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SSTN # 31 - April 9, 2005

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1) Discipline & Parental Involvement
2) Discipline and Praise Kids
3) Discipline
4) Discipline Help?

--> Awesome activity. Your kids will love it!

5) Memorizing Psalm 23?
6) Communion instruction
7) Boy in the hospital sunshine box
8) Used SonCreek Junction?

Buggie For Jesus...I'm A Bee-liever

9) Unruly Child...Parents No Help
10) Wanting Used Materials
11) Lava Lava VBS
12) Outreach ideas

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1) Discipline & Parental Involvement

At the church nursery I worked in up north, our Director and Pastor
encouraged parents of all nursery and church school childern to volunteer 
in the classroom to help the teachers and participate with their children.
This way parents got a first hand account of how their children and other
children behaved and how it affected the teachers. The goal was to get the
parents and teachers working together to teach the children. Prayerfully
consider talking with your leadership, on how to "handle" the young people
at your church.

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2) Discipline and Praise Kids

I have found a system that works really well for most grade school kids. 
tell the kids that they can get 4 things from the treasure box before they
leave.  They get 1 for sitting still, 1 for not talking during the story,
if they can answer a question about the story and 1 if they can say our
Bible verse.  I can't believe how well this works.  Be prepared to keep
track of who isn't following the rules and once they see you really won't
give them the prize they will do better next week.  You might say "well
only get 3 prizes from the box this week because you were talking during
the story, but I bet you'll get 4 next week"

Hope this helps.

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3) Discipline

I am not sure if this will help or not, but I am compelled to write to you
regarding this issue.  I taught 8-12 yrs. of age, both boys and girls, for
several years.  I wish I could tell you that things get better with age,
but I have teen girls now and they sometimes seem worse. lol
We gave them a choice of behaving or they would be escorted to the
sanctuary to sit out the service with the adults.  It didn't take many
times for this to be done before we noticed a change.  They were
embarassed to walk in front of the church and you don't have to announce
the reason why you are walking in there for everyone to know.  They
settled down.  Also, there is a great site on the web from Calvary,
http://www.calvarychapel.org/children/site/curriculum.htm.  It gives you
seven pages to choose from for each lesson and includes word search and
crosswords and the fill in the blank.  I combined this lesson plan with a
craft as often as I could and the kids liked it.  I now use this site for
a kids bulletin.  They will send you a free CD of all their lessons.
I have some of the same kids now as I had in the younger class as they
have moved up with me in age.  They don't always remember the lessons we
taught them, but the crafts and subject matter sticks most of the time.  I
know it is hard to work with kids and teens and you feel like no matter
how hard you prepare and try to put it into words they will understand,
you are discouraged.  I find myself apologizing to every adult who ever
worked with me when I was their age.  I didn't see it until I became the
adult. lol  But as some of my youth have gotten older and started taking
part in class, they have repeated things that I remember telling them
almost verbatim and in my words so some of it sticks.  It is a blessing to
be able to say that because the devil gets me down sometimes too as to how
well I am teaching and their behavior and how much them seem to remember
from their lessons that I worked hours to prepare.
Good luck and you are in my prayers.

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4) Discipline Help?

I am in the same predicament as the posting in today's SSTN.  Our church
is very small, and we have all age groups from age 2 up to 12 in the same
room. THey get out of control at times and will not listen.  Do you have
any suggestions on lesson plans for respect and discipline?

--from SSTN: make sure you check the archives for more wisdom on this
subject. Use keywords, "discipline" and "multiple ages":

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Awesome activity. Your kids will love it!

With the "Pentecost Rusher" children will be reminded of the rushing wind
and tongues of fire when the Holy Spirit descended on believers at
Pentecost! Your kids will have fun making, playing and listening to the
Pentecost Rusher. An Easy Make & Take Project for Pentecost Sunday.  Print
out as many patterns as you need for a small one-time fee. Find it in the
Curriculum section at: 


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5) Memorizing Psalm 23?

I need help with attempting to have my first graders memorize 23rd
Psalm...through a song or other incentive...any suggestions?  thanks in

--from SSTN: check out "Teaching Memory Verses" under "General Talks" at:

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6) Communion instruction

I have a lesson set which I used the stomping of the grapes to teach about
communion. I also combined this lesson set with Jesus washing the feet of
the disciples. If you are interested you can find it on www.rotation.org -
many people have done versions of this type of lesson plan and they are
posted here as well. The site is free.. Have fun!

