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SSTN # 35 - April 21, 2005

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--> Economical Lessons - Multi-Aged - Rotation

1) Prayer Journal?
2) Losing Fruits
3) Losing Fruits
4) Paul, the Emissary
5) Lessons For Women?

--> Summer Camp Ideas

6) Losing My Fruits
7) Mission Trip To Romania?
8) Two Year Old Sent Out?
9)  Video, Discipline &Rewards
10) Power Tool Box?

--> Pentecost Sunday Activity

11) Discipline, unruly children & Bible bucks
12) Discipline In Children's Ministry
13) Discipline vs. punishment
14) Apostle Paul VBS - Craft Ideas
15) Hospitalized Child...thanks

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--> Economical Lessons - Multi-Aged - Rotation

Hands-on lessons of the Bible can be used within a
traditional class environment or in a rotation-type program. Each Bible
lesson is accompanied with a craft, a game, Scripture memorization and
song time suggestions. Many of the lessons include enrichment ideas to
further enhance your program. And to help your budget, one book is all you
need for an entire class! You may read more about the Hands-On programs in
the Curriculum Creatives section at:
http://www.christiancrafters.com/curriculum.html .

If you have any questions, please email me at: sakeith@ChristianCrafters.com 

Your webservant,
Sarah Keith <><

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1) Prayer Journal?

I'd like to do a 3-4 week continuing lesson on prayer with the children I
teach in Children's Church, 4 yrs old through 6th grade and have them set
up a prayer journal to write in.  I was wondering if those who've done
this before could share their ideas.  I'm specifically looking for
detailed information on how you've designed a page for them to fill in,
what kinds of info to include (such as prayer request, date answered, how
answered, what I learned from God, etc.).  I would like to match an
individual child with an adult in our church who would call them every day
with a prayer request that the child could pray for, then the adult would
also let that child know when and how the prayer was answered.  Thank you.

Cathy Bodell
Benzie Area Church of Christ
Frankfort, Michigan                                                 

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2) Losing Fruits

Dear Karen

  I was very touch by your message and I knew I had to respond. Many
times God is growing us and we are trapped in our traditions. God is
about growing and moving, the unsettling you have is God's way of
growing you. There is much work to do in the Kingdom of God. We put to
much focus on the church building and forget about the Kingdom of God. I
would encourage you to spend real time in fasting and prayer. Get into
the Word of God (the New Testament, that's where the power is). God will
show you what you must do for Him. Pastor forget that they are just
messenger and not The Savior which is Jesus. He is the one who sends
because He (Jesus) Know what he saved you for. Don't be discouraged, the
Lord will manifest His purpose for you. After all when you stand before
the throne of God, your pastor will stand for himself and you will stand
for yourself. It's what you do for the Lord that will count not what the
pastor wanted you to do for the Lord.

Until Jesus Comes
Prophetess Eve Williamson

--from SSTN: a gently reminder: "All Scripture is God-breathed..."
2 Timothy 3:16

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3) Losing Fruits

Pray everytime you think about your situation and
remember to also take quite time afterwords to listen
to what God is telling you. Do not be afraid of what
he will tell you. He loves you and only wants the best
for you. It helps to have others prying for you as
well. Remeber to listen to what God has to tell you.

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4) Paul, the Emissary

This message is to reply to the question about the travels of St. Paul. 
My women's bible study class has been studying his life and letters. 
There is a good video, probably available at your local Christian
bookstore, called Paul, the Emissary.  The movie is somewhat hokey but it
gives a good overview and visual representation of Paul's life, and is
appropriate for ages 11 and up.  There are also some good informational
websites available, especially  one from a St. Paul's Greek Orthodox
Church in California.

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5) Lessons For Women?

I am teaching adult women.  My youngest student is forty years old.

--from SSTN: there is a great series og lessons called: "Lifeguide Bible
Study". You can find them listed in our bookstore by typing "Lifeguide
Bible Study" into the search box:

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--> Summer Camp Ideas

Check out our "Gospel Fun Activities" and "Chalk-It-Up" at:

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6) Losing My Fruits

Upon reading item No. 8, "Losing My Fruits", from Karen Amspacher, I was
moved to write to her to encourage her and give whatever counsel the Lord
will provide through me, not knowing really if I can be of help.   
Sincerely,   Bob Cooper

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7) Mission Trip To Romania?

I am looking for lesson plans and crafts for a VBS in
Romania.  I need simple, easy crafts, that can be
pre-packaged and handed out to the children.  The VBS
will be for 5 days, so I'm looking for help please!


