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SSTN # 34 - March 12, 2003

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--> Praise-Amations!

1) Great News!
2) Disruptive children
3) Memorization Techniques
4) Memorization Techniques

--> Armor of God Playing Cube

5) Confused...
6) Confused - friendships in church   
7) Security Procedures
8) Security Procedures


9) Twenty-third Psalm?
10) Serenity Bracelet
11) Room Decor?
12) Also Confused

--> Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

13) Memorization Techniques
14) Security cards for children's departments   
15) Confused...
16) Easter / Lent Crafts for preschool

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Remember those cartoon flip cards you roll between your hands to make them
animate? With Praise-Amations, children will be excited to see their
cartoon "mini-movies" come to life as they roll them between their hands.
27 Reproducible patterns to make and do with your entire class!

In the Curriculum section: 

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1) Great News!

I was so blessed to get so many responses about my daughter Laura, who has
been under treatment for Wilm's tumor (kidney cancer), that I wanted to
send an update. WE got great news on Friday. The doctors checked her remaining kidney,
spleen and liver and saw no tumors. They also checked her lungs and saw
dead tumor but no activity which was good news Praise God. Laura has to go
through this every month so prayer is still aprreciated and needed.
In God's Loving Name,
Sandy Valentine

--from SSTN: I'm still praying and I know many others in SSTN will be too!
God bless you and keep you and may you feel his peace. ysic, sarah <><

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2) Disruptive children

There seems to be two separate issues here. Some people (myself
included) seem to work only with children from
Christian families, who we might expect to have a
better understanding of accepted behaviour in church.
The people who work with "un-churched" children, in a
more evangelical situation, necessarily have different
behavioural issues. A really good site to go to for
information and advice in this area is 
click on "Kids Ministry"
"Working with children" and then select "Discipline"
from the drop-down menu.

Thanks so much for all your hard work.

May God bless you as richly as you have blessed us.

Your sister in Christ,
Pat Pollard.

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3) Memorization Techniques

Here are a couple of suggestions:

a. Write the verse out, word by word on index cards. Spread them out on a
table. After you have said the verse a couple of times, have the children
put the verse in order using the cards. They can put their cards up on a
bulletin board and you have the verse in front of you to help recall it.

b. Search the internet for different sites for sign language. Learn to say
your verse in sign.

c. Write one word of the verse on construction paper. Give one to each
child. (If a small class, you can put together in phrases) Get the
to go through magazines and pick out pictures that represent each word of
the verse. Glue onto the construction paper. Put the verse in order and
post on the bulletin board.

d. If the children are of reading age, you can write each word or phrase
a piece of post it note. As the children come in, give them each a note.
Ask them to be sure to look at their word and listen for it to be said
again in class. When you are ready to start, remind them to listen for
their word. When they hear it, tell them to shout "I've got it" and stand
up with their word up in front of the class. Then read out your verse. You
can do this several times if you swap the words around.

e.  Write up the words in large letters and cut the words apart. Hide each
word throughout the room. Put a small plastic animal on top of each word.
Have the children go on safari and hunt down the words. Bring them back
have them put the verse in order.

Hope these spark some more ideas for you.
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4) Memorization Techniques

A game-type techniques I have used is putting the words of the verse on
construction paper, one word per page (I usually laminate it to make it
sturdier and last longer - you could simply cover it with clear
mack-tack).  I have done different games with these verse sets.  One is
to give one word to each child but tell them not to look at it.  Then,
in a timed 'race' they put the verse together and everyone reads it.  I
have also played this game with two copies of the verse with the teams
playing against each other.  When I started using this with younger
children who couldn't read, I added a picture to illustrate each word so
they could play along as well.  If the group is large, this is also
'fun' to watch so the kids who are a bit more shy can still participate
by cheering those with the words on and learn the verse too.

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Armor of God Playing Cube

Kids can make it and take it home. A great memory tool!
Only $3.00 to download and print out as many as you need!
Go to the following webpage to get the free lesson and to learn more: 


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5) Confused...

>I have been serving and going to the same church for the last 18 years
(it is the same >church I came to know the Lord, baptised, etc). The last
two years we have had a new >Pastor who does not cultivate an attitude of
helps and involvement. We left two weeks

You have several options open to you:
a.    Make an appointment for you both to see your Pastor and explain the
position you find yourself in. Even if you decide to leave,     you have
to try to sort the problem out in love, Bible says in Matthew, if you have
a problem with a brother go and sort it out.     Even before that if there
is someone else who you have a problem with sort it out with them, this is
the Scriptural principal.

b.    SS - Chat to your son and find out what it is exactly that makes him
unhappy - teacher, children, surroundings, boring,     whatever, then
address that problem with the teacher ensuring you do your scriptural
homework. If she screams at the     children, show her scripturally the
problem, if the children are unruly, show the teacher biblically the
teacher if there is any specific problems she is having in her     class
that you can pray for.

c.    Stretch out the hand of friendship and invite someone over for
pudding or tea or whatever you guys do in the States. Don't     discuss
the church problem, just fellowship - play monopoly or whatever. Look for
those who look lonely and love them into     your home.

d.    Most importantly pray for the whole situation - maybe there is a
problem within the church you are unaware of and this is     causing the
undercurrents, reach out see what you can do. The Lord has put you at the
church for a specific purpose.

