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SSTN #  34 - April 19, 2005

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Rotation - Multi-Aged - Economical

1) Hospitalized Child
2) Father's Day Skit?
3) Celebrate Easter?
4) Discipline technique

Summertime Bible-Fun Lessons

5) Armor of God?
6) Adventures of Paul VBS
7) Game Youth Night?
8) Losing My Fruits of the Spirit

--> Pentecost Sunday Activity

9) Losing My Fruits of the Spirit
10) Autistic boy
11) Need materials
12) Need materials

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Rotation - Multi-Aged - Economical Lessons

I have developed the Bible 4 Life Lessons to be used within a
traditional class environment or within a rotation-type program. Each
Bible lesson is accompanied with a craft, a game, Scripture memorization
and songtime suggestions. Many of the lessons include enrichment ideas to
further enhance your program. They're great for midweek classes too! And
to help your budget, one book is all you need for an entire class! You may
read more about the Hands-On programs in the Curriculum Creatives section
at:  http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html .

If you have any questions, please email me at:

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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1) Hospitalized child           

I can definitely empathize with his parents. My son was 13 days old when
he was hospitalized. It took them about 2 days to figure out what was
wrong. However, it turned out to be R.S.V., but it wasn't a major problem.
I would pray you especially remember the parents because it is a
very difficult situation. I spent the entire time of my son's hopsital
stay in his room. I would recommend some of the suggestions the others
recommended. However, I don't think I would focus so much on sending toys.
The reason I say this is that my husband and I clown at our local
children's hospital, and most hospitals have toys and various activities
for the children. I would recommend some children's magazines. ie.
Nationally Geographic for Kids or Nickelodeon puts out a magazine also.
Movies would be a definite plus for him. Perhaps some of the kids could
come and lend their movies to create a movie library so to speak.
Although, the hospitals generally have libraries for the kids too, but
this would be more personal. Another suggestion is a personal blanket
which I think someone might have mentioned, but you could have each
child draw a photo or maybe a get well message, place their name at the
bottom. Buy some photo copy transfer paper and take it to a copy place and
have them copy it on to the transfer paper. Buy some fabric squares and
transfer the photos on the material and then sew all the squares together.
Another way to do this and a more cost effective way is if you have a
scanner. Scan the pictures in and print them out on transfer paper
designed for the printer. HP puts out some. Not only would it be his own
blanket, it would also have a special meaning to it. If you don't know how
to sew, trust me, you can do it. I didn't know how either, but I sat down
and managed to create a blanket. It  ;takes just a straight seam. You
could do this or you could choose to use a pillow case. However, they
probably will take the pillow case away regularly for washing. Another
good idea would be to make videos like someone else suggested. Also,
crafts could be an idea too. Since he has ADHD, I would recommend anything
that would perhaps get his attention. When we have clowned at the
hospital, my church has bought bears and things that we have prayed over
and then given out to all the children. We usually do it at Christmas, so
we give ornaments and such. The children can also draw photos to place all
around his hospital room, so he knows everyone is thinking of him.   I
pray this helps. Also, his family is in my thoughts and prayers.    In

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2) Father's Day Skit?

I am looking for a Father's Day Skit for the kids to do.  Also, am looking
for a Childrens/Adult Musical that is fun for the kids to do

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3) Celebrate Easter?

Many thanks for your message that keep coming. What
should be a christian attitude towards easter as
celebrated in the world. Ifeel a christian should not
join in such a celebration. What do you say?
Reply soonest
Ade Ajetunmobi

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4) Discipline technique

>I tried a lot of different things but the thing that finally did the
trick was to bring a video >camera to class.  All I did was put it on a
tripod and aimed it toward the class. 
>They asked why they were being taped and I told them that I assumed they
>were so proud of their behavior, that they wold want their parents to see
>it too.  It was like flipping a switch and they have been model students

I read Kathy Wardynski's response to the discipline problem with great
interest. I may try video taping my class!  I have a small class of
'Tweeners' - Middle School Age kids (ages 11-13). I have two kids who are
especially disruptive because they have Attention Deficit Disorder (I am
quiet certain). Like Kathy, I had become so discouraged with the
disorderlyness and interuptions of the class, that I was ready to turn in
my resignation as Sunday School teacher. Finally, one morning while I was
trying to teach the Sunday School lesson I had had enough of the talking
out of turn (totally off the subject) and the drum beating on the tables
and paper throwing that I stood up and said be quiet, I have something to
say. I told the class in a very calm and quiet voice that I felt very
abused and disrepected because I was trying to do my job as the Sunday
School teacher and teach them something about God and the Bible. I told
them I felt that God was disappointed because we as a class was not
focused on Him or the lesson. I told them that I loved each and every one
of them, wanted to be with them, wanted to teach them, but felt like maybe
I was in the wrong place.  I told them if the behavior continued that the
11 year olds would be dropped down a grade and the 12-13 year olds would
be moved up a grade to different classes. I closed with Thank You for
listening and thinking about it, and that I would tell their parents about
our discussion. Which I did with each individual childs parents (yes, I
have one parent who still won't speak to me because his 'Little Boy' has
just come out of a serious illness and I guess he felt like the child
should be allowed to do whatever, whenever, whereever). I have seen a
noticeable change in their behavior. They still like to get off the
subject, but I let them speak for a minute and then tell them we must get
back to the lesson. I have also examined myself and decided to 'relax' a
little...I have told the clas s if they will stay on task during class, we
will save the last 10 minutes of class to discuss sports, school, parties,
etc. It seems to work pretty good!