--from SSTN: check out the VBS and Backyard Bible Club ideas at:

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8) Two Year Old Sent Out?

Hi everyone:
I am hoping you can help me out with advice.  We have run into a problem
with our church nursery and the person that is in charge of the person
working there was no help at all.  We have our two grandsons, ages 2 and 4
with us at church every other weekend.  Mom and dad are divorced (just
recently) and our son has them one week and their mom has them one week. 
Our son works on weekends so we watch the boys for him every other
weekend.  Our problem is this: My husband and I teach 2nd and 3rd grade
Sunday School and have for 25 years....and love it.  We have anywhere from
15-20 students each week.  We have been having problems in the nursery
with the 2 year old the last couple of times.  The lady says he cries
every time some one drops off their youngster or picks them up.  A couple
of weeks ago, she brought him down diaper bag in hand and handed him over
to me.  He didn't look like he had been crying.  He immediately went and
played by himself with some blocks in the corner.  (Luckily our daughter
was visiting and she watched him while we were teaching.) She had snuck up
to the nursery to see if he was okay about 10 minutes before this happened
and she said he was fine and that he had not seen her.  We talked to the
person in charge and she said that they do not allow crying in the
nursery.  That it disturbs other children.  I say, why can't she give him
a toy a hug or something to stop him from crying.  The lady in charge
suggested I take care of him, but I am busy teaching Sunday School. 
That's her job and it is only for an hour.  Last time I left him there I
heard him whine a little and the lady said, Nathan stop the crying. I am
going to have a lot of children.  She seemed very cold.  This is a child
that goes to daycare 5 days a week full time and they never have a problem
with him.  The person in charge also said, well some children have
problems with accents.  This should not phase him as his maternal
grandparents are 100% Portuguese and he is used to accents. Does anyone
have any suggestions?  We have the boys next weekend and I am at my wits
end with the nursery worker.  By the way, she also has a helper.
God bless,

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9)  Video, Discipline & Rewards

This is response to the person that suggested a video tape of the
children's class.
I LOVE IT! It is perfect! They can ALL be STARS! I think it would be great
to implement all the other reward ideas along with video taping. Just let
them know that the Pastor, deacons, parents etc. will be viewing one tape
a month (or this could be weekly) to decide who gets the rewards.
This opens up all kinds of ideas for rewards for behavior, participation,
most improved behavior, most compassionate, most helpful, etc.
Woo - hoo! I am excited to be with the kids for over an hour again!
Joyfully Serving HIM,
Emmalea Butler
Trafalgar, IN

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10) Power Tool Box?

We have lost the Puppet and Drama cassette for the second quarter of the
Power Tool Box series for Kids Church.  I believe it is no longer
available.  Does anyone have one or know where I can get one?  Thanks.
Be Blessed!
Marcia Gaiters

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Pentecost Sunday Activity

Children will be reminded of the rushing wind and tongues of fire when the
Holy Spirit descended on believers at Pentecost! Your kids will have fun
making, playing and listening to the "Pentecost Rusher". An Easy Make &
Take Project for Pentecost Sunday.  Print out as many patterns as you need
for a small one-time fee.

Find it in the Curriculum section at: 

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11) Discipline, unruly children & Bible bucks

I teach 4 and 5 th graders at my church. I don't have any serious
discipline problems except for every now and then but I do have trouble
keeping the class from talking too much, giggling, getting out of their
seats, keeping their hands to themselves, etc. In general keeping their
attention on the lesson. One thing I have recently started doing that
seems to help a lot is incorporating object lessons, more games, more
competition activities and incentives. It does take more time and often
some extra money for treats and rewards like last month. For the entire
month I gave out bible bucks for 1. bringing their bibles to class and 2.
volunteering to read from the bible and at the end of the month they
purchased small pieces of candy with the bible bucks. I give small pieces
of candy for game winners-the games reflect on the lesson for that day.
After the first class they saw the need to pay attention when I asked for
a volunteer to read because there are only 3 or 4 opportunities to do so.
I never had such cooperation! :) It has quieted them down quite a bit as
I have one autistic child that I have to create special craft type
activities for because he can often be unruly if he gets bored. He is very
artistic and this helps a lot because he usually starts the distraction
and then while I am getting him settled the others go nuts. lol Usually it
is always one child that starts it and if you can get that child under
control it is easier.  I also have an ADD child and the games help him
alot. Kids that grow up in church have usually heard the lessons in some
manner so many times they get bored easily so having some competition and
some incentives has helped me a lot. They love object lessons too even if
it's a story they've heard a thousand times.   
My kids aren't bad kids, they're very smart but they get bored easily so
that's where the problem starts. It's a little trying sometimes staying
one step ahead but they are the future of the church so we have to keep
trying.  Our education minister has also given us the option of taking any
disruptive child to his/her parents if they cannot be controlled or if the
parents aren't there they get taken to him. I haven't had to do this at
all. I warned one child one time and that was it.