Hope this is of some use to you, please email me privately if you need to
speak, I know the hurt this can cause, I can be a listening impartial
listener. God bless you
Theresa from sunny South Africa

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6) Confused - friendships in church   

Through the years we have seen probably the best and the worst and alot
of times the Pastor does not see the full needs of his people. Stay
where you are and help your pastor to know your needs, maybe at the
expense of your taking him out to dinner, without your children, so he
can hear your needs and complaints because they are justified. Please do
not expect the congregation, the people who say Hi and Bye, to come to
your rescue.  They are dealing with their own problems, perhaps some the
same as yours, do not blame the preacher. Please turn your attention and
confusion toward praising the Lord and do not get bitter and confused
about trying to find another church.  It has problems also. Psalm 62:5
tells us our expectations come from the Lord.  He will meet your needs.
As a Pastor's wife, I have started meeting with the ladies 10 minutes
before the services start to have a short prayer meeting, this could be
done in your church and pray about matters such as this.  Keep your
focus on the Lord. II Thess 3:13 But ye, brethren, be not weary in well
doing. Your Pastor needs you and your faithful support.
Evelyn Hale

Jesus is Lord

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7) Security Procedures

Responding to Security Procedures and checking in/identifying children
with parents for Sunday School...

We have a very large Nursery Department at my church.  After working in
the Nursery Department for three months, our church also uses tags that
are gently wrapped around the child's leg or wrist.  Children are
discouraged from removing the tags as we are all on a rotation each
Sunday at the Nursery.  The child's first initial and last name are
written on the tag.  New arrivals are requested to fill out a postcard
size registration and given a tag which matches their child's.  Rules are
explained at registration.  Sounds like to me you have a good system, but
are not getting the full cooperation you need from parents and/or
children.  Should this be the case perhaps encouraging reminders should
be given from the Sunday School Superintendent on the importance of
utilizing your department's system.

Ahreita Griffin
Charlotte, North Carolina

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8) Security Procedures

Our church uses vibrating beepers. Parents are given a beeper and if they
are needed during service they get silently buzzed.

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When assembled, New Life Puppets turn inside out to change from a tadpole
to a frog, or a caterpillar to a butterfly. They're easy-to-make and
children will learn about becoming new creatures in Christ! Get a free
puppet skit too! In our Curriculum section:


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9) Twenty-third Psalm?

Does anyone know where I can find material on the 23rd psalm to teach to
kids ages 4 to10?

--from SSTN: for those responding, please send ISBN and/or product codes
for the bookstore. Thank you. Sarah <><

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10) Serenity Bracelet

> I was wondering if anyone  had the directions to making a Serenity
> Bracelet.

We make "wordless bead" bracelets like this:

14" leather cord ( or can use other kinds for bracelet)
Tie a knot 5" in on one side.
On the long side, string these beads in this order:
a. Gold (or yellow) - represents Heaven and the golden streets
b.  Black - represents sin - sin can't be in Heaven.  We are sinful.  How
will we get to go to Heaven?
c.  Red - Jesus paid the penalty for our sin by dying on the cross AND
rising again (DOn't forget that!)
d.  White - Our sins are forgiven and we have a way to go to Heaven now
e.  Green - represents "growth" once we are a Christian - go to Church,
read Bible, pray, tell others

After those beads are strung on, tie a knot next to them so they are
basically penned in with knots on both sides.

Take a blue bead (represents the Holy Spirit in our lives to help us once
we are a Christian) and string it (on either end) and then put the other
side through it opposite.  So you actually have a circle now with an end
sticking out each side of the blue bead.  Tie a knot close to the very end
of each end.

If you want a picture, please email me at harder@wheatstate.com or for
more questions.

--from SSTN: you can see pics in the crafts section under Colors of
Christ: http://www.christiancrafters.com/page6.html 

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11) Room Decor?

