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SSTN  # 33 - April 3, 2002

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1) Youth Service
-> VBS: Buggie For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever!
2) Jonah lesson idea
3) Last Supper Snack?
4) The Road to Follow
-> Graduation / Appreciation Gift
5) The Last Supper
6) Easter ideas   
7) Explaining death to children   
8) Creative Ideas for 12 - 14?   
9) Curriculum ideas?
10) Inspector Clueless Skit
11) Advertising Missions   
12) Books to give away   

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1) Youth Service

To reply concerning Youth Service.  I am a Sunday School Superintendent.
I started Youth Sunday in March.  The second Sunday of each month all year
we are having Youth Sunday.  Youth Ages from ages 3 thru high school can
participate.  We have youth or children participating in ringing the
church bell, greeters, passing offering plate and a youth reader (high
school student).  Also the Sunday School Children sing one of their
favorite songs.  The sunday school children all sit together on this one
Sunday.  Youth not attending Sunday School could also sit together.  I
also make sure that the minister has a children's sermon this Sunday.

Also, I recognize a Sunday School Child as "God's Child of the Month".  I
have a form they fill out and I read about this child  during the
announcements before worship service starts.  I give them a certificate
and the bookmark.  Also during announcements I recognize the children in
helping with the worship service.

I received a lot of good comments from the congregation about Youth
Sunday.  The children loved it and can't wait until April for Youth

Rita Stevens (fstevens@seidata.com)
Dillsboro, Indiana

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VBS: Buggie For Jesus - I'm A BEE-liever!

25 reproducible buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions
to coordinate with your summertime VBS programs.

In the Curriculum section: 

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2) Jonah lesson idea

My son's teacher had a clever idea:  She made a fish to sit inside!  First
she cut open dark trash bags and taped them to a table to cover the top
and sides.  She made a tail for the back, flippers for the sides, a
toilet-tissue spout and paper water shooting from the top, and a big
toothy smile and eyes for the front.  She then read the lesson by
flashlight from "inside the belly of the fish".  He was impressed.

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3) Last Supper Snack?

I am doing a combined lesson this Sunday (24) on Palm Sunday/Last Supper
so that on Easter we can celebrate the Resurrection.  I was wondering if
anyone has a nice activity for the Last Supper, I was thinking about a
snack we could serve at this time.  Has anyone done this already?  What
did you use for food?
Thanks in advance and God Bless!

--from SSTN: sorry it didn't make it into SSTN on time. But for future
reference, check out "Haroset: A Bricks and Mortar Treat", in the Yummy
Devotions section of the Craft page at:  http://www.ChristianCrafters.Com 
ysic, sarah <><

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4) The Road to Follow    ?

I am in need of an original craft idea for showing children that life
offers many roads that we can go down.  I had thought of using a sheet of
white construction paper and having one side black to represent sin.  I
had thought of using "road signs" on each to show them right from wrong.
If anyone can give me some ideas, I would truly appreciate any help.
Thanks so much!

--from SSTN: a good Bible point verse to use is: "Jesus answered, "I am
the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except
through me." John 14:6

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Graduation / Appreciation Gift

FaithShapes-the Card Game of Christian Symbols, is a great idea for
graduation or teacher appreciation gifts. Check it out in the Curriculum


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5) The Last Supper   

I have just recently subscribed to this newsletter and have gained some
helpful hints. I just took on the role of Children's Director at our very
small church. We normally have about 8 -12 regular children in Sunday
School each week ranging in age from 2 year olds to 5th graders.

In response to someones inquiry about an activity for the Last Supper from
the March 8th letter, we are having the children actually take part in
acting out the last supper.  Here's our plan:

