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January 13, 2000
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Last year there was a teaching tool called the 12 days before Easter where
you started 12 days before Easter and gave an Easter egg filled with a
memento and the last egg was empty representing the empty grave.

I have misplaced this and wondered if you have a copy.
JC Smith

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Hi everyone glad this list is here it is definitely an answered prayer request of mine to find! My question is Has anyone done the Hooked on Jesus Vbs? I think it was a program offered last year? Our church is new with a youth group that consist of 10-15 children ranging from 2yrs.-I5yrs. old . We are seeking advice from anyone who may have done this theme. Our budget is very limited and we probably won't buy the whole kit because of the wide range in ages. Any craft suggestions, games, snacks etc.would greatly be appreciated. God bless!

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You didn't mention the ages of the people you would need this for but here are some of the ideas I have used. Take a simple picture from a coloring book of a boy (or girl) standing. Copy it onto thick white construction paper. Child can cut it out depending on the age. Draw some simple armor on tracing paper over the top of the boy or girl so that it will fit, like dressing paper dolls, transfer pattern onto white construction paper(you could glue foil over the top depending on ages) and add tabs to keep the armor on. You may write on the armor. The helmet could say "SALVATION", the oval shield "FAITH" the sword "SPIRIT" the armor chest plate "righteousness" the sandles "PEACE" "TRUTH". Children can color the armor, and may want to color the faces to look like themselves. My children loved dressing and undressing themselves with the armor of God. I gave them a lunch bag for the paper doll and a sandwich bag for the "Armor".
You could also make armor for the kids from cardboard covered with foil. The chest plates are rectangles ---.------------.--- with wholes punched two at top,two at
---*------------*--- bottom. Link them together with yarn.
over the shoulders, __*_________*__ a string of yarn hangs down to the wholes on the back of the armor. The shield, an oval covered with foil. The sword shape covered with foil, helmet made from newspaper. Have fun!
Lori from CT, pre k. -
3rd grade Episcopal.

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Make life size pieces of 'armor' for each of the children to wear, along with a spinner with the matching pieces drawn on a spinner. The children would take turns spinning and placing the pieces of armor on. The first player to complete their set wins. (If any of you are familiar with the game 'Pretty Pretty Princess'-you'll understand this method of play :o)- For older children, have them read the corresponding Bible verse as they gather the armor pieces. You might also include a category on the spinner that would be a 'take away' category, whereby a player would have to remove a piece of their armor if they land there. Maybe a category like: "Didn't pray. Take away one piece of armor". (Instead of a spinner, you could also use a standard die # 1-6, have the numbers correspond to the 6 items of the armor. See Ephesians 6:10-18)
Sarah Keith <><
Moderator @ ChristianCrafters.Com
(Just a reminder, check out the Bible Games section for more Bible game ideas. Also, look for something similar to this game idea in my upcoming book, "Kids Can Do All Things Through Christ!")

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Hi, My name is Sharon and I live in Fulton, MI. We have a small church and have started a Pioneers group. We are trying to reach unchurched children as well as our own church kids. The leader materials are wonderful, and the work book for kids really stress bible study. They have a bible verse to learn each week and we give them a sticker in the back of their workbooks for each verse they learn. They also earn awards for each section that we sturdy. Right now we are studying God in our lives, we already have finished I Like Me and the Family patches. Our group is ages 1st grade through high school. We have 5 leaders and our goal is to teach children that God is always there for them, and that it is fun to be a Christian. If you would like to contact Pioneers they are on the web at WWW.pioneerclubs.org or call 1-800-619-2582

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Try pairing up the 5th graders with the nonreaders. This worked well for
us last summer and it also gave the 5th graders more responsibility since
they thought they were "too old" to be with the 1st graders.
CM Committee, Club 6 teacher,
Fremont, CA

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One thing I do every week that the kids really like is to let one of them count the offering money. Our supplies are financed by the childrens' offering money that they bring weekly. They actually fight over who will get to count the money each week! I post the amount each week on a chart and they enjoy watching the numbers.

Shirley, 5-9 year olds
North Georgia

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My name Is Debbie Goudie and I am a knew Sunday School Teacher in our small country church, in Queensland Australia. We are having a combined churches service at the end of this month and we will be having approx. 30 children all ages attending our Sunday School that morning. The theme we are currently working on is Y(es) to (the) K(ing) - Y 2 K!! At this stage we think we will split into three groups. What we were hoping for was three different levels of lessons and we could all come together at the end of the church service and put it all together for the congregation. Does anyone have any ideas on this. Yes to the King!!!
Debbie Goudie
Steve, Deb Lachlan & Rebekah
23 Wilga Ave, OAKEY, Qld., AusT. 4401
Ph: 07 4691 1172

>From ChristianCrafters.Com:
I was just about to take the info regarding Y2K Celebrations off my Bible Games page when I received this note for the network. Can anyone add to this request?
Sarah Keith :o)

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