Hello in the name of Jesus ~
We need help with Sunday School room decoration !
Our church has just gone through a total reconstructing of our classes,
Although they are not large we are at a stand still about what to do with
them !
We are considering Murals, but some are not as artistic as others,
We welcome your advice and we could use any help or ideas that you may
If you have any websites that you think might be helpful please include
them in your
response.I have just started getting this newsletter and am enjoying it
I can see it becoming a very important help in my ministry!
Thank you all and may the Lord continue to Bless!

--from SSTN: two things, check the Archives List using keywords,
"decoration", "decor", or "murals". Then, check the links page at:

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12) Also Confused

Dear Confused, What to do?",

  I almost cried when I read your letter. My husband and I too are going
through the same thing. I have served in this same church for 3 years now.
I am teaching two children's classes, I have written and directed
Christmas plays, VBS, the list goes on and on. My husband, praise the
Lord, just gave his life to God in June of 2002. But not one person has
reached out to him and we do not have any friendship relationships outside
of church.

  There have been other occurances that have happened also. I wrote in to
SSTN not too long ago for advice concerning a child who became a Christian
in my Sunday School class and the next Sunday she came in and said that
her mother had talked her out of becoming a Christian. I spoke with the
pastor about this matter and he has told me at least twice that he would
speak to this little girl and her parents but he still has not done so.
Several weeks have now passed. He never came to speak with my husband or
my 5 year old child when they became Christians.(they became Christians at
seperate times) My husband was baptised last July but my daughter never
has. I don't feel I should have to go to him continually over the same

  My husband and I don't know what to do. We have 5 children and our two
13 year olds do not feel welcome but rejected and their Sunday School
teacher, who is the pastor's wife, can be harsh and seems to have no
empathy whatsoever. They just don't like her very much.

We don't feel led to go elsewhere but we are not sure if we are in the
right place or not.

My husband and I are going to pray with our children about this matter, we
will pray for you too. I believe in the power of prayer, our God is an
Awesome God. Remember Romans 8:28.

In Christ,
Karla from KY

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Egg-shaped Easter Story Cards

Ten Egg-shaped cards that tell the Easter Story - When the cards
are cut, colored and assembled, players can play Easter Egg Scramble and
learn the Easter Story! Reproducible so your whole class can make a set!

In the Curriculum section: 

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13) Memorization Techniques

This for Pat who wanted some fresh ideas for teaching memory verses.  I
second Sarah's idea of the chalkboard.  This works very well, even if some
of your group cannot read.  They still learn the verse!  Another thing
that works well for me is to have different words or phrases from the
verse printed on shapes which I arrange on a flannelboard.  You can either
use construction paper for the shapes (back them with suede-backed paper
or scraps of felt) or cut the shapes from felt.  We say the verse together
a few times, then I remove the shapes one by one, with the kids repeating
the verse each time until the board is empty.  It's the
same principle as the chalkboard/eraser method, but the shapes add color &
interest.  You could choose shapes that represent the particular mission
field you are studying that week.  Another thing I have done is to make a
collage of lesson-related pictures on a piece of posterboard, then write
the verse on this with a permanent marker.  Covering the posterboard with
clear contact paper is advisable.  Then cut the posterboard into puzzle
pieces.  In class, assemble the puzzle and review the verse as in the
other methods, removing a puzzle piece each time until the puzzle is gone
and they can say the verse.  An additional treat, if you have time, is for
the students to take turns trying to reassemble the puzzle.  Hope these
ideas are helpful to you, Pat.
-- A Sunday School teacher from New England

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14) Security cards for children's departments   

We have a system where the parents have a call number.  We have developed
cards that have the following information. The call number for example
is 24, and as our children have changed ages the number that shows up in
the service would have the age of the child, and a zero.  For example 6024
for our six year old.  The security numbers are for infants to six years
old. It looks like this:
Call #
Child's Name         Child's Name
Child's Name         Child's Name

Authorized to Pick up (name of parents, or assigned people to pick up.
This can include siblings, but only if they are 12 or older.  The cards
laminated, and then only upon presentation of the card can a child be
released out of the class.  Similarly we have visitor cards with the same
info, but an assigned number is given. We just reserved some numbers that
wouldn't be used for our regular congregation.  Each family is given 2
cards, for both parents.  It has worked very efficiently.  Hope this
B. Bornyk Saskatoon, Sk. Canada

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

15) Confused...

As a pastor's wife (and the CM director) I am concerned about your
situation.  Yes, church should be more than hello and good-bye on Sunday.
Fellowship is very important, and it sounds like it is not a priority at
the church.
On the other hand, I have seen both sides of this issue.  Sometimes people
are not invited to homes, out to eat, etc., due to the behavior of their
children.  And sometimes people do not know they should invite others
over. We have pastored here 8 year and been invited to the homes of 2
members for dinner.  Others have taken us out to eat, and all are good to
us, but having people over to dinner is not something this church does.
We do lots of dinners in the fellowship hall for everyone.