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Summertime Bible-Fun Lessons

What can bugs teach children about Jesus? More than you think! In "Buggie
For Jesus - I'm a BEE-liever", children will learn important Bible truths
using hands-on buggie crafts, games, lessons, and yummy devotions. Great
for summer lessons, midweek or a refreshing change of pace during the
Sunday School hour! Learn more in the Curriculum Creatives store at:

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5) Armor of God?

Hi, I'm about to start a unit on the armor of God for ages
7-12. does anyone have any idea's for that unit? I don't have curiculume
for it, so I'd apreciate any input.

--from SSTN: check out the following Armor series:

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6) Adventures of Paul VBS

Our small church did the Adventures of Paul VBS in 2004.  Since that
curriculum was written in 1998, we had to improvise on several things.  I
taught the 10 year old and up class.  I found the curriculum for that age
group to be lacking excitement.  So, we took several ideas and lessons
from different sources to create a "Commandos for Christ" theme and used a
part of the lesson from the Adventures of Paul each day.  Our focus was on
the "Full Armor of GOD" given in Ephesians 6 and coordinated it with where
Paul demonstrated each of these pieces of armor in his life.  Our theme
song was "Onward Christian Soldier" and we learned a cadence about putting
on the full armor of GOD.  We outfitted the kids in army gear (camouflaged
 binoculars, baseball caps, bandanas, face paint, etc.) and our first
station was in a screened kitchen tent a/k/a echo base.  Each day, we
focused on one of the pieces of the full armor of GOD and after the
lesson, we learned a new verse to the cadence, i.e., on Tuesday, we sang,
"I don't know, but I've been told, The armor of God makes me strong and
bold.  See the helmet of salvation on my head?  GOD took my sins and gave
me heaven instead."  The kids liked marching and singing the cadence (with
exception of the teens in the class.  They thought they were too cool for
that.)  We planned activities that would excite and intrigue the kids and
be in agreement with that day's lesson.  We ordered crafts that went with
the lessons from Oriental trading.  That's also where we got the army
gear.  The lead teacher and all assistants received a binder which set out
each day's lesson, all handouts, pictures, crafts, schedules, etc.  If you
would like a copy of this program for the 10 year old & up class, just let
me know and I will be glad to forward it to you.  It was a huge success
and much more interesting than the original Adventures of Paul program for
our age group.  Even a younger child, who was having behavioral
problems in his class, enjoyed our class and did very well.   
In Christ's love,
Yvonne Gonzalez

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7) Game Youth Night?

Hi Sarah,
I was wondering if you had any ideas on having a game night for our youth
group.  I have seen some other churches have like Bible Jeopordy or the
Wheel of Fortune.  I didn't know if you had actual templates of these
Beth Lane

--from SSTN: You can find some great resources like these in the Bible
Games section of the site at: http://christiancrafters.com/page10.html 
sarah keith <><

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8) Losing My Fruits of the Spirit

Hello Karen Amspacher,  My name is Suzanne. You sound like a really great
dedicated worker of the Lord and very much dedicated in your love of
teaching children. I love reading Sahra's site because in reading about
teachers of children -makes me feel you are all my special friends because
we all share in this ministry of reaching children for the Lord. It is a
very tiring work with long hours and many people call us the Mary
Poppins.  Of course we know its Jesus that the children relate to in us,
because we the love and enjoy the Fruits of our Labor by the knowing in
our hearts by looks on the childrens faces as they hear about Jesus.
They also know that they are loved and are valued by Jesus. I read over
your letter several times and you never said why you were at odds with
your paster, but I do know that if you are confused--God isn't the author
of it as the Bible says.  You wrote that you were involved in many jobs
just as I am.  I can't help myself. The Lord has called us to do these
jobs as he has placed his very special lambs in our hearts for a purpose. 
I used to say in my prayers- Father God I need helpers--but there are
none.  Why is there not a childrens fund set up for the childrens
department, why do I have to buy all of my supplys for childrens chuirch,
Where Oh Where is the love for these children in the hearts of the church
people. Seems that nobody thinks the children should be first prioty but
in my heart they are, but then After years I finally
understand that it would do no good for helpers to come if they didn't
have the dedication of love for the children. What do we need people who
are not called by the Lord--Would they be gentle with the love of Jesus
for the children???  Not!!!!  I have no close friends, but the that I do
have--there is none like him. But we are not alone---Jesus is with us to
accomplish whatever job he gives us, to supply whatever bread and fish we
may need to feed them.  Be much in prayer about what you may think that
God might be calling you to do?  I have learnt many times that what I
thought was God was my own thinkin which never went the way it should have
went when God was doing the leading.  When God does the leading--There is
no trying to fiqure it out. God will battle for each of us in his own way
and in his own time and his way is always right. As for me I just do my
job and leave the rest that I don't understand up to Him.
He is able to deliver us from any trouble. Think on good thoughts. Be busy
doing His Work and God will take care of the rest.  If you are
confused-maybe the Holy Spirit has placed this in your heart to STOP and
GO back--Like I said you never said what the problem was but you ain't
happy and if you ain't happy with no peace about this then----I'd be
talking to some deacons or someone close to guide you right.  And what
kind of ministry are you thinking about going in for your self?????  Did
you leave someone out of this ministry?  WEll I've got to go to bed but
You can email me and we can talk . Hope you find your way.
Love from another sister-who will one day get to meet you and look forward
to it.
My e-mail is momneverstop@yahoo.com. 

