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SSTN # 32 - March 10, 2003

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--> Praise-Amations!

1) Samuel Craft Idea   
2) Large butterflies   
3) Jacob and Esau making a trade?
4) Western/Frontier VBS

--> Armor of God Playing Cube

5) Rotation Model
6) Used Curriculum?
7) Curriculum to give away   
8) Mission trip?


9) Super Sleuth Saturday
10) Recruiting Volunteers
11) Hamantashen cookies
12) Beatitudes?

--> Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

13) Rotation Model
14) Ten Commandments
15) Rotation Model
16) VBS SCUBA / Bible Ship

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Remember those cartoon flip cards you roll between your hands to make them
animate? With Praise-Amations, children will be excited to see their
cartoon "mini-movies" come to life as they roll them between their hands.
27 Reproducible patterns to make and do with your entire class!

In the Curriculum section: 

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1) Samuel Craft Idea   

Hi, you might think about focusing on Samuel instead of the evil sons of
Eli, especially if the kids are only 3 years old.  Focus on Samuel
obeying. Take a piece of cardboard (4x6) and have the kids glue fabric on
like a blanket.  Make sure they only glue the side and bottom edges.  Find
a picture of Samuel to glue to a craft stick.  The kids can take Samuel in
and out of his bed, like in the story.  Hope this helps!

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2) Large butterflies   

Our church did Bug Safari last year for VBS... if you want to make
REALLY big butterflies, you take two wire hangers and twist the "hook"
ends together.  Shape the big parts of the hangers into wings.  You then
take colored nylons and slip them over the wings.  (or maybe you do that
before twisting together.)  I forget what the body part is, if it's a
cardboard tube or craft foam.  Sorry!  My book is at church.  Pat, if
you want specifics e-mail me at earn211@neo.rr.com and I'll get them for
you.  :)
Emily in Ohio

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3) Jacob and Esau making a trade?

I'm looking for a creative craft idea for our Sunday school primary class
(ages 7-8). The lesson is on . The passage is
from Genesis 25:25-34. Thank you and God bless you.

Evangelist Adriano Rosas
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4) Western / Frontier VBS

We did a Western theme VBS a couple of years ago and I found a music that
was wonderful.  It was "Kids Sing Cowboy Songs" by Brentwood Music.  It
was split trax and had 17 familar cowboy songs with Christian lyrics.
DianaBrownsboro, TX

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Armor of God Playing Cube

Kids can make it and take it home. A great memory tool!
Only $3.00 to download and print out as many as you need!
Go to the following webpage to get the free lesson and to learn more: 


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5) Rotation Model

This relpy is for Amy in KY- item #6 on the Feb. 26 posting.

Our church is in its second year of Rotation.  The best web site for
information, contacts in your area, etc. is www.rotation.org.
The program is working great and the children and adults love it! 

Rebecca in VA 

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6) Used Curriculum?

Good Day!   I am looking for used sunday school curriculum that anyone has
to get rid of. I just started a new class and we are on a tight budget so
I am trying to find whatever I can.  Don't have alot of money but willing
to pay a small amount. Also I need a lesson on salvation. Any help I would

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7) Curriculum to give away   

Our family has just begun to serve as pastor's family
at a Baptist Church.  We have loads, at least 5 large
boxes, of David C. Cook curriculum which is no longer
useful to us, but too good to throw.  Last night our
church board voted to allow me to send the materials
to any church which could use them. They allocated
shipping costs to be covered through our missions
slush fund.  Besides budgeting to support specific
missionaries, each weeks offering is tithed, with the
money going to the missins slush fund so we have the
money to respond to needs such as sending our used
curriculum to any church which needs them.  Any
takers?  Please e-mail me, Wendy, at

--from SSTN: isn't God great? Look how the two previous postings (# 6 and
7) came in - back to back and meeting each other's need! Your webservant,
sarah keith <><

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8) Mission trip?

We will be going on a mission trip to Wyoming (from Alabama) to do a 5-day
VBS and a 3-day revival for a church. This is the first time most of us
have done this.  Is there any advice out there? (anything you have learned
about taking trips that will be helpful to us)  We will be traveling in 2
family-type vans and a SUV and will stop for one night at a hotel on the
way there.