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7) Boy in the hospital sunshine box

For the boy in the hospital. I have in the past had my Sunday School class
make a sunshine box for one of their fellow classmates in the hospital.
They really ot into it and we sent story books and small gifts they could
open up each day they were there. So when he was to get them he only takes
one a day out and opens it up and either can play with it or read it. It
wasn't always toys or books. Sometimes it was cards with activities in
them for them to work on. Hope this helps you out. Joelene from Michigan

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8) Used SonCreek Junction?

I know this may be a long-shot but we are "recycling" SonCreek Junction
for our VBS this Summer (GospelLight's VBS 2001).  We have one teacher
guide, the music CD, & the closing program book.  Does anyone have any
extra/left-over take-home newspapers, stickers, craft books, etc?  (I am
making up our own take-home sheets but would love an example for some
other ideas to include)  Also, I can't remember if there was a puppet
book or not but that is something else we'd love to have now that we
have a puppet team.  We have a great set that we painted & can't wait to
re-use.  We have a very small Children's Church right now (thus our
reason for "recycling") so we don't need much but we want this to be a
FUN VBS for those we do have!! Thanks in advance for anything that will

Kansas City, Missouri

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Buggie For Jesus ... I'm A Bee-liever

What can bugs teach children about Jesus? More than you think!
In "Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever", children will learn important
Bible truths using hands-on buggie crafts, games, lessons and yummy
devotions. Great for summer lessons, mid-week or a refreshing change of
pace during the Sunday School hour!
Download some sample activities and learn more in the Curriculum Creatives
store at:

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9) Unruly Child...Parents No Help

Dear Ann,

This is a tough situation you have going.  I have a few suggestions,
that may or may not work based on your members and your resources.  1.
Establish a children's church downstairs or in a classroom for children
2 to 6.  Assign an adult(s) to teach them a short Bible story and then
do a craft with them.  Or they may wish to do a short lesson and give
them free time to play with toys.  The goal here is to teach the child
how to listen to an adult and eventually how to sit still.  2.  Staff
someone in the Nursery to watch the younger children.  3.  Check with
the leadership to see about the possibility of starting an adopt a
family program.  This would involve having another couple, elderly
person, etc... either sit with this family or ask to have their children
sit with them on occasion.  This should be someone who loves children
and is really good with them.  However, be careful with this one to make
sure you don't upset the parent.  Let the person willing to work with
this situation tactfully approach the parents.  One more suggestion, you
may want to make up some activity bags to keep the child occupied.  You
could put in some paper or coloring book, crayons, a book, a couple of
small noiseless toys, etc...  Make up several of these bags that the
parents can grab just before the worship service.  When the worship
service is over, have them return it for future use.  You may need to
assign someone to check the bags periodically to replace broken crayons,
paper, etc...

Take care,

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10) Wanting Used Materials

I would love those children's bulletins & children's ministry books.
Please mail to:
Tracy Eubanks
Unity Baptist Church
302 Foxpring Ave
Flemingsburg KY 41041

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11) Lava Lava VBS

we used Lava Lava last year for VBS and it was a great  hits with the
Crafts can be $$ but we just made up your own that went with the VBS. If
you need and ideas on what we we you email me:

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

12) Outreach ideas

I would suggest picking a specific day like the first Sat of every month
or every other thursday and have a simple story telling time w/ games and
a snack. This can be accomplished as simply or elaboratly as your
resources can provide. I would probably use puppets and a bible story book
w/ illustrations instead of just a standard bible. Then you could play
games. The games don't necessarily have to reinforce the story. You could
just have fun w/ them so they are more comfortable and will be drawn to
come back. Last have a snack. The snack could be like juice and animal
crackers or sandwiches and chips...Just modify what you do according to
how many kids show up and what ages they are. If you have mostly 12 yr
olds show up they probably aren't going to want to watch finger puppets,
then you could write a simple script and have them act out the story...You
could also get there addresses and send them a post card to remind and
encourage them to come back.

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