Examine the goals, mission statements of your church (if they have them).
Are they similar to what you want from a church, or are they different?
Perhaps you are not on the same page with them, which would explain some
of your discomfort.

Your children are no doubt picking up your unhappiness. I would not tell
you to change churches solely on your children's feelings. I have seen
this happen to many times, and everytime the child gets cross ways with
someone he complains and the parents move to another church.  Before long
the kid is a teenager, not attending church, into trouble, etc.  BUT that
is not your situation.

Have you tried talking to the pastor or someone in charge?
I know different faiths have different protocol and guidelines, but all
should be reaching out to people. If this is how you feel after 4 years,
one wonders how visitors must feel.

I would suggest you make this a matter of earnest prayer, visit other
churches and find one where you feel at home. Visit each church several
times (different services). Don't pick the first place your kids like, it
is important for you and your husband to find a place where you belong.
Kids are adaptable, and will be content if you are content.  I would also
suggest that you let the pastor or someone in charge at your current
church know why you left.  Obviously there is a problem and they cannot
fix it if they are unaware. If they are cognizant of the problem, them
people leaving may help them see they must do something before they lose
lots of people.


La marque TX

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16) Easter / Lent Crafts for preschool

Here are a few crafts for Lent/Easter that are planned for my preschool
class of 17.

a. "I Can Help" bracelets.
Materials: Wooden beads, cotton terry stems (pipe cleaners), and black
permanent felt marker.

    Directions:  Write on each bead one letter; that is, on bead #1 print
letter 'I', on bead #2 print the letter 'C', next bead the letter 'A', and
so until 'I Can Help' is spelled out.  I inserted a blank bead before the
word 'I', between each word, and then again after the word Help.  In total
you will use 12 beads for each bracelet. I color coordinated all the beads
e.g.. blank beads were all purple, the beads with the letter 'I' on it
blue, the beads with the letter "C" were red, etc.  When it was time to
string the beads onto the cotton terry stems and asked the children to
a purple bead and string it on, then a blue bead, then a purple, then a
red, then a yellow, then a green, then a purple, etc. until we had no more
beads left.  Not only we were learning our colours, but to their surprise
after we twisted the ends together.  They discovered the letters, and
meaning behind what it said.

Lesson behind it:  Our lesson was about how a good Samaritan stopped to
help and care for a hurt man.  We discussed the many ways we can help each
other and how Jesus wants us to care for others.  This bracelet is to
remind the children and everyone in their family what a good helper they
are.  We finished by singing the following song to the tune of "London

I can help in many ways,
Many ways, many ways.
I can help in many ways.
Watch me, Jesus.

b.   Pretzel Banner
Materials Needed: 9" x 12" sheets of purple construction paper, pretzels
(regular shape), glue, yarn, scissors.
Directions:  Write the words "Jesus Hears Me When I Pray" on each sheet of
paper.  Have each child use scissors to cut fringe along the bottom edge
his or her banner.  Next, have the children glue pretzels on their banner.
Add yarn at the top to hang.  Older children can write a prayer to God on
the back of their banner.

Discussion behind Pretzel Banner:  Ask children what we call this kind of
bread (pretzels).  Show the children how they can fold their arms to
resemble a pretzel.  (Cross arms placing one hand on each shoulder.)  Say
prayer and finish by giving each child a pretzel to eat.

c.  Palm Branches
Materials Needed:    One toilet paper tube per child, green paint, green
paper streamers, paintbrushes, stapler.
Directions:    Have the children paint their toilet paper tube green.  Let
them dry.  Help the children staple crepe paper streamers to one end of
their tube.  As you tell the story of Palm Sunday, have the children wave
their "branches" and shout "Hosanna".

d.   Prayer Path
Materials Needed:    8 1/2" x 11" sheet of white construction paper,
pictures of things that make preschoolers happy, glue and felt marker.
Directions:    Write the words on the top of the page by the left margin
God,' and then the word 'Amen' in the bottom right margin of the page.
a path from the top left corner to the bottom right corner. Need enough of
these sheets for each child. Have the children pick several pictures from
the magazine pictures of things that make them feel happy.  Show them how
glue or paste the pictures anywhere along the prayer path.

Lesson:  Jesus wants you to say thank you to God.  One way to say thank
is to pray.  Help each child lead a prayer using his or her prayer path as
guide.  (You will find the beginning words: "Dear God,"; then move your
finger along the prayer path.  As you follow your prayer path, name the
pictured gifts from God in your prayer.  At the end of the prayer path,
will find the ending word for your prayer: "Amen"

Have fun and praise God!

In Christ's Service,
Mrs. Connie, Edmonton, Canada

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