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SSTN # 2 - January 7, 2005

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Lessons For The New Year

1) Ideas for 2 Tim 3:16-17?
2) Recycled strawberry baskets
3) Don't Get Ripped Off
4) Christ and Christmas
5) Burnt Out
6) Heidi

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7) Taking Christ out of Christmas
8) Party for Jesus
9) Wisemen Costumes
10) Bible Distribution in Turkey

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Lessons For The New Year

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1) Ideas for 2 Tim 3:16-17?

I will be teaching this bible memory verse 2 Tim 3:16-17 to Grade 1-6
children in my Sunday School. Can anyone help with creative ideas to
explain in practical ways how to apply this verse. Thanks & wish all a
peaceful and warm New Year.
Suzie Quek

--from SSTN:
2 Tim 3:16-17 says, "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for
teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the
man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work."

I love those verses! My first thought is, "the Bible is our instruction
manual", without it we wouldn't know how to please and love God. To
reinforce this point you could set up stations with ingredients to make a
simple food item and a toy that requires simple assembly, but don't
include the recipe or instructions. Divide children into teams to try and
figure out how to make the items. After a few minutes of trying, have the
teams switch activities. Then, after a few minutes of having them try the
new activity make the point that without the instructions it is difficult,
if not impossible, to know how to perform their tasks. Now give them the
instructions and allow them to complete their tasks. Once they've
finished, make the point that the Bible is our instruction manual from God
for living a life that pleases and honors Him. Without the Bible we are
lost and confused, like we were when we tried to complete our tasks
without the instructions. But with the Bible we are able to know how to
love God. (Even if the tasks were completed incorrectly or they needed
help to complete them, this too can be used to point out that when we fail
to do right, even though we have the Bible, our instruction manual, God
still loves us and his Spirit will help us to live right when we turn from
doing wrong and ask Jesus to be our Savior and Forever Friend.)

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith

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2) Recycled strawberry baskets

Sarah: In our area you do not get strawberries in baskets anymore.  I know
you do in FL and CA, but when they are shipped they are put in plastic
containers.  Any time a craft calls for strawberry baskets we cannot use
La Marque, TX

--from SSTN: Another great craft item gone. ;o(
Add to that glass baby food jars. Bummer!

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3) Don't Get Ripped Off!

With the recent Sunami disaster comes the thieves and evil doers. Please
be careful who you donate to. Don't be fooled into giving to an
organization simply because they claim to be Christian. The following
website is very helpful in determining how much of your donation actually
goes to the victims and not to administrative costs:


Also, pray for the orphaned children, I learned on the news last night
that the slave traders are actively pursuing them at this time.
God have mercy!

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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4) Christ and Christmas

Dear All
When people talk of the need, or not, to celebrate Christmas, I think of
the need for Jews to celebrate Purim.  This celebrated, I believe, the
saving of the Jewish nation by the intervention of Queen Esther.  The Jews
still celebrate this today, but it is not a commandment for them to do
so.  Likewise, if our consciences permit, we too have the freedom to
celebrate the birth of Him by Whom we are saved.
Christian Love
J Clarke

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5) Burnt Out

I recently asked for advice concerning being burnt out at church. I can't
say that it's any better yet, but I just wanted to let you all know how
much I appreciate your advice and prayers. This was something that I
really didn't have anyone at church that I could talk to about, and you
were all there for me. I don't know any of you personally, but I still
feel like I have friends here at SSTN. So, Thank you for your support. I
will do everything I can to return the favor.

P.S. I would like to clarify about the safty issue. We have about 25 - 30
children on a good Sunday morning. I have a few wonderful people who help,
but not enough. I am always working with the children, and never in
service. Thank you for your concern, I had never looked at this as a safty
risk. Thank you.

Your friend in Christ,

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6) Heidi

      We will keep your family in our prayers. Continue to hold onto the
Lord for guidance. He will see you and your family through this difficult
time. God Bless you and Yours. I ask that all Christian Crafters pray for
Heidi and her family. continue to lift her up in prayer for strength.
In Christ,

--from SSTN: a reminder that Heidi's husband, John, is in critical
condition from a drunk-driver hitting him. We are praying!
sarah keith <><

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7) Taking Christ out of Christmas

I agree with you!  Praise God for people like you.  Keep up the wonderful
ministry in Him.