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When assembled, New Life Puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole
to a frog, or a caterpillar to a butterfly. They're easy-to-make and
children will learn about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free
puppet skit too! In our Curriculum section:


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9) Super Sleuth Saturday

I am having a "Super Sleuth Saturday"  in April.  Any ideas that relate
to a detective/spy theme?  I plan doing finger printing, including
"lifting" prints off an object.  I plan on making a "code breaker" using
a pencil.  I would also like to have a "case" that they have to solve,  a
"clue" hunt - perhaps try to figure out what Bible character I am talking
about; I'm thinking of Daniel, because I'd like to highlight the fact
that he wasn't a "secret agent", he boldly lived a Godly life in an
ungodly Culture.  Any ideas on games, food, crafts, etc. would be greatly

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10) Recruiting Volunteers

Dear Christian Friends,
I hear many of you saying that you can't get enough help for your
Children's program, but I have found that when you need help you need to
to a person and ask them directly.  Don't ask them to carry the whole
burden at once, but invite them to help you and teach them how to lead a
lesson or prepare a craft.  In this way you get some relief, and when you
need a break, or need to be away for a Sunday, you have a ready-made
When you have finished nurturing onw helper into a leader, begin with
another person.  They may not all stay, but you have some help while they
are there.  Also, you have shown them how to teach, not just told them
should be teraching.  God bless all of your efforts to share the love of
with children and adults alike.    Karla

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11) Hamantashen cookies

Here are two good links for Purim. The second one has the recipe on the
very first page.

--from SSTN:  also check the Crafts' - Yummy Devotions page at:

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12) Beatitudes?

Looking for material to teach lessons on the Beatitudes for grades K-8.
Any information would be helpful.

--from SSTN: definitely check the Archives:
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Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

Ten Egg-shaped cards that tell the Easter Story - When the cards
are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg Scramble and
learn the Easter Story! Reproducible so your whole class can make a set!

In the Curriculum section: 

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13) Rotation Model   

If you are thinking about starting a rotation model Sunday school program
in your church, I say DO IT! It will be the best thing you have ever done.
We started the rotation model at our church 6 years ago when we were
finding families leaving our church and kids not coming to Sunday school
because it was too boring. At first I was very much against the idea, it
was so different, and how could cooking or computers teach our children
about God? What's wrong with our Sunday school? It's the way we've always
done it and look how I turned out, right? Wrong! Rotation Sunday school
offers our children so many different ways to learn a Bible story. We had
a cooking workshop on The Walls of Jericho. The children learned the Bible
story and then made a German pancake which you bake in the oven. While in
the oven this 'pancake' puffs up and when you take it out it imidiately
falls and is flat. While the pancake was in the oven we talked about how
horns were blown around the walls of Jericho and then the walls fell. When
it came time to take the pancake out of the oven the workshop leader gave
the kids party horns and had them make as much noise as they could. When
the pancake came out of the oven, it fell. The kids thought they made the
pancake fall by blowing their horns. They knew how it may have felt to see
the walls fall by blowing horns. It was a fabulous lesson, one the kids
still talk about and that was almost two years ago. You can't go wrong
with workshop rotation, kids love it. There's computers, cooking, movie
theater, arts and crafts, puppets, games,science and lots more. The kids
come every week, they don't want to miss! the teachers love it because
they don't have to prepare a lesson every week. The repetition causes
increased retention. Students remember what they've learned! Our church
school has gone from an average attendance of 40 to over 100 in 6 years.
Your church can do it too!!

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14) Ten Commandments

I am currently doing the Ten Commandments and am combining two curriculum
plus my own ideas.  I'm using "Kids Travel Guide to the 10
Commandments" by Group and "KickRickulum"  "The Ten Commandments"
published by ForWord International. The Travel Guide is good in that each
lesson brings out that we can't  fully obey the 10 Commandments and it is
through Christ we experience salvation.

--from SSTN: Kids Travel Guide is available in the Christian Education
section of our Bookstore:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/bookstore.html 

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15) Rotation Model

For Amy in KY.  Try going to www.rotation.org and navigating to the lesson
exchange and message board.  Hundreds of people have written there or will
respond to you about their experiences.

Also, where in Kentucky are you?  I am in Bristol VA  (southwest VA-upper
east TN) We are having an all-day rotation training workshop at our church
on Saturday March 15.  Cost is $40 (or $30/per person if you bring more
than one person from your church) and includes:  overview of the model,
LOTS of handouts, lots of visuals and displays, three FREE lesson sets, a
tour of three churches doing rotation to see their fantastic rooms and
lunch! E-mail me directly if interested:  jderden@chartertn.net.

Jaymie Derden
State Street UMC

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16)  VBS SCUBA / Bible Ship

Group's Vacation Bible School this year is, "S.C.U.B.A. - Super Cool
Undersea Bible Adventure!"  They have a great message board that has lots
of great ideas for this sort of theme. (www.groupvbs.com)

Also Group's 1996 Vacation Bible School program was called, "Group's
Vacation Bible Ship!"  All the crafts were made out of Brite-tites.  
Need any more information on "Group's 1996 Vacation Bible Ship from 1996,"
let me know we are using some those ideas along with SCUBA this year!

My Prayers,

VBS Director
The Church of Christ at Greenpoint
Brooklyn, New York

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