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Pentecost Sunday Activity

Children will be reminded of the rushing wind and tongues of fire when the
Holy Spirit descended on believers at Pentecost! Your kids will have fun
making, playing and listening to the "Pentecost Rusher". An Easy Make &
Take Project for Pentecost Sunday.  Print out as many patterns as you need
for a small one-time fee.

Find it in the Curriculum section at: 

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9) Losing My Fruits of the Spirit

It appears at first glance that you are worried about losing out with
God...Do you feel like you're not where you need to be any more? People
can say hurtful things, but only YOU have the power to let those remarks
affect you. It is YOU who decides whether to be loving, joyful, peaceful,
patient, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and self-controlled, even in tough
Have you become disheartened and upset because you don't feel supported by
your pastor? I can totally understand why this would upset you. I also
know that for me personally, these are usually symptoms of conviction of
some sort or another. Do you feel like you are under conviction? Either to
get closer to God or to follow a call to something that you feel
uncomfortable or uneasy about?
Can you think of some logical reasons why your pastor might have a problem
with your decision? When you say that you are going into ministry for
yourself, what do you mean exactly? Do you plan to become a preacher? Does
it bother your pastor that you have given up the positions in your home
church? Maybe this left a gap and the church had depended on you to take
care of certain things or maybe they feel you're gifted in certain areas
that you have resigned from?
I get the feeling that there's something I don't yet understand. I can see
that a pastor and others in a church might be upset if all of a sudden
(and 9 months IS kind of sudden if you have limited resources) you no
longer have a VBS Director, a SS Teacher, a Youth worker, etc. and that
person resigned saying that God had called her into ministry for
herself...is this a great shock to your church? Had you discussed it
before? Have you had any schooling toward ordination, etc? Remember that
even the birth of a baby, although a joyous occasion, requires some
getting used to by family members! Maybe you could just talk to the pastor
one more time and let him know that you are sure of God's calling on your
life but possibly continue to do some things to help out and support your
home church in the mean time...If they act in a petty way or don't seem to
want your help any more, just stay close to God, do what you know He wants
you to do and ask Him to help you exhibit the fru its of the Spirit to
those who may not do the same...that's what it's all about! If you love
those who love you, you're just like everyone else, but it's in the tough
times that we as Christians need to especially hold fast to the Word and
live by it! "I can do all things through Christ who makes me strong!"
I'm praying for clarity in your call and obedience in your spirit! May God
bless you richly as you yield daily to his Will...
Angie in WV<><

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10) Autistic boy

We, too have had an autistic child in our church. As he got older, he
still needed to be in the nursery or beginniners' classes even though he
was old enough for the next class up. On most occasions, he was the most
lovable adoring child you knew. Then he would have outbursts. He had begun
to get big enough that we were worried for the younger children around
him. Out of frustration, one day I brought him into my teen Sunday School
class. He sat like an angel! Now, obviously, we discuss things there that
may not be appropriate for a 6-year-old. But, since he identified with the
older kids, we now assign one of the teens to Noah each Sunday. I have
worked up a schedule and have about 3 or 4 teens who can share the duties
and another couple of them that can manage it on one of his good days.
Anyway, they accompany him to his appropriate class. While the teacher
teaches, they work with him one-on-one. Then if he gets disruptive, they
can take him to play by himself (although usually in sight of some other
adult), or they take him to the nursery or beginners -- based on what
those classes are doing at the time.

Not only has this been great for Noah and the teachers who were having
problems. It is phenomenal for my teens. They are learning leadership
skills and have really stepped up to the plate. We even have a local
Autism society who has come out and talked to these teens about
behaviorial techniques that they can use. If you really have a heart for
these kids -- and it sounds like you sincerely do -- you can turn this
situation into a win-win for all of you. The sad part is that if you
don't, it will continue to be a nightmare for everyone.

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11) Need materials

God bless you in this letter  somewrote about having material for sunday
school and children's church and is asking who wanted .If it is not to
much $$ I do, cause I have a group of children and dont have alot of
finances to buy the material so how could I get some answer. God bless you
Maria Olivo my e-mailaddress is
May the Lord be with you always

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12) Need materials

I'd love to have the bulletins and children's church books. I'd be happy
to reimburse your postage. Please email me.
Lillie at

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