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<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< Volume 1 - Number 36 <>< <>< <>< <>< <><
March 20, 2000
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* Beaded cross necklace (?)
* Free curriculum
* "Catching" children behaving positively
* 'Special Needs' child (?)
* Easter Cross Idea
* A Living Grass Easter Basket

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Hi Everyone!

I found instructions for making a beaded cross necklace on the web, but have
since lost the website. Does anyone else know of a website that has one?
It's the perfect Easter craft for my Grade 5 class.

God Bless,


--From ChristianCrafters.Com- I don't know if this is the one you're referring to, but there is one in the Craft Showcase with a Bible object lesson. :o) Sarah Keith--

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<< My church is on a very tight budget, so we have to use things that we can
<< find around our houses.) Any suggestions?

I offer a free curriculum at my site, www.edupatterns.com. There is a weekly lesson which includes an action game. Each game uses things that are readily available such as using tables and chairs to make an obstacle course, masking tape to make a game board on the floor, etc. The games all tie in with the lesson. There is also a take home paper to copy and send home with each child. Best wishes in your ministry to kids.
In Christ, Linda Lawler Pittsburgh, PA

(From ChristianCrafters.Com- Also, check out the free Bible games and crafts in the showcase section of my site. If anyone has any Bible games or crafts to share, let me know and I'll add them for all to use! :o) Blessings, Sarah Keith)

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Sarah Keith

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>> SS Discipline

I was delighted to see the suggestions for "catching" children behaving
well and focusing on the positive, rather than the negative. It's so
much more fun for everyone that way! One thing that I used for years in
elementary school teaching and also found helpful in teaching Sunday
school is to include the children in working up a list of classroom rules
for behavior. We discussed ways we like to be treated, and examples of
how Jesus treated others. As we discussed these positive behaviors, we
made a list of "Please do's", such as, "Please share." ,or "Please speak
in a quiet, indoor voice.", or "Please wait until others are finished
talking before you talk." It is amazing to see how many children have
already been conditioned to think of all the things they shouldn't do -
"Don't hit.", "Don't interrupt.", etc - and it is a good experience for
them to think of all the nice ways to behave. I have always found that
they loved coming up with this list, and took more ownership in it as a
result. Of course, the teacher always has the option to veto a suggestion
if somebody decides to try a goofy one, but that rarely happens! We also
discussed rewards and consequences, and came up with a plan to encourage
each other in helpful behaviors. I have found that it's very important
to establish the boundaries quickly, and consistently hold to them, and I
think children appreciate the order, especially when they have had a hand
in establishing it.
Kit MacLeod, Dir. of Children's Min.,
N. Palm Bch,FL

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Hi, a special child just joined my class and he's about 5 yrs old. My problem is, he disturbs other children in my class and sometimes makes noise. I cannot understand him because he can't say a word. I feel desperate because this is my first time to handle a special child. Any idea to help this boy will be appreciated.

Ella Rodriguez
Singapore Bible Baptist Church-Filipino Mission

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Two years ago our youth group modified an idea found in the bimonthly
magazine, The Interpreter, published by United Methodist Communications,
Inc. An adult constructed a free standing wooden cross, the leaders
surrounded it with chicken wire and the children stuffed it with pieces of
yellow tissue paper. One adult laid on a large piece of cardboard and the
kids drew her outline with chalk. The cardboard figure was cut out, colored
and suspended on the cross. The cross was placed in the sanctuary during
Holy Week. For Easter service, the figure was removed and strings of
miniature white lights were added. A crown of thorns was left hanging on

The highlight of the project for the kids was tracing the body and coloring
it in.

In the original version, fresh flowers were brought in by members of the
congregation and added on Easter morning.

Either way, it is a wonderful experience for the children.

Linda Jarrells

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A Living Grass Easter Basket:

You will need a sturdy basket, plastic liner such as a garbage bag, wheat
grass berries (available from health food stores) and a bag of vermiculite
potting material from your local plant nursery.

Choose a suitable basket, one that is deep enough to hold the potting
material. The basket needs to be strong, not flimsy. It can have a handle or
not, as you choose.

1. For best results, start this project at least ten days ahead of time so
the grass can grow full and lush. Soak about 4 ounces of wheat grass berries
in water overnight at room temperature. Wheat grass berries are called
"berries" but they're really more like seeds.

2. Line the basket with plastic cut from a sturdy plastic bag. Fill the
lined basket with vermiculite potting material. Water it lightly so that
it's moist but not soaked. Remember that the basket has no drainage, so
don't over-water.

3. Sprinkle the soaked wheat grass seeds evenly over the surface of the
vermiculite. Press seeds in lightly. With scissors, trim away any plastic
that extends above the edge of the basket.

4. Cover the entire basket with an inverted brown paper bag, or drape it
with newspaper or cloth. Place the basket in a cool spot away from direct
sunlight until the grass sprouts. Check every day. Do not let it dry out.

5. When the grass is about one-half inch tall, remove the cover and bring
the basket out into the light (not direct sunlight). Keep it moist, and
enjoy watching the grass grow. If the grass gets taller than you would like,
give it a trim with scissors. Makes a wonderful natural Easter basket.
(From: hearthsong.com)

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