The Lord's Supper

1. Have all the children congregate in the worship room.  Have an opening
activity set up for them that is related to the Last Supper such as a
coloring page or crossword puzzle.
2. Lead the children in worship
3. Go to the Sunday School room for foot washing.  Have the boys sit in
one row with their backs to the girls.  The teacher needs to explain to
the children what is going to happen: According to John 13: the night
Jesus was betrayed He "rose from supper, and laid aside His garments; and
taking a towel, He girded Himself about. Then He poured water into a
basin, and began to wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe them with the
towel with which He was girded.  And so He came to Simon Peter, He said to
Him, 'Lord, do You wash my feet?'  Jesus answered and said to him, 'What I
do you do not realize now, but you shall understand hereafter.'  Peter
said to Him, 'Never shall You wash my feet!'  Jesus answered him, 'If I do
not wash you, you have no part with Me.' Simon Peter said to Him, 'Lord,
not my feet only, but also my hands and my head.'  Jesus said to him, 'He
who has bathed needs only to wash his feet, but is completely clean; and
you a! re clean, but not all of you.'  Explain to the children how this is
an act of humility on Jesus' behalf.  After a long journey, the servants
would wash the traveler's feet before they dined with their host.
4. One teacher will begin with the girls and one teacher will begin with
the boys. You may want to decide in advance who is going to begin the
girls and who is going to begin with the boys.  Each teacher needs to
proceed to "Gird yourself" with a towel and begin to wash a child's feet.
Once completed remove the towel from yourself and place it on the child
and have them wash the next child's feet.  Assist as needed.
5. Once all the children have washed each other's feet the last child
should wash the teacher's feet.
6. Once all the feet have been washed have the children proceed to the
eating room.  Have the children sit on the floor around the table and
allow them to eat.
7. Half way through the meal read to them from Mark 14:17-26 - "And when
it was evening He came with the twelve. And as they were reclining at
table and eating, Jesus said 'Truly I say to you that one of you will
betray Me - one who is eating with Me.' They began to be grieved and to
say to Him one by one, 'Surely not I?'  And He said to them, 'It is one of
the twelve, one who dips with Me in the bowl. For the Son of Man is to go,
just as it is written of Him; but woe to that man by whom the Son of Man
is betrayed!  It would have been good for that man if he had not been
born.'  And while they were eating, He took some bread, and after a
blessing He broke it; and gave it to them, and said, 'Take it; this is My
body.' And He took a cup, and when He had given thanks, He gave it to
them, and they all drank from it.  And He said to them, 'This is My blood
of the covenant, which is to be shed on behalf of many.  Truly I say to
you, I shall! never again drink of the fruit of the vine until that day
when I drink it new in the kingdom of God.'  And after singing a hymn,
they went out to the Mount of Olives.
8. Proceed to partake communion with the children.
9. At the end have the children sing a song, such as He Is Lord

Hope that helps. 

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6)  Easter ideas   

To the Jr Teacher in Denver, CO.  This year we are having our Easter
service in the park.  The children will be participating by putting on a
skit and singing a song.  Then once they are done I am having them go off
to the side on blankets that I have set out for them.  While the Pastor is
giving his sermon, I have craft items, coloring pages, and games for them
to work on.  This way there are not running around the park and being
distracting to the others in attendance.  After the service we are having
a Resurrection egg hunt, bunny races and a small continental breakfast.
Hope that helps.

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7) Explaining death to children   

I have just caught up with weeks of SSTN newsletters that I hadn't had
time to get to, so this suggestion is a little late.  For the woman
looking for ways to explain death to children there is a wonderful, yet
simple, book called Water Bugs& Dragonflies (Explaining Death to Young
Children) by Doris Stickney.  It is a fable about water bugs at the bottom
of a pond that wonder where their friends that have left them (to become
dragonflies) have gone.  Once they themselves become dragonflies they
understand that they have changed form and are now in a beautiful new
world.  It is quite touching.

Love your website and newletter and have gotten many excellent ideas that
I have used as Church School teacher to K-1st grade.  Many thanks.
Lorraine, Westhampton, MA

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8) Creative Ideas for 12 - 14?   

Help ! I need creative ideas for that all important age group 12 -14
(grades 7 and 8 ).Most craft ideas are too simple and they get bored very
Thank you - Sharon

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9) Curriculum ideas?

I teach 7th grade and up and am looking for curriculum ideas.  I am open
to many themes and approaches.

--from SSTN: check out the Christian education section of our Bookstore:

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10) Inspector Clueless Skit

This "Believe it or not" Easter skit will be available at
ChristianCrafters.com shortly. It will be announced in a site update.
Keep watching!

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Invite your friends, pastors, and coworkers
to join our discussion in SSTN.


