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<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< Volume 1 - Number 32 <>< <>< <>< <>< <><
March 13, 2000
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* Disciplinary tips (?)
* Lessons to teach our kids at home (?)
* Activities for wide age range (?)
* Veggie Tales crafts and a calendar
* St. Patrick's Day Shamrock
* Easter puppet show
* A Ruler And A Yardstick lesson
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Angie, San Diego, Ca.
I am a Sunday school teacher for 1st and 2nd graders. I was wondering if anyone can
help me with Disciplinary tips. How to get the classroom in order. I have 35-40 kids
and only two teenager helpers. Can anyone share how they get their classroom to
Listen and follow directions (Special techniques?) I use time out up to three warnings.
Does any one know how to teach the children manners, towards each other and how
not to fight. I sure need alot of help. Thanks.

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My name is Elizabeth Crum. I am from Gilbert, WV. We attend R.A. West
Ministries and I needed to know how we could get some lessons to teach our
kids at home. One child is a girl who is 31/2 and the other child is a boy
who is 5.

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I am a Sunday School teacher for a very small Lutheran church in British
Columbia Canada. On the average I have 5 kids for Sunday School. They
range from age 3 to age 9. My problem is finding activities that will work
for this age range. Any suggestions?
Also, my kids are tired of coloring pages.... anyone have some good ideas
of activities to do with them? (My church is on a very tight budget, so we
have to use things that we can find around our houses.) Any suggestions
would be Great! Thanks!!

(From ChristianCrafters.Com- Wow, that's a wide age range. I would suggest having different activities for the different ages. It is probably next to impossible to offer something a 3 yr. old will understand and at the same time challenging enough for a 9 yr. old. I would also suggest searching the Archives List of past e-newsletters for free games and crafts which have already been discussed.

Anyone else got an idea??)

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This site has some Veggie Tales crafts and a calendar.

Hope you enjoy it. God bless.

Sunday School Supt.
Teacher 5th -8th grades
Anamosa, Iowa

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With St. Patrick's Day coming up this week, I wanted to share the following illustration St. Patrick used to explain the triune nature of God. He would ask his congregation, "Is this shamrock one leaf or three?" His followers would respond, "It is one." "So it is with God!" he would declare.

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I'm a Sunday School teacher at Columbia Baptist church in VA, my kids are 2 and 3 years-old. However I sometimes direct activities for the rest of the age groups. For Easter we want to treat the kids with a puppet show so they can enjoy and understand the resurrection. But I'm having some trouble with the script. I've been trying several sites searching for any ideas, lesson plans, sermons, whatever to make a fun and educational script for our kids. Any suggestions?
I would love to join the network. My nick name is Andy.

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A Ruler And A Yardstick Lesson:

Read Ephesians 2:4-10

God has made us what we are, and in our union with
Christ Jesus God has created us for a life of good deeds,
which God has already prepared for us to do. (v.10)

(You'll need a ruler and a yardstick.)

Good morning, boys and girls. I brought some measuring
tools today. We're going to measure some things today.
Let's start with a Bible. (Measure it with the ruler and
show how long it is.) It's ____ inches long. Let's measure
this candle. (Walk up to a candle and measure it.) This
candle is ____ tall. Let's see how tall some of you are.
(Choose a couple children and try to measure them
with the ruler.) Uh, oh, it only goes up to their knees.
I guess I'll have to use a longer measuring tool. Let's
try the yardstick. (Measure a child.) She's ____ inches

Now I want to measure some other things. Let's
say one of you is at home and you see your dad carrying
groceries into the house and you run to hold the door
for him. Let's measure your help. (Hold up the ruler)
The door is seven feet tall so that's how much your help is.
Now suppose your brother or sister helps your dad put
away all the groceries. Let's measure it. (Pretend to
calculate how to measure it.) If I measure each box
and can with the ruler, it will tell me how much their
help is in putting away groceries. There's an awful lot
of groceries, so I'll have to use this yardstick again.
Now pretend the phone rings and the lady next door
needs help in finding her dog because someone left
the gate open. So you and your brother or sister go help
her. Don't forget your ruler so you can measure how much
you help. Would you measure how tall the dog is or how
many feet you walked or how tall the fence is? (Let them respond.)

This is all sounding kind of silly, isn't it? (Let them
respond.) Can we measure how much help we give someone?
(Let them respond.) No, of course we can't use a ruler or a
yardstick to tell who helped more.
Our verse today says that God made us for a life
of good deeds. Who can tell me what a good deed is?
(Choose someone to try to explain) That's right, a good
deed is doing something nice for someone without
keeping track or measuring it. What kind of good deeds
can you do? (Let them respond.) You can help
without being asked, read to a younger brother or sister,
set the table when your big sister or brother has lots of
homework and give lots of hugs. These are all good deeds;
but does any one of them measure more? (Let them respond.)
No, good deeds are what God made us for.

(Taken from CSS Publishing-Children's Sermons--www.css.com)

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