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SSTN  # 32 - April 1, 2002

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1) Survivor vbs
-> VBS 2002 Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever!
2) Craft for foam meat trays
3) Springtime Field Trip
4) Used materials-curriculum
-> VBS Funpak
5) Volunteer Appreciation?
6) More ideas
7) Common Memory Verses    
8) Collecting Offerings
9) Meat tray craft idea   
10) Beatitudes
11) Bible Class/Youth Service
12) Shorter class time?

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1) Survivor vbs   

we did survivor summer: are you up to God's challenge? as our Christian
summer camp theme last summer........we did challenges everyday  some
christian some not......our group was 2nd through 6th grade....... i'm
not sure what info I can give you .......... we just did everything on
our own.......... prayer groups every day, crafts, and
challenges....that's about it..
ysic, joleen

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VBS 2002  Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

26 reproducible buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions
to coordinate with your summertime VBS programs.

In the Curriculum section: 

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2) Craft for foam meat trays

You could use this with the story of "fishers of men".  Either you or the
children cut out different fish, plants, etc out of construction paper.
Glue them in the foam along with pasta shells, etc.  Cover the whole tray
with the blue saran wrap. when I do this I hot glue the saran wrap on so
it will stay.  Place the Bible verse on the back.

good luck, sharla

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3) Springtime Field Trip

hey all, here is an idea for something different this Easter-or one of the
spring season weekends:  why not some kind of field trip?  it would be
good for the kids to get out in the fresh air one Sunday.  it would be
good for the people at the zoo or petting zoo or farm to know that Sundays
are special and made for sharing God's love with others.  (when they see
the kids there and maybe over hear the teacher talking about taking care
of God's little ones they may think about Jesus, even if they have to work
that day).  ie; bring a "little" church to them.  well, it is a
thought...bless you all, a

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4) Used materials-curriculum

I have old curriculum that I'm willing to give 4 free.
contact info: 408-446-2553
~jihai park

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Get three great VBS resources at one reduced price!

In the Curriculum section: 

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5) Volunteer Appreciation?

We would like to salute our Volunteers in the month of April.  I was
wondering if anyone has some good ideas for a presentation at church.  I
need all kinds of ideas from poems to luncheon menus.  Thanks for your
Carol Fuller

--from SSTN: remember to check the Archives List for previous ideas:

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6)  More ideas

For those looking for ideas on how to keep kid's attention, or those who
have rambunctious youngsters, I found a site that has some great (and fun
for the kiddos) ideas...something to try instead of being a drill sgt!
Copy & paste http://www.sundayschoolcrafts.com/sscideas.nsf/tips
In his love& service, Kristine Bell

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7) Common Memory Verses    

There are some cool Bible memory tools to be found in the Children's
Curriculum section at www.desiringGod.org, the website of John Piper
and Desiring God Ministries. Hope that helps!  Kit MacLeod, North Palm
Beach, Florida

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8) Collecting Offerings

My Sunday School class ages 5-9 is financially supported, for the most
part, by offerings the children bring.  When I first took over the class 3
years ago, I was lucky if I collected fifty cents!  A few pennies and
dimes was all that was given.  Then I found a beautiful golden Godiva
Candy box, and started making a big deal out of the offering.  Each Sunday
a different child gets to count the offering and we have a silly drum roll
when the grand total is called out.  Once one or two kids started bringing
in more, than the others followed.  I only had to remind them a few times
to ask their parents for an offering and the pastor has also included the
request weekly in the announcements.  Now, I normally collect $5 to $12 a
week which makes it possible to do all kinds of fun things and the parents
see that.  I started a Sunday School store where the ! kids can buy small
items and foods with bible coins they collect for attendance, winning
games, memorizing verses, answering questions etc...  They just love it.

N. Georgia

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9) Meat tray craft idea   

You can do lots of neat things with tray like that

one idea comes to mind that is OK for everyone and not that expensive
take a coloring book page if you don't draw and glue it to the bottom of
the tray then take stick glue and fill in areas one color at a time works
best (colored rice or sand)  and sprinkle over the spots till you picture
is complete.

rice is very easy to color at home put some in baggie and add food
coloring  that easy. same with white pool sand.

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10) Beatitudes

May I suggest your local book store.  A few years ago I was able to buy
book markers which listed the "Beatitudes" and have them laminated to
give to the children in our Youth Church.  Also flip through coloring
books.  Sometimes you can find pictures that the children can color to
demonstration each beatitude individually.  Thirdly, crossword puzzles
are good too.  Hope that helps!

Ahreita Griffin
Charlotte, NC

--from SSTN: the W.W.J.S.? Gospel Catchers also have the Beatitudes
printed on them:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/kt_kit.html 

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11) Bible Class/Youth Service   

Hi Lynette,
I teach 5th grade faith formation.  I spend a lot of time focusing on the
importance of prayer & scriptural devotion.  I give out prayer journals (I
found wonderful "Beginner's Bible" series blank journals at the dollar
store) early on; and encourage the kids to read the daily readings listed
in our weekly church bulletin, and to write in their journals.  I have a
reward system which can be viewed at the christian crafters website; I
think it's listed under "reward poster" or something similar (note to
Sarah: can you clarify this?).  This reward system works wonderfully
w/this age group. They also like to keep busy, so I try to always plan a
hands-on activity to go along w/ the lesson...one of the many reasons I

In our parish we try to have a youth service at least twice a year.  The
kids provide the music (w/help from adult music ministry members), greet
people at the door, altar serve, lector (Scripture readings), take up the
collection, recite the prayers of the faithful, present the gifts for
communion, and we have older teens assist as Eucharistic Ministers.  Our
pastor has mentioned that if any of the older kids would like to tackle
homily, he would certainly welcome them to the pulpit; and several kids
have expressed an interest!  In other words, we allow them to do what any
adult minister would do...the only thing they couldn't do, obviously, is
consecrate the Eucharist (we are Catholic).  This service takes a lot of
planning, effort & help from parents, but it is well worth it to see the
children gain confidence and joy in their walk with Christ.
Best of luck, Heidi/NY  <(((><

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12) Shorter class time?

Due to the addition of a third worship service, our time for Sunday School
has been cut from 75 minutes to 45. We no longer have a whole group
gathering time, where we would share announcements, discuss our
stewardship program, honor baptismal birthdays, and sing children's song,
and other seasonal discussions and activities. We have also eliminated
non-essential parts of the program such as snacks. My question is is it
possible to have a worthwhile educational program with 45 minutes? What
are the essential ingredients we need to retain? We are very frustrated.

--from SSTN: that is difficult to work with. By the time you get everyone
settled, you really have about 35 min. Right? I would suggest rethinking
that plan with your church leaders. One thing our church has done with
three services is to have the middle service coincide with the Sunday
school time. (9:30-10:30) Then there is a half hour break before the
eleven a.m. service. As to what to teach in 45 min., my suggestion would
be to introduce one theme or lesson per month with songs, then each week
following the introduction of a new lesson, reinforce it with Bible games,
and crafts with the same Bible point. ysic, sarah <><

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