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11) Advertising Missions   

Dear Theresa,
I am a Mission Friends teacher at our church (ages 2-5 years old).  We
study different countries and pray for the missionaries.  One way you can
advertise is to ask your pastor or outreach leader to announce during a
worship service that you are studying a specific country, and if you need
items that could help you teach this class, whether it is magazines or
craft items, the congregation could be informed of your needs so they can
donate the items perhaps in a specially marked box outside your sanctuary
or wherever.  You can prepare flyers you make up on your computer or do
them by hand and distribute to other children in your area who might be
interested in attending your class and/or church.  I think that it is
great when the congregation is informed about the types of things that you
are doing in your class.  The pastor or outreach director or whomever can
announce this during a worship service.  Also, if you have a computer, you
can search for a country on the world wide web and that may give you some
ideas as to the weather that a country has, clothing, foods, etc.  You can
even prepare for snack, a food from that country.  When we studied Japan,
I brought in chop sticks for each child.  They practiced picking up cotton
balls and loved it.
  Advertising doesn't have to be expensive.  It can also be accomplished
simply by word of mouth about your event.  You can even take prayer
requests and pray for those persons during your class.  Also, you can have
the children sing a song, do a skit, or say some Bible verses during
worship.  That is great advertising that doesn't cost a cent!  And, you
can search on your computer for resources and websites such as SSTN that
will help you with ideas on projects, crafts and lessons.  Hope these are
useful tips. Thank you for this special job that you are doing in
spreading the word of the Lord. You are truly a blessing.  Keep up the
good work.

Dorothy McCombs

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12) Books to give away   

We have been cleaning out our closets and have tons of older children
Christian books in good condition that we would like to offer to anyone
interested.  There are multiple copies of all titles, at least 30 copies
some titles have over 100 copies.  If you would like any of the books
listed below, please email me and let me know how many copies you would
like. There is no cost for the books, but we do need the postage refunded
back to us.  Feel free to share with others that may be interested.

Cindi Ellen O'Connor

Book List:

Bainton, Roland Herbert , The Church of Our Fathers , Hardcover.
Press, (1950)

Duncan, Cleo. , Fiddlesticks Joins the Family. , Soft Cover. United Church
Press, Boston and Philadelphia (1964)

Frohne, Marydel D. & Victor M. , Christians Together , Hard Cover. United
Church Press, Bx7348 (1964)

Harris, John D. , The Junkie Priest: Father Daniel Egan, S. a. , Trade pb.
Pocket Books, New York ([1969, c1964])

Hull, Eleanor (Means) , The Sling and the Swallow. , Hardcover. United
Church Press

Hull, Eleanor. , Through the Secret Door. , United Church Press (1963,

Hunter, Elizabeth M. , God's Secrets. , Paperback. United Church Press,

Hunter, Elizabeth M. , Robespierre. , 1962 United Church Press Boston

Koenig, Norma , One Night , Paperback. United Church Press, Boston (1961)

Koenig, Norma E. , The Man Jesus. , United Church Press, 1961, 1969
printing, softcover, Almost as New Illustrated   Reed Champion.

Langford, Norman F , The King Nobody Wanted , Hardcover. Westminster

Libbey, Scott , Rebels and God , Reprint. tradepaper. United Church Press,
Boston (1966)

Macleod, Jack M , Theirs is the Kingdom , Hardcover. Westminster Press,
Philadelphia (c1959)

Owen, Christiana, God's Springtime Wonders. , United Church Press, Boston,
Ma (1966)

Owen, Christina T. , The Two K'S, Prbk.  United Church Press, Boston

Priester, Gertrude. , Friends and Enemies. , Paperback. United Church
Boston (1963)

Rittenhouse, Laurence , God Created Me , Hardcover. United Church Press

Schulz, Florence , They Came to See Jesus , Trade Paperback. United Church
Press, Bx119 (1970)

Schulz, Florence , Tim , Softcover. United Church Press (1961)

Schulz, Florence. , And Jesus Was Born. , new printing, 1967 United Church
Press, Boston (1961)

Schulz, Florence. , No and Yes. , United Church Press, 1961, paperback

Schulz, Florence. , Twinkle Loon. , United Church Press, 1961, paperback

Schulz, Florence. , Mr. Right-Hand Man. , United Church Press, 1961,

Snyder, Richard L , Reuel Makes a Decision , Hardcover. United Church, MA

Sprague, Ruth L , People of the Old Testament , Hardcover. United Church
Press (1964)

Stone, Betty E. , Here Begins the Gospel. , reprint. Pb. United Church
Press, Boston (1963)

Tower, Grace Storms , A Journey Into Time and Other Stories , Hardcover.
United Church Press (1963)

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