptable to the Lord.  A pastor should be someone that follows the
word of the Lord as truely as possible and that helps others to steer
clear of the negative issues that we deal with today, issues that are
clearly mentioned in the Bible as wrong....I do not agree that a pastor
can be divorced under any other circumstances other than what is stated in
the Bible.

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11) Disruptive Children

I applaud all who are willing to take their time to help these special
children.  Whether their problems are home life issues, ADHD, or simply a
lack of dicipline, Children ARE our most precious valuable and if we, as
their leaders in Christ do not take the time to help them on their road to
adulthood than where else should they expect to find this help?  Surely
not in their schools, where drugs and sex run free, surely not on
television, where all things that are clearly outlined in the Bible as sin
are accepted with open arms and laughs, surely not from their music groups
and teen idols - who only teach our youth that beautiful is the only
answer, and that skimply clothing and sexual lyrics are the "only" way to
go.  I am not a believer that these things can totally influence a childs
choices in life - but do believe that without someone to look up to it
makes it almost impossible for a child these days to stand up against
these negative influences and to practice their ow!
n Christian beliefs.  For those that are turning the disruptive children
away from your classes, remember, God didnt turn his back on you, and as I
stated in a previous message regarding this same subject, he may have
placed this child in your care for a reason...who are you to disagree?

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12) Divorced and a pastor

Our pastor was divorced several years ago.  His wife no longer wanted to
be a pastor's wife.  If ng a teacher?  he had his way, they would still be
married, but she wanted out.  So you have a great pastor, who loves the
Lord, talented singer, great preacher and teacher...and he should stop all
that because of a divorce he didn't want?  I suppose it depends on the
cirumstances of the person you are talking about...was the pastor cheating
orabusing his wife, etc?  Then the elders of the church should sit down
and talk with the pastor RE the divorce.  I'm sure there are those reading
this now that have been divorced...does that mean because of their spouse
wanting a divorce, or because of an abusive marriage that they needn't to
get out of, they should stop be teacher?  The talent, spiritual example
and dedication of some divorced teachers would be greatly wasted!  And the
devil  would be dancing in hell because of that!

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