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8) Party for Jesus

This year we ordered 50 canvas bags from Oriental Trading, Bible teddy
bears, and the color bead cross crafts and each child brings in a small
gift ( boy for boy and girl for girl), a candy treat, a book, puzzle or
game, crayons, glue, fabric paint, coloring book and other goodies to
place inside the bags. Our goal this year is to fill 25 sacks full of
goodies. Each sack will have a fabric paint in it so that the child it is
given to may decorate their own bag. The children in my 3yr old class at
church and at the preschool where I work will fill the sacks and make gift
tags simply saying Love from your friend in Christ, and the child's first
name. these bags will be given to the Local DFACS office for children in
need of christmas. My school children also made homemade fruit baskets and
cards, we took a field trip to a local nursing home, visited the the
elderly and sang christmas songs to them. My sunday school class also made
56 christmas cards for the nursing home and we are also hoping to make
fruit baskets as well. Instead of recieving gifts in our class we are
making gifts for others and learning the joy in giving to others. My hopes
are to pass on  a small amount of what christ has giving so much of to us
and teach the children that christmas is a celebration of christ and how
he was born for us and that he gave all for us.
Your friend in HIM

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9) Wisemen Costumes

Responding to Michele Perry - Hit Dollar Tree and Goodwill/Salvation
Army... Use Sheets, Drapes, Bedspreads. For the base, Cut the sheet
closest to body Fold according to the height of the man. In order to make
it floor length in the front, it won't be floor length in the back. Cut a
circle , Let's say your guy is tallish, fold a quarter of the sheet down
and cut a semicircle where he will put it over his head. Use a second
sheet as a robe in the back. Half a sheet for the head dress. Use package
cording from dollar tree. Or wired ribbon is great too. The more layers of
fabric the more authentic looking. Use fabric glue and glitter for
jewels... Hope this helps. If all else fails Have the men wear a suit and
put on a modern Nativity.

Peace, Jamie

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10)  Bible Distribution in Turkey

The following report was sent to SSTN concerning Bible distribution from
missionaries in Turkey. God's intervention is our only hope for peace in
this world!


Day Four saw 6,350 New Testaments distributed today by Alo Dua Istanbul!
We were on CNN Turk TV tonight. CNN Turk TV did a special on Protestants
in Turkey. They also interviewed different people who had received NTs
from us on the street this week. A newspaper article was written against
us saying that we are “distributing NTs in a Muslim country”.

Please pray for us! The battle is fierce. We got a flat tire, our van full
of NTs got towed away (we found the tow truck down the street just in
time), we are running out of NTs. But the New Testaments are going out
like crazy!
People on the street ask, “How much are you being paid to do
this? Are you a secret agent? Why are you distributing New Testaments in a
Muslim country? Why don’t you distribute the Koran? Is what you are
doing illegal?” The Traffic Police Chief, some teachers, a famous
singer – all got New Testaments. A police car drove by. The policeman
rolled down his window, snapped his fingers, and told one of our guys to
give him a NT.
One fellow began pulling one of our women, saying that he was going to
bring her to the police station. Then he went to one of our other guys,
and began pulling his jacket, and saying he was going to bring him also
to the police station. He was ready to fight. Then, the police drove by
and he went to complain, but the police said that we are okay. There
were many people who were grateful, and there were others who were
angry. Please pray. The intensity is increasing as up till now, we have
distributed 24,350 New Testaments in four days. The talk on the streets
is about the NT. Please pray for a mighty breakthrough. We are tired and
are only half-way through. Everyday, people are coming forward and
saying they want to become Christians. We desperately need your prayers.
Rejoice! The Lord Jesus is lifted up in Turkey!

AND a follow up since the New Year:

Thousands of New Testaments went out in
Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir. Alo Dua Izmir got their ok one hour before
they were going out on the streets. Alo Dua Ankara had to do a last
minute location switch, due to threat of protestors. One newspaper
reported that, “Models are giving out New Testaments in Istanbul”. “New
Testaments are being given out on the streets!” Alo Dua Ankara
distributed 12,000 NTs. Alo Dua Izmir distributed 3,000 NTs. And Alo Dua
Istanbul distributed 39,500 NTs. The total of the three cities is 54,500
New Testaments distributed this Christmas Outreach!

Great things the Lord has done:

- The police went from being main opponents - to helping hand out NTs
and getting NTs themselves! Another time, they arrested a fundamentalist
who was handing out papers against us and stirring up trouble.

- After being out on the streets, the Turkish believers who were
distributing with us are strengthened, and realize that they could
publicly be bold for their faith.

- There were reports about the NT Distribution on the internet, TV,
radio, and newspapers – free advertising!

- People are realizing that NT distribution and being a Christian is
possible, and normal in this nation.

For this we give Jesus the glory, and the honor, and the praise! The
streets were full of talk about the New Testament. People were reading
their New Testaments...The Lord is lifted up! Thank you with all our
from all of us working with Alo Dua in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir.

(We encourage you to use this article, testimonies, reprint in hard copy
form, as well as sending to your own email lists and posting on your own
websites. We only ask that proper attribution is given to "Turkey Alo Dua
Revival Outreach".)

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