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12) Discipline In Children's Ministry

What To Do:
It seems like we all have the same problem. I have been having trouble
during the Wednesday Night Discipleship Program at our church. The
teachers are new, they have never taught before, and they don't understand
why the kids will listen to me and not to them. I told them that it took
23 years for me to finally learn how to control children without
negativity. It's not easy. We use the system that is mentioned in one of
the other comments. The children may earn coins during Sunday School &
Children's Worship (Oriental Trading's Bible Verse Coins) at the end of
Children's Worship they may exchange their coins for a prize. We found an
old chest of drawer and painted it. We have  "1", "2", "3", and "4" coin
prize drawers. If they earn more than 4 coins they may choose the
appropriate prizes that add up to the number of coins that they have. That
is on Sunday...I had hoped that Wednesday night could be a time when we
would teach delayed gratification. They earn stickers for memorization,
which will translate into tokens at Chuck E. Cheese, during an outing
planned for the summer. However, as I mentioned before, my teachers are at
their wits end. So my husband and I devised a new behavioral tactic. We
purchased small rubber stamps and washable ink pads. The premise is that
if the child's behavior is acceptable, then they will receive a hand stamp
at the end of their Wednesday Night discipleship class. If their
behavior does not earn a stamp, then they do not receive one. This works
in two ways; 1) It answers the children's need for immediate gratification
in stamping their hand.
2) It is a wonderful communication tool for the parents. If they see the
stamp then they know that their child's behavior was acceptable. If they
do not, then it places the discipline ball in their court. This not only
is GREAT communication it will also negate the need for phone calls or
embarassing discussions with the child in attendance. In short, I am
hoping that this will take care of our discipline problem on Wednesdays.
My seminar for the teachers is tomorrow night. I also bought the Wednesday
night teachers a whistle each. These will be  used as signals for quiet or
attention in the classroom. (We use a brass belll during Children's
Worship,  it works really well.)

Darinda Noah
Children's Coordinator
Celebration Church
Weaverville, NC

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13) Discipline vs. punishment

Both adults and children generally tend to associate the word discipline
with punishment or other negative consequences.  I looked up the word
discipline in two or three dictionaries and I found that most of the
definitions are in regard to SELF discipline; ie, preparing a routine of
rules and parameters for oneself in order to achieve a goal one has set
for oneself.  I have successfully used this concept in my middle school
classes in teaching my students to create and employ their own rules.
It seems to work with most students.

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14) Apostle Paul VBS - Craft Ideas

One of the crafts that you could possibly do is to make sandals.  Here are
a couple of web-sites that you may find
helpful.  http://www.sk8stuffmore.com/flips/ and

A second craft could be to make a wooden boat.  You can make a simple
boat by cutting two blocks of wood.  One of the blocks would be slightly
bigger than the other one and have a curved end (as in the front of the
boat).  Nail the smaller block of wood on top of the longer piece of
wood.  Have the VBS participants paint the boat if they have time.  Or
better yet - if you have a Lowes Home Improvement store close to you, ask
them if they have any left over boat kits from the wood classes they do
for kids.  They often donate these to non-profit organizations.

Third idea, have them put together a book of travel activities.  Include
such things as word searches, connect the dots, car/truck bingo (make
squares with different types of vehicles.  When they see that type of
vehicle they get to mark it off.), Watch for plates from each of the fifty
states, etc... These are just a few ideas.  You may want to check at your
local library for more travel game ideas.

-Connie G.

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15) Hospitalized Child...thanks

Thank all of you who have sent in ideas on things to do for a hospitalized
child.   The child is now out of the hospital!  And he's doing very good
Thanks to those who prayed for him and for everyone who sent in ideas of
things to do for him. There were so many things that I hadn't thought
of that will be used in the future whenever another child is in the
hospital--or homebound.   I'm keeping a file of all these ideas--so the
next time something like this happens--I'll be prepared!!!!!!  So thanks
so much to every single one of you who sent in ideas for me.  I hope these
ideas have given other teachers